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Found 7 results

  1. As the title implies/states Orbx Central FAILS to install either Florida HD and or Southern California HD. I have gone through all the troubleshooting suggested in the Support Forum without success. That leads me to believe that, as a Non-working product my request for support needs to go somewhere else in the Forums? If so, where? Thanks in advance.
  2. Good evening, I have 2 simulators installed on my computer : FSX Steam Edition and Prepard V3. I decided recently to use both simulators, which means I want to use FTX Global in FSX and P3d. FTX Global is at the moment installed in P3d. I started the installer and selected FSX (there's no FSX SE) continued and the program shows me that it's going to be installed in the Prear3D directory although I selected FSX. I once deleted FTX Global from Prepar3d to try if this time it installs correctly, but it didn't. How can I solve this problem ?
  3. Hello Orbx support, first of all thank you for a great product (in my case OrbX Global Base) which I really enjoyed when using it with FSX. Since I wanted to use FSX:SE I deinstalled FSX and installed FSX:SE which at first seemed to work real fine. However when I installed OrbX at first I could only choose FSX and not FSX:SE. Besides FSX Central 2 was not able to load and just gave me an error message (see attachment txt file) So I deinstalled everything again, used CCleaner to clean my registry and redownloaded FSX:SE and installed it. Here's what happened now: When installing OrbX Base at the point where I am supposed to choose a version I cannot choose anything, it just says "Please select" in the drop down menu. I checked my registry manually, used the registry fix tool, looked for old debris of FSX and nothing worked. It does not seem Steam is in coexistence mode, since the path in the reg file is leading to the correct folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX. However I am not able to install OrbX Base. Could you help me out with that. I am willing to desinstall everything again (except my OS, which would be quite annoying). Since I have the feeling I cleaned up my registry quite well using CCleaner after my first deinstall, I do not know what else I could do. Thanks in advance for not only making a good product but also for offering a helpful service, Br Sven ftxc_error_252.txt
  4. Hi all, I've just purchased ORBX FTX Global for FSX Steam Edition, and I have a terrible problem! I CAN'T EVEN INSTALL IT! As I received the welcome message from the installer it asks me to select which version I wish to install but if I I click to select one I can select ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (I can't press on NEXT button). If I click on the arrow on the left the "Please Select..." is the only thing I can select!!! (I post a photo to show you) I'm going crazy! I've just spent €90,00 for NOTHING! Please help me! And forgive my english I'm italian Many thanks too all! Hope to have neews from you soon! Cheers, Riccardo F.
  5. All, I just purchased FTX Global Base. After extracting the files to a temporary folder and running the install application "As Administrator", it seems to unwrap properly and then does nothing else after the "Do not click finish until the installation has finished" message. The installer never runs. Everything just stops at that point. For support people: Order number is FSS0452761 Thanks in advance
  6. HI all. I don't think this is a support question as its probably related to how I am unzipping my files downloaded from FS Store and I think I am doing something incorrectly. Last week I bought 23 Orbx products (I always regret not taking advantage of the sales so keep on buying right until the last minute of the sale) so now I am starting to install the packages after I have downloaded. I download, then I extract the files to my desktop using WinRAR. I run the executable file as admin and enter the licensing information and then the file starts to unwrap but it takes up to 2 hours to unwrap and stays stuck at "un-wrapping installer". It does eventually start to unload but only after about 90 minutes to 2 hours. I opened up a ticket last year at this time as I also had the same issue last year but I didn't get a response from the FS Store. Does anyone have any ideas? Its going to take me more than a week to install all these products...
  7. Hi! Just got myself P3Dv3 as a Christmas present but now run into installation issues with openLC - the unwrapper tells me I'd have no available space: However I definitely do have the required space available: Moving the install binaries around across different HDDs on the computer doesn't change anything- it always tells me I'd have only 94GB available, no matter if on I;\, K;\ or M:\ where I have more HDDs. Please advise. Thank you kindly, Sebastian
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