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Found 9 results

  1. Some old (FS2004?) freeware, with deficencies (coastlines not fitting, ground altitudes with steps), but still well suited for today. And HD trees really make a difference here, a great impression! Happy holidays!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if FTX HD Trees add-on provides any additional visual improvements when I am already impressed with the other ORBX products that have considerably improved my sim experience. I currently have Vector, Global, openLC NA, PNW, Rockies, several airports etc. installed for my P3D V3. Any inputs would be appreciated in terms of visual improvements, performance issues or VAS impact etc. I would like to avail the on-going sale and buy if the feedback is positive. Thanks in advance and happy flying! Cheers! veemaniq
  3. Since it's BIG SALE time, I thought I'd do some comparison shots of Sekiu (great!) with and without my recent HD trees purchase. I like them....no FPS impact, I stayed locked at my 26 (I don't measure VAS, but have seen elsewhere they don't impact it much). Last shot of landing doesn't have HD trees but showcases the beauty of the airport. Steve
  4. Somewhere north west of DC: Mike
  5. Some captures from Lady Musgrave island in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia(Queensland), a nice place to enjoy beach with sand and emerald lagoon. A nice opportunity to enjoy HD coconuts and palm trees after some months in the North Pole
  6. Springtime is finally here in the northern hemisphere and the otherwise drab surroundings of my hometown are finally getting some colour, much thanks to FTX Global+vecotr+openlc+hd trees! A special thanks goes to Al Heline over at the A2A Simulations forums who was so kind to make the repaint in the shots on my request, what a great guy! Everything in the screenshots are local, the plane is from my local airfield and even the weather was local, courtesy of ASN. Happy mothers day...mothers! and a happy spring to the rest of you. Weather is lovely outside today, perfect for sitting inside and pretend to fly. Think I'll fly over to Sweden to get some snus after this....
  7. I have to add my contribution the the mass of HD Trees posts out there: No time to explore other areas yet - and no prizes for guessing where these two were taken! P3Dv2.5 with terrain and vegetation shadowing enabled. I was monitoring the framerates to see the famous increase but couldn't see any. That's because NZSI/NZSI trees are already optimised (unknown to me!). As so many others will attest, FTX HD Trees are a *must-have*! BTW - interesting to see that the odd examples of animated trees are still there. Maybe another add-on for the future <?>. Adam.
  8. The Fabulous Four ...Seasons of course with HD Trees revealing the magnificence of Norway
  9. Some shots of a long trip from Stavanger Sola to Bodø. You can see the coming soon SP1 for FTX Norway with Trees HD. Enjoy
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