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Found 14 results

  1. Welcome to paradise! We are enormously excited to announce Cityscape Honolulu, a comprehensive city and mini-region for Prepar3Dv4. Developed by Frank Schnibben and Holger Sandmann (who you will most recently know from the incredibly popular Australia V2), Honolulu uses ground-breaking techniques to blend photoreal and landclass components to give one of the most detailed scenery packages ever brought to P3D. Covering the entire Hawaiian island of Oahu, Cityscape Honolulu brings to life this stunning tropical location with impeccable quality. From the postcard locations of Diamond
  2. A nice flight at Hawaii starting at O'hau with nice city Honolulu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8a2gz-HZ-8&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Have a nice flight, Wil
  3. Hi, I was flying from Kaneohe Bay to Lihue and just leaving O'ahu Isla behind me and suddenly I became aware of a very weird scenery. I was recording the flight as always and here you can follow the last 2 minutes before I stopped the flight. Does someone has a clue of what is happening here? Friendly regards, Wil
  4. Flying from Hawaii - Lanai island to Molokai island I discovered I found inhabited area west of the Lanai City Airport compared to Google Earth Pro. Is there a reason? Thanks, Wil
  5. Carenado C172N Floats at YRC Virtavia UH-60 Blackhawk RAAF Livery (Standard with P3DV4) at YWLM Williamtown IndiaFoxtrotEcho F35 (also standard with P3D v4) above Hawaii Inverted too because why not
  6. Tooling around the islands - all day long - bikini spotting and pineapple hunting
  7. a lot of military activity on a Hawaiian airbase, scoped airplane is the Spartan C-27J (also in view are some AI mil planes) :
  8. Aloha, yesterday I was only a passanger , but today i`m back in my office . We fly from Kahului to Hana, nice route! I take a GoPro Cam on board, for better pictures in the air!! Lets fly! Okay, we do now our walk around. Looks all fine, so lets go into the cockpit! Yeah, GoPro is ready to, lets start the engine!! Full Caravan Power!! We taxi to the runway, today no spotters, meeeh Takeoff! A little bit crosswind from the right... Cruising, we close to descent to Hana... Little bit tricky, a smoth left turn... and the runway is in sight...we cleared to land!
  9. So, here the pictures of my short trip at the hawaiian islands...with the B1900D Today only as a passanger... The B1900D arrive, lets go... Start boarding... Take a look what the captain do.. Jeeeeeeeeeahhh, I can take a look in the cockpit!!!!!!!! Greetings
  10. Hello, while enroute from NTAA to PHNL with a LevelD767, cruising northbound 100 miles south of Hawaii, land textures started to appear in place of water around the airliner I thought that it was a FSX glitch, so I restarted FSX (no screenshot then), yet the issue around Hawaii reappeared, either with or without MegasceneryX activated, regardless of any graphic change I tried (it looks like it's happening only in Hawaii; I've tried several other different Orbx and not-Orbx locations...) FTXcentral is of course set to Global (I have FTXGlobal and all Orbx sceneries)
  11. One of my first flights this new year was a thrilling short turning flight around Dillingham at the Hawaiian island Oahu, the Pitts model is from Alabeo:
  12. The Lihue area of Hawaiian Island Kauai is my favourite holiday stay and I just arrived via a DHC6 out of Honolulu at Oahu:
  13. Hello all, Sorry, it's been a while. With a busy 3yr old not much time to climb in the the cockpit.Here is a shot of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor at dusk. Deault FSX, sorry haven't the money right now for global. (Straight V key). I was wondering if someone has any screenies of Honolulu or Pearl Harbor with just Global say daytime they would like to share here on this post. Hope you enjoy. JP
  14. I would love to see a high quality FTX Region for the entire Hawaiian area. I know orbx has what it takes to make an amazing scenery. Do you think that this is something that you might do in the future? I'd definitely buy this and I'm sure many others will too. There seems to be no one who has come up with a all in one complete hawaiian islands package. Would be nice to include some fine details of Mauna Kea observatories and the Kamoa windfarms on South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. There's nothing at all for that one island for FSX and it's quite ashame since it's quite spectacular. Ple
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