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  1. G'day all, I am absolutely delighted to unveil one of our most ambitious airport projects to date; LOWI Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11! After 18 months of development and R&D from Vittorio Greco, Tony Wroblewski and myself, our award-winning airport has been brought XP11. An airport that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the world's great aviation destinations. Dramatically stunning terrain, beautiful architecture, and of course one of the most infamously challenging approaches in the world, Innsbruck is a destination that is instantly recognisable to aviators of al
  2. Hi there, first of all, many thanks for bringing all the good stuff to MSFS that quick. Regarding your wonderful LOWI scenery, i did come across a few things, most of them already mentioned here somewhere: • wrong PAPI 08 • floating lights • inaccurate mesh -> eg the famous and well known “Martins Wand” • artifacts in the city one thing i haven’t seen here, is a floating windsock at LOJO, the helipad on the southern side of the Airport! again, many thanks for your nice work here! can’t wait to see what the next update
  3. Whenever I call a fuel truck with the Airbus A320neo on LOWI - no matter which parking position - the answer is always that a fuel truck is not available. Fuel trucks were available with the original Microsoft version of the airport. At other airports - also payware such as Paderborn (EDLP) - fuel trucks are also available. Does anyone else have the problem and know a solution? greeting Michael EDDH Transaction ID 5f4cf99ea7012
  4. Evening, I have been flying on P3D v5 and have no issues with Orbx scenery since starting. However, on a flight to Innsbruck today, the scenery was half loaded almost with everything in the right place but the ground textures were like default ones. I have tried installing directly through P3D and through a different folder. Here is a photo of what it looks like. Hope you can help! Thanks, Jack Sparrowhawk
  5. Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Innsbruck for X-Plane 11! G'day everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful response to last week's formal announcement of Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11. Work is progressing at a feverish pace behind the scenes to put the final spit and polish on this project. We know that many of you are waiting patiently for the release; rest assured we want to get everything just right in preparation of your upcoming Alpine adventures In the mean time, I thought I would share a few more details of the project. As mentio
  6. A pass in the new Airbus A321neo at 12000ft above Innsbruck in the first morninglight on my way to Munich:
  7. Hey Guys, it's the 15th already and my wallet is open and ready
  8. In an earlier post(catching ICE train....), I announced further screenshot with a more aerobatic flight in my Pitts S2-B. The last shot is a collage and displays 4 different lightconditions that I regulary use for flights in AFS2 and my preferred setting(late afternoon). Enjoy the showcase : After flying around for an hour more, a look on my fuel-gauge tells me to quickly return to the airport, just before the darkness I made a safe l
  9. Just one shot at Innsbruck ready for the off with p3dv4.2 and active sky set spring a Dawn regards EMM Stewart
  10. Just one shot at Innsbruck ready for the off with p3dv4.2 and active sky set spring a Dawn regards EMM Stewart
  11. I note a texture bug in LOWI Innsbruck (Aerofly edition). GA Parking, eastern end of ramp near air ambulance. When time of day is set to dusk-to-dawn hrs (night) two GA aircraft continue to display daytime textures as per screenshot and stand out.
  12. I note a texture bug in LOWI Innsbruck (Aerofly edition). GA Parking, eastern end of ramp near air ambulance. When time of day is set to dusk-to-dawn hrs (night) two GA aircraft continue to display daytime textures as per screenshot and stand out.
  13. Hello. After getting latest updates, the LOWI airport has strange dark shadows with certain opacity. I'm not sure where those shadows are coming from. How can I fix or disable that ( in case that is a feature ). The screenshot is attached below. To resolve the issue I've tried to start the flight at a different time of the day, e.g. morning, day time, evening, different weather, the shadows are constantly there. Also I have checked the The LOWI Control Panel, which is in the main FTX Central interface, but I couldn't identify which setting is responsible for the strang
  14. I've just installed Innsbruck (I have the global scenery also) and everything is running really well apart from a strange effect that happens during daytime. I have tried different aircraft and different settings but this only goes away at night time and during dawn or dusk settings. The lines seems to start at the airport building and follow the planes about. My gaming system is a fast i5 processor, nvidia 1070 graphics and 16gb RAM. Many thanks for any help in advance. (image is attached)
  15. Sadly not ORBX LOWI since i fly in v4 and its not released, but this servers for now i guess. That flight shows a pretty dramatic change of terrain. Its quite some pics but this flight as so many various beautiful aspects worth to show, i cannot choose easy :-) As always, best is to open the fullsize pic for the full effect. Its all fullHD. Besides the airports, the whole trips shows ORBX openLC EU /Global.
  16. A mini review of this awesome scenery Pete
  17. Innsbruck Airport downloading unexpected error happend. ORBX Staff asked me to send a log file. I did not understand where to send it, so I spread it on the forum. If this is a mistake, I will apologize in advance. ftxc3.log
  18. Hi As i fly on vatsim i don't need the static aircraft around LOWI. I have gone into the control panel and unticked all the AI traffic but every time I load the sim they are still there? how to do stop them showing
  19. https://youtu.be/lrW1oyCAnWQ Prepar3d Flight ORBX Innsbruck to Salzburg in the Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 | 4K A nice flight at low level in good conditions.
  20. My short flight between ORBX airports with PRO-ATC/X.
  21. Never posted any of my vids here before, but with the release of LOWI this seems to be an ideal opportunity. Skip to 9:13 if you want to see the LOWI scenery.
  22. Maybe it's just me but I see strange blinking light boxes when selecting Bad-Weather All-Day Lighting (Primary Runway and Rabbit Extended Approach) in FTXC3 Control Panel. Only LOWI is activated in SCENERY.CFG. Cheers,
  23. I have Global Base, Global Vector and Global openLC EU installed. Shouldn't I see the Europe Bridge? I attached two screenshots: - Europe Bridge.jpg: With ORBX LOWI active - No Europe Bridge.jpg: LOWI deactivated. As I also own ORBX LOWI this is ok for me, but I am not sure now, if the Global Base, Vector and openLC EU installation on my PC is correct or not, and if I might miss some other bridges or more in Europe. Can you advise please? Thx, kaha p.s.: LOWI is excellent!
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