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Found 11 results

  1. ive found a bug with EGNT Orbx there visual glitch with Rwy on departing the airport but when i return its fine any ideas
  2. In your Orbx it shows chaseplane as discount (not only chaseplane) the whole month but the moment you sign into your account then the discount is gone just normal price again. I tried to buy it without sign in then it just direct you to the "your cart" then when clicking pay then it direct you to the sign in page. I just dont understand what the point of these discounts is when it is impossible to buy them in discount price. If you are signed in then it is normal price if you arent then the price is discount but at the end you have to sign in to buy anything and when you sign in, the price cha
  3. Hi everyone, I am in desperate help regarding screenshots on P3DV4.5 Before i reinstalled P3D My screenshots had full colour and looked great. Now that i have reinstalled P3D My screenshots look washed out When i press F12 F12 Screenshot And when i press Printscreen they look like this: And when i press Printscreen they look like thisThey always used to look like the bottom one but now they always look like the top one (washed out) Is there any fix to this? This is driving mme crazy and i really need help it worked before why is this n
  4. Hello, I recently bought the Aerosoft A330 And since the community feature has been taken away I have been unable to find any presets available is there any chance that someone is able to give me a Download link or preset id for ChasePlane Aerosoft A330 Many thanks And Kind Regards, Lucas Jackson
  5. Dear, Since a few months I am trying to solve my blurry textures. Tried all kind of things like Nvidia inspector, setting tweaking. I also tried to migrate the scenery again in FTX central, remove P3dv4 config files, clear caches, etc. After all software changes, I also wanted to upgrade my computer to achieve a better FPS. With the recommendation of Doug Sawatzky I have upgraded my processor to a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. With the new processor I have much better FPS now, but still no luck with the blurry textures (see photos). As soon as I takeoff, (in the Netherlands) th
  6. Hi my question is, can i install orbx central and the products i have in a different hard drive than the sim?
  7. Hi prepard 4.5 is amazing how in night the terrain is relly dark. My question is chahing the textures with orbx global will affect tto this amazing feature or i will contine the seeing the terrian as much as drak as default P3DV4.5 Thanks!
  8. Hey There, I don't know if this is a bug but I have no road textures in my FSX, I remember seeing other screenshots on the forum with wonderful asphalt textures. What's going on? Please help. I only noticed it now because I started to fly VFR. And that goes without roads unfortunately in Germany very badly. Game: FSX OrbX-Products: Vector,Global Base, Trees. All of them since a Year. Cheers Lenni!
  9. I fully realise that I may well be on the wrong forum, but please point to a computer Semi-illitirate oldie to where I might learn how to install ORBX scenery which arrives in multiple files. I have purchased ORBX base in order to start the process of having the wonderful edition of my local airport (EGHI) and the mouth watering KCGX on my hard drive. I have flown in and out of Eastleigh (EGHI) on dozens of occassions, and believe me... the rail coaches just before touchdown on runway 20 are exactly right! Whilst on a coach trip in the US...and whilst in Chicago, I stood beside the plana
  10. Order Number: FSS0244655 Order Date: 2013-11-18 [ORB-712] Orbx - FTX: EU England Good morning. Can't get software to work. 1st explain what I did Downloaded FTX: EU EGML Damyns Hall Noticed I needed Eu England - so downloaded 3GB of this. Unpacked both Zips Instanned Eu England .... it asked for registration details... not sure I gave it long enough... Installed Eu EGML, did get icon on desktop for EGML Statred FSX - database dialog pop up appeared... but no EGML. I have manually deleted files as per uninstall instrunction BUT I have no application as indicated by uninstall instructions
  11. I was trying to update the default GPS database in order to see all the airports while flying in NZSI. The Carenado planes have updated GPS and you can see more airports is the screen. If someone has updated the default database successfully, please let me know. If someone has the reality xp 430 & 530, and is using it with NZSI, and can see all the airports on the screen, please confirm before I invest the $$. Thanks, Jose
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