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  1. I use microsoft store edition, I cleared rolling cache, tried to install to main library and stuff but nope it crashes my game when I try to load the airport, help me.
  2. Whenever I fly no matter where I go (Have only been flying US so far) the terrain seems to be rural country side repeating itself and its like its following me, as shown in photo below the terrain stays the same and sees to be only in the vicinity of the plane then changes back to how I guess it should be when I pass, I verified the files and it came back okay. Not sure to put this as when trying to file a ticket It only takes account issues not graphical issues as what I'm having.
  3. In your Orbx it shows chaseplane as discount (not only chaseplane) the whole month but the moment you sign into your account then the discount is gone just normal price again. I tried to buy it without sign in then it just direct you to the "your cart" then when clicking pay then it direct you to the sign in page. I just dont understand what the point of these discounts is when it is impossible to buy them in discount price. If you are signed in then it is normal price if you arent then the price is discount but at the end you have to sign in to buy anything and when you sign in, the price cha
  4. Hello, all! Ever since installing P3Dv5, I've been having an issue where most of my textures "flash". This is most noticeable during night time. I find the sim not enjoyable with the bug. Here's a video (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFRtbJMf1Xw. What I have installed: Global Base Pack, Global Buildings HD, Global Trees HD. It happens all over the place. It happens with addon airports, as well. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Ben!
  5. I've recently found my old Boxed FSX with the two installation discs and I am having trouble figuring out how to transfer my Global BASE Pack, and Libraries from FSX:SE to Boxed FSX. I've tried the directory tool and that didn't work. I tried reinstalling Orbx direct and getting to the directory page where you select the sim and choose your directory. Whenever I sign back in it goes to the sim select page then it disappears after less than a second of showing up. I have no idea how to transfer the products and I need help.
  6. Bought GB south yesterday. installed it and got the error message I've verified the files multiple times with no success:( I checked the texture folder and it seems like all the folders and .JPG files which, if im correct, aren't meant to be? Someone please help!!!
  7. Operating system: windows 7 Simulator: P3dv4 Issue: Installation freeze, get stuck. Does not work. AV Is off read all the steps. I install for the first time Ok. but when i saw that new central offers install the addons in other hard drive i Unistalled all my orbx addons. After that i erase the entries of the scenery CFG. Ok. So install again global base pack (surprise surprise) this addone needs to be inside the sim root. Ok installed. After that i didnt see any scenery index entries on the P3DV4 Scenery tab. any of that. So this was so extrange. I press syn
  8. Help when i try to load into X-Plane i get this message? I didn't get it yesterday! Also my True Earth South is installed but FTX Central says it isn't?
  9. Hello everyone, I bought ORBX Global openLC Europe and Global VECTOR from the ORBX website.I installed them by the FTX Central. The problem is that, in my simulator, when I'm in (especially cruising), my textures do not load ! This gives something very ugly ! The textures do not load from the beginning to the end, which gives full of ugly pixels... I put you screens that I took at different times of my flights to show you. https://imgur.com/a/aCsTmM3 My PC configuration : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz // 8Go RAM // Nvidia GTX 1070 // Windows 10 // 64bits // Motherboard H
  10. I am looking at buying the new True Earth GB South for XP11 but see that you must have the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 installed. Looking into this it appears that Visual Studio 2013 is not compatible with WIN 10. Not going top buy until I know it will run on WIN 10 system Thanks
  11. Good evening all, I am brand new, I created an account just to ask this question. I had an old version of the FTX freeware airports and it worked great, I installed the updated version with the street lights, now my ground textures are blurry anytime I fly more than 5 nm from my starting airport. My question is, will getting the pre-requisite FTX global base fix my blurry texture problem?
  12. I bought the orbx south gb add on, installed it which took 38 hours. Everything looks great expect for airports. It looks like the autogen is generating over default and custom airports. I have changed the scenery.ini file to fix this but nothing has helped. Any help would be great
  13. hi guys i hope you are doing great, i am writing in behalf of my brother as he bought YBAS alice springs we love australia!. Well something doesnt seem right, we made sure ftx central is updated with libs updated and ybas too. problem is that the concrete taxi way looks like grass textures so looks like this (look attached file). from what we seem on the original pictures it looks great!. one thing though it happens to all airports we have from orbx. (ybas and also with ybbn) we have reinstalled both scenery and still the same probl
  14. please help. multiple .ter files (missing) but are in the folder installed and checked files 8hrs of my life ill never get back
  15. Hi guys, im wondering if anyone can help, I downloaded ftx central a few weeks back and got all my scenery downloaded and updated, it all worked fine for a few flights. I then went into the fsx side and downloaded all for that side as I still have payware that I want to use. Last night I purchased the a2a Comanche 250 for p3d and then realised that the scenery hadn’t loaded into the game, I’m not sure if this was the first time they hadn’t loaded, but it was the first load after the fsx downloads. Having restarted central and p3d I still have the problem. Any tips on how to get it workin
  16. Orbx Norway Can anyone help me with these problems? *There are no buildings in the cities. *Where there should be light posts, there are only big black squares. *Technical issue with the grass at some airports. Thank you for any tips
  17. I don't understand why I get this.... "No installed simulator was found! Ftx vector configurator will now exit". I installed the ftx global just fine without problem... But this vector program is not working at all. I use fsx steam edition... Getting a little upset soon... When a product cost that much I really expect a clean install. Can anyone please help me? Robin
  18. Can someone please tell me how to fix this issue thanks!
  19. Hi, I have recently done a fresh install of P3D v4.2 on my PC and I have reinstalled my Orbx products. Upon doing this, I have had a significant problem with my ESSA airport addon as the terrain on the airport in whole is blurry and really low textured. I have had this problem before when I first purchased the product but It seemed to fix itself, this time It has not. I appreciate any help, thanks.
  20. Hi, i have tried to avoid asking this question and find an existing solution on here but can't seem to resolve the problem... Installed both the ORBX England pack and the ORBX Libraries, seemingly successfully as are showing up within FSX, but they are not loading at all, just the default textures still. I have played around with the location/order of the FSX entries shown in the scenery section of FSX itself, at the moment I have the libraries on top and England next then all the defaults follow. Did try moving the Add Ons folder up above England but sti
  21. Hi I flew from vancouver to toronto today and a long the route i noticed something weird on the landscape. i know on that part of the region it should be mountainous. i dont know if theres something wrong with my global vector. Anyway, here are the photos. i hope someone can help me with this.
  22. Hi there all, so I bought Broome International (YBRM) and the Australia textures from the orbx store about half a year ago and they have been working fine. Recently I uninstalled and reinstalled the FSX simulator on my computer and had to reinstall these textures into my newly installed sim. When I tried to load up Broome international the textures failed to load, I was in the default fsx airport. I have Rex HD World Airports already installed and the orbx Australia and New Zealand AI traffic and they are working like a treat. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the t
  23. Hi bought this program from you guys way back in 2016. Tried contacting you earlier back then, got frustrated and gave up no response. So am writing in forum, hoping for an answer. Hopefully good answer. Transaction ID etc : Transaction ID: 5836b2ba61ad4 Product: FTX Global openLC North America Amount paid: $54.95 AUD Purchased at: 2016-11-24 09:29:11 Quantity purchased: 1 DOES NOT WORK ON MY VERSION OF FSX-Acceleration . HAVE UNINSTALLED AND REINSTALLED AND UNINSTALLED FSX A FEW TIMES and same issue. The scenery is all blocky and black. My FTX Global base works
  24. Can i install Orbx global base and Orbx FTX Germany North together because the textures are not real ehhm not right
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