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  1. I get an install error msg: not enough disk space. I have 240GB free on my C drive. How much free space is needed to do the install? Holey cow!!! Thank you...
  2. Just installed TerraFlora1.0.0, then US Oregon SD 1.1.0, in XP ver 11.41. Attached is the result. Any idea what happened here?
  3. Hello I have just tried to create a separate library for installing MSFS2020 products, but I get the message that I must not create a library in a sim directory. But the selected directory is not the sim directory, even if the naming is close... Any solution for this already known? Cheers, Greg Probably Central has an issue with the "blank" in the directory path? The directory path for P3Dv5 has the "blank" as well, there it is working.
  4. I have done a new install of FSX on Windows 10. I want to install my purchased Orbx products, which are backed up on a memory stick. These files were backed up from a previous install into FSX in Windows 7. I installed the latest version of Orbx Central and tried installing my products, which did install, but downloaded everything over the net again. Using Orbx Central I cannot find any way to access a memory stick to install my products. So far I have installed ,Global Base Pack, Global Vector and Orbx Libraries which have used a lot of
  5. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  6. I have a very decent internet connection, but the extraction of the files are taking way to long and I'm tired of this, I will request a refund if I cannot get this software soon! Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: X-Plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Downloading and installment of Trueearth Florida HD is taking forever, I'm now on my second try, will cancel an request refund if I have to wait so long, again.
  7. Just bought True Earth Seattle. Seemed to download OK. 30 seconds into installation, I get a error message, you do not have enough disk space to complete installation. What am I doing wrong? I specified to install into an Orbx library on my 1 TB scenery SSD that has 494 GB free on it. A 53.6GB installation should easily install. Any one know what I'm doing wrong?
  8. Hello all - In short - I click on the Orbx-Central file on my desktop - I get the clock mouse pointer for @ 5-8 seconds - then returns to standard pointer....That's it - nothing happens.... 1) I don't have that file path (as Orbx isn't installed) 2) I have newer versions of the minimum C++ Distributables - do I need to downgrade them? (that thread was not specifc...normally don't downgrade) 3) Logfile shows a WERFILE (Windows Error Reporting file)...And then a Orbx-Central dmp file (also attached) Neither helps me deduce what's wrong?? An
  9. I have purchased both Southern California, and Florida. I have been attempting to install them, without success. I have been attempting to install them for the past, now 24 hours. It seems that when the installer gets to the point, indicated by the screenshot attached, it either stalls/stops or, my computer completely stops responding i.e. mouse, keyboard... Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. My system specs are as follows: Ryzen 7 2700X Corsair 115i pro rgb 4x RGB 140mm fans 1x 120mm fan AM4 X470 motherboard 32GB DDR4 3200 Ryzen CERT ram (4x 8GB) EVGA RTX
  10. I have looked at other support forums with the same problem but those solutions didn't help. I had the application running before and then it stopped opening properly (window was always hidden), so i tried multiple times to reinstall, and this always happens. It gets stuck at around 30%. Already tried: deleting all app data and reinstall, tried restarting computer, tried after windows updates. I have looked at the user manual for Orbx central page 27 and other pages like suggested) but I don't see anywhere where it describes how to solve this issue. I bought the Europe package (on top of base
  11. Drobnisd Dec 31, 6:42 AM AEDT I have purchased Australia v2 and updated to Orbx Central. I have deleted my original Australia. When I attempt to download, Orbx Central says I must delete AU Holgermesh. I have done so, and Orbx Central does not show AU Holgermesh as installed. I have deleted AU Holgermesh in FSX Steam and used Orbx Central Help to sync to FSX. Orbx Central still insists I must delete AU Holgermesh and refuses to download Australia v2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Orbx Central. I have restarted and retried without success.
  12. I am down loading southern england scenery from orbx .com useing central, for xplane 11.40 on mac os 10.12.6.Having problems,downloads but will not extract and install,need help.
  13. Hi all so confused as im sure many customers are. I started to find scenery files for my flight sim Xplane 11 and found a site called orbx where i notice a file called True Earth Great Britian South xplane 11 it looked great so i paid for it and it started to download, it explained it would download and install, I thought Great. After it had all finished i opened up xplane but was supprised it didnt look any different after taking about 4 hr in all to do. so I did some looking on the internet to find conflicting stories about ini files. the structure
  14. Hi, I just bought last evening True Earth Netherlands for Aerofly FS 2 and downloaded / installed by FTX Central 3. I thought this Orbx version for FS2 will be installed like my same earlier bought version for Prepar3D v4, but it got installed in a separate location outside my FS 2 install. I didn't like that so I did a cut and paste of the orbx_ftxnld folder in ...\addons\scenery\ inside my FS 2 install. So far so good, very nice! But afterwards I noticed that I used FTX Central 3, and I read about Orbx Central as the new product installer. So, I uninstalled FT
  15. Last march 24, 2019.. I was bought the first add on Orbx.(Already paid.) But I could not find How I install Orbx. Because first I tried the Download via FTX Central with chrome, but no response. The other tried to explorer, could not open the site. Other route First I Download the 'ftxcentral3_installer'file and execute, but the file was no response. So I need your help how could I install the ORBX add on. It was very difficult install the ORBX add on than Other add on.
  16. Any ideas? any way to tell the unfortunate installer where to look for the xplane installation? i only get a empty dialog box. scenery is SB South.
  17. Hi, I purchase global vectore and base years ago, my fsx has been on the shelf for a while after a thunder storm took out my pc. I purchase these from flight sim store long ago from flight sim store as I was purchasing all sorts of addons from them previously. When I went to download my orbx product (which they have a record of and licenses etc) I was notified that they no longer support the download. they redirected me to orbx. The issue is that ORBX does not have an option to allow me to get a new download. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wayne
  18. Hello Despite several reinstalls, restarts etc FTC Central for X-Plane refuses to recognise my purchase, clicking the greyed out Icon takes me back to the web store. Strangely, if I select FSX rather than either of my 2 X-Plane installations, the installer goes ahead and does its job. I downloaded 2 freeware packages and installed these fine so I feel that FTX is installed correctly. Any help would be most welcome. I'm using Windows 10 with all current updates. Thanks in advance Shaun
  19. I have FSX, FSX-Steam and P3Dv4.3 installed on my computer. Previously have had BASE Pack, openLC Europe, Trees HD and VECTOR installed separately on FSX and on P3Dv4 and working beautifully when using any of the flight sim programs. I then noticed that anomalies were occurring in FSX regarding scenery foliage. I compared the Scenery folders within both FSX and P3Dv4.3 and saw that VECTOR was missing from the FSX Scenery folder. I accessed FTX Central (v3.2.5.9) and tried to uninstall/re-install VECTOR. I selected C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/?Microsoft Flight Simulator X/ORBX
  20. Good day I am trying to install the Orbx products I purchase and keep giving me this error. Had no problem installing Global Base and Tree. However Keep giving me error message "Download and installation is corrupted" when I try to install Vector, Open LC Europe, North America, South America. Tried Download by FTX and Manual Download...both... but no improvement. Looks like the program is very unstable... I hope can fix this as soon as possible.
  21. Over the years I have bought many ORBX products. I just recently flushed my desktop and reinstalled Windows 10 along with FSX. I have a long list of ORBX programs but which ones do I install first or will the FSX stack take care of hierarchy order? I am afraid that some of the ORBX software I purchased might "step on" other ORBX software. I had a few airports where the graphics were way out of wack. In one example, the runway of one airport was like dug out of the earth and 50 feet below the terrain. It was like taking off out of a canyon. Anyway, here is my list of products. If anyone can tel
  22. I purchased a new rig recently, and had two questions before installing Orbx Vector: How much RAM, on average, will Vector add to my FSX process? I am running at about 3.0 to 3.1 GB right now, with maxed out settings. Will Vector push me over the top and give me OOM errors? If I install Vector, and find that it uses too much memory, can I cleanly uninstall it, to where there are no traces left of it being there in the first place?
  23. Hi all, I am running FSX and p3d v4. On fsx I have installed global, openlc europe, trees, vector, library. I can't install these files on p3d. During install the app stops and nothing goes on. I tried to start the procedure from beginning but the same happens again and again. How can I solve this? Thanks, Arye
  24. I used FTXCentral to try to download the updated Orbx libraries (180324). Each time, I'd get about 30MB in then get an error that the installer couldn't find 'DotNetZip.' (Screenshot attached.) So, I manually downloaded the .zip file and tried to install it that way. I get the error, "An unexpected error occurred. Please send Orbx staff the %LocalAppData%/Orbx/ftxc3.log." (Attached.) Please advise. Thanks. ftxc3.log
  25. Hello All, I am running FSX (Regular edition) on my computer and have a number of Orbx products. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is an order in which each of these products should be installed, so that I don't run into any bugs or weird looking terrain issues. From the FTX Global Range I have bought "FTX Global Base Pack" "FTX Gobal Open LC North America" "FTX Trees" "FTX Global VECTOR" "FTX Libraries" and Then from North America I have bought "NA Southern California" Can someone tell me
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