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Found 7 results

  1. I believe the LIRF default scenery has the wrong frequency for runway 16R - the real world freq is 109.75 (IFRR) which didn't work the last time I flew in. Are the other ILS frequencies at LIRF correct, or have they been updated/changed in real life. If so, what frequencies does Orbx have? Many thanks
  2. Good day Gentlemen! Thanks to Orbx for making KITW including the two Tacoma Narrows Bridges. Some issues please with the request for an update: 1. The MALSR typed approach lights system of runway 17 does have the 3D poles for the sequenced flashing lights but the lights are burning steadily. 2. The ILS has no G/S - it is defined as LOC. 3. There are six markers defined but according to charts from the FAA and Jeppesen KTIW has only an Outer Marker (OM) at IAF SCENN 5 NM out of runway 17. 4. Might it be possible to integrate the "Pilot controlled Lightning" on 118.5 MHz? Would be a nice feature... Thanks a lot in advance - have a good time! Bert Transaction ID: 5de780ad53ea7
  3. Hi all, Just been back to PAVD for the first time in a while and thought I would shoot a few Loc approaches. Have dialed in the frequency and the localiser is there but seems to be trying to direct me onto the taxiway to the right of 06 rather than down on the runway. Has anyone else seen the same thing?
  4. Hey guys, Thanks for the latest KEGE installer and I got it up and running in P3D 3.1 flawlessly. I can't figure this one out. During ILS landing to Runway 25 with the new radio freq 109.75 (though in PMDG 737 FMC it shows 108.30, something like that). I get the plane follow the ils, but as it gets close to runway the plane is not aligned perfectly with the runway and I have to disconnect the autopilot and hand land it. Is that how it is done in real life at KEGE as the plane gets closer to runway, pilots have to hand land the birds. Or I can do full ils autolanding? and if I can do full ils then why isn't the plane aligning itself with the runway. I have latest quad installer KEGE Version 1.10 with Latest Libraries 151213 installed. FTX is set to Hybrid Mode Thank you Airwolf
  5. Hey guys, I was having a hard time with KMRY ILS and then I happened to stumble on to this link. It is getting challenging to keep track what patches come out for the airports I own at times. Is there some way this can be added to new official updates or be pushed via FTX Central 2 if I ever (happens quite regularly) to reinstall KMRY. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/79594-ils-10r-i-mry-at-kmry-too-high/ Thanks
  6. The aircraft does respond as if the horizontal and vertical beacons seemed to be working OK but I am no longer receiving radio responder sound acknowledgment. The radio locator frequencies entered are correct and the distance and altitude of the aircraft are within the limits allowed by the locator. All radio switches are in the ON position. The problem is one I have encountered only recently. Any ideas crew? . Computer HP CQ3290AN Rating 5.1 Windows Experience Index Processor Intel®Core™ Quad CPU Q9500@2.83GHZ RAM 4GB Windows 7/64bit Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Order No FTXAUGold FSS0070787 FTXAUGreen FSS0082745 FTXAUBlue FSS0103352 FTX YHBA FSS0070234 FTX YBBN The PC Aviator Store 29816 FTXAU YSCB FSS0097036 FTXAU YBUD FSS0110339 FTXAU YCDR FSS0110339 FTXAU YSCH FSS0110339 FTXAU YMML FSS0138084 FTXAU YBCS FSS0163667 FTXAU YWOL FSS0163667 FTXAU YPMG FSSO118283 FTXEU EGHFI FSS0232607 ENGLAND FSS0188141 Signature James
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