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Found 10 results

  1. Something is wrong with the KMIA Aiport after installing Florida TE. I installed Florida HD and later Florida SD and unfortunately it looks the same. Interestingly the plane behaves as if it would be on rough terrain. It behaves normally once it reaches the grey areas in the first picture. I attached 2 screenshots to the report the first one is from HD and the scond one is from SD. I also attached the scenery_packs.ini file and Log file as a zip. Best, Christopher scenery_packs.ini Log.zip
  2. Transaction ID 5eb25c3ee8b09 Hello, Not clear where I should post my question so used this one. How do I know if the new software is working to be honest I see NO difference in the presentation etc of the installed Global Trees HD, how are you supposed to know if its working, shuld Global Trees HD be disabled to see any improvement. Its not helpful having NO user manual either
  3. Hello, Can any one advise if True Earth GB South is a stand alone usage item or can you also run TEGBSouth and the recent released Builds HD scenery together? Thanks Charlie
  4. Today I started flying the Netherlands again, but now using the brand-new TrueEarth HD. I installed the package yesterday and followed the instructions for the P3D settings. The first look is amazing. The first flight is from Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Den Helder (De Kooy) following VFR. In general I fly with small planes at a height of about 2500 - 4000 feet. For everyone who is interested or want to have an idea click the next link: http://www.wilveenstra.nl/europe/nederland Of course there will be minor things, but in general I am very satisfied.
  5. Hi all - I have recently purchased the Lancair IV.P from Orbx, whilst I am delighted with the flight dynamics I cannot say the same for the cockpit quality, anything other than zoomed right in and I cannot read the instruments, I guess this is anti-aliasing at the root. It's the same for both standard and HD cockpits and all versions of this aircraft. I have tried DX10 Fixer, I have tried changing the AA settings in NVIDIA inspector all result in a less than pleasing experience. Is their anything else I can look at before I give up on this stunning little aircraft. My spec is:
  6. Hello guys, I bought FTX Trees HD as DLC in Steam for my FSX:SE. I want to buy P3D but not to rebuy Trees HD because the standalone is also for both sims. Is there any possibility to get the standalone for free or get it in P3D to work? Would appreciate it if it would work. Although a rebuy for 10 bucks because of the awesome sale would not be that bad. Anyway, it would be unnecessary. Greetings Moritz (German, sorry for grammar mistakes)
  7. Hello guys, I was wondering why my streets have no lines on it. They are just grey lines. A friend of mine has also ORBX and he has markings. Also, I bought FTX Trees HD via Steam DLC for my FSX:SE. Should I uncheck now in FTX Central 2 "Use ORBX trees"? I use: FSX:SE; ORBX Global; ORBX Vextor; ORBX OpenLC Europe and FTX Trees HD. Order Number: FSS0427581 Thanks for your replies. Moritz
  8. Hey here is my new video ! Like and share You've done an amazing job on this scene as always ! and also I just get the Scotland scenery and some years ago I made a trip in Scotland, I re-discover some place in FSX awesome :DD thank you ORBX !! Bye
  9. Hi everyone, I know that I'm pretty new to this forum and therefore probably shouldn't be asking for help without giving much back so far but I'd like to ask for a favour... I've recently picked up Bill's Quest Kodiak to make full use of the inspiring Orbx scenery that emptied my wallet in the April sale as the default birds were proving a tad difficult to get into those smaller strips and I absolutely love it. The Kodiak will drop in pretty much anywhere with its gloriously slow stall speed and reverse prop capability and since the purchase I've been enjoying a lot of wet take-offs and land
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