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Found 10 results

  1. So I just bought this and its just unbelievable..i have never expereinced sharpness and clarity like it. I have retired my 3 monitor setup and TH2GO and now have this mighty beast !! Stu
  2. Hi all, I am in decison making mode now. I realized recently that my motherboard only reads 12GB of the 36Gb memory that I have installed (I should have read the manual but the motherboard only acccepts up to 4GB DDR3 cards and I bought 6GB DDR3 cards so for some reason the motherboard only recognizes each card as being 2GB). My question is how much Memory is enough? If i spent the effort to get a new motherboard and did get the OS (Win7 64) to recognize the 36GB would it be worth the effort? My FSX performance is pretty good now. Usually good framerate but I am always looking for better (this has been a never endging quest of mine for the last 15 years...) Thanks!
  3. This is a question for you computer boffins out there. Many moons ago when I was still flying FS9 my rig had 2 AMD cards(that were exactly the same) I had 2 monitors plugged into each card and it worked great. Fast forward 4 years and I am running 1 GTX680 which drives 3 x24" on a TH2GO plus one 7" mini monitor connected to my 680 by HDMI cable which I use to undock and put my FMC on. Question for you hardware gurus is..if I want to once again run 2 vid cards do they need to be the same..eg.. Do I need to get another 680. I want to lighten the load on my 680 and get a cheaper GTX card just to run my 7". Couple of guys who build computers say yes..I can get a different card and all will be ok. Called into a computer shop today and was told..no I could not run different cards..would have to be exactly the same card. I'm not talking SLI?.i know FSX doesn't support it..just 2 cards .. What do you all think ?? Stu
  4. Hey Guys. Got these from CockpitSimPilot.com.uk Just about had to mortgage house to get them to aussie...ha ha they just slip straight over existing levers. comes with a cool flap increment decal as you can see.. very cool .... Stu
  5. My current rig has an i7 965 cpu and a 285GTX gpu, and a 1tb hard drive. The first thing I want to sort out is the drive so that I cankeep FSX and its add-ons tidy from all the other stuff I have to have installed. I am thinking of installing a SSD for Windows 7 and FSX, with a data drive for the add-ons. The exisiting drive would have it's own install ow Windows 7, and all the other bumph I have. Or do I need to do that? Maybe one install of OS on the SSD, with Windows, and any other programmes, data, etc, installed to the second 'data' drive? This lets me keep one FSX drive nicely defragged, and another drive where other stuff moves in and out. The SSD wouldn't hold much, although the registry will bloat - that's the reason for thinking of a separate OS install. Part 2: I know the 285gtx is old, but it still performs well, and seems to beat some of the 4s and 5's in tests from what I can see. I dont have the money yet to move to the 680/690. I believe the i7 965, although 'old', has good o/c capability and I imagine that a water-cooler is the first stage. Beyond that, is it reasonable to expect it to push much passed 4.0? And, to quote Clarkson, "How hard can it be?". Thanks for any help to get me back flying comfortably. Rich
  6. Since I moved my FSX rig to the basement I have the room to enlarge it. In the meantime a yoke and two throttle quadrants have arrived as well as a second monitor and sound system. So I keep looking for more hardware and I am impressed how expensive it is. I would definitely like to have a panel of a single engine aircraft and would be happy with an electronic version. However the once I found on the internet do cost several thousand Euro! What is so expensive to put a monitor (let’s say 150 Euro) and some switches (50 Euro) in some plastic around (50 Euro)? Even if it is in combination with a separate PC (let’s say another 300 Euro) it should be below 1.000 Euro. Some time ago there was a post about a promising product http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/45553-southern-cross-panels-scp102/ that turned out to be not as promissing... I could not find anything to prove that this project was continued. What a pitty! Has anybody any idea of any good alternative projects?
  7. I am wondering how many of us are as annoyed as I am by FEDEX and UPS charging exorbitant "Customs Brokerage" fees when packages cross the border. In my case it is USA-to-Canada, but I understand from a quick Google search that they pull the same trick shipping into at least Australia and probably anywhere else they can. For those of you fortunate enough never to have been stung by this scam, it works like this: You order an Orbx software package, and for whatever reason want the disk. In a moment of exuberance, or perhaps not trusting your post office, you tell the supplier to send it by FEDEX or UPS, for which, in the case of NZNI, they recently charged almost $20 Florida to Canada. It arrives with the usual and laudable efficiency and swiftness those firms are known for. A week or two later you receive an additional bill from them for what in my experience are usually called "customs brokerage fees" - but the terminology varies. The bill is significant: anywhere from 35% to 150% (!) of the value of the item, and no supplier of FSX software warns you about it, including fspilotshop. Most people don't read the complex form, assume it is for government import duties, and pay up. Heaven knows how many millions of dollars are collected this way by Fedex and UPS. The charges have nothing to do with government-assessed import duties. It is for a "service" FEDEX provides its customers to shepherd the item through customs. For medium-sized commercial shippers who can't afford to have their own agents at the border, this is a good thing. The trouble is, the amount of work it takes for private, single-item imports such as an FSX software product is absolutely trivial. If you were present at the border to receive your shipment, you could fill out the form yourself in five minutes. Somehow the postal service manages to carry the same package across the border without doing this, clearly able to absorb the trivial cost of doing so. I also recall receiving packages from Purolator without this service charge. If they don't need to charge a border processing fee, why does Fedex and UPS? I suspect it is because they make a bundle on an inflated and bogus service charge, and no one can fight Fedex, who can cheerfully turn the bill over to a collection agency and trash your credit rating if you don't pony up. Bottom line is, download if you can, and if not, insist your supplier ship by ordinary post. The postal service, even internationally, has never lost a package for me, and arrives almost as fast as a courier. I recently had a package shipped by ordinary, unexpedited parcel post from Finland to Canada, and it arrived in six days at a cost to the shipper of about $4! I never ask for couriered packages from shippers, and only got stung recently because I asked my sister to get NZNI for me for Christmas and she wanted something to wrap. I also think we should be pressuring our suppliers not to participate in this unethical practice, and to at the very minimum warn its customers that this service charge is applied over and above the considerable cost of opting for Fedex or UPS to begin with.
  8. Hi guys, After a few years of simming now I find myself prefering to fly the 'big boys' more often, on Vatsim, but Iam now wanting to add more realism to the whole experiance. I mainly fly the PMDG 737 and want some hardware compatiable with this aircraft. I currently have the saiteck pro flight yoke,throttles and rudder peddals. So I was wondering if you could advice me on what else you would reccomend.FYI I live in the UK and use FSX on a Windows 7 x64.bit system.So any help would be greatly appreciated and I will look forward to any feedback. Kind Regards Josh I was concidering these so far: http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-370.html?cPath=22_61 http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-110.html?cPath=22_61
  9. Having firmly reignited my love for this incredible hobby of ours I am now looking to ramp up the immersion factor through the purchase of a yoke and pedals combo. I have made do with a budget joystick with twist grip rudder control which has proved a worthy starting point but I must admit that maintaining coordinated flight during higher G manoeuvres proves very tricky and sore on the wrists! I have tried some research on a number of venerable forums linked to our hobby and can find only limited discussion on the subject of yokes. I am leaning toward the Saitek Cessna Proflight Yoke and associated add-ons but I am aware of some alternatives at a similar price point. My loving head of finance will not entertain the world of high end yokes starting in the region of £600 pounds plus and nor I have I found evidence to suggest you derive any real benefit. I appreciate this is possibly a topic that has been well exhausted in the past but I really respect the balanced and knowledgable opinion of this particular community...so if any current users of this type of control system has the time spare to pass comment or offer recommendation, feedback or simple fan service to their particular favourite it may just help this relative newb avoid making any big mistakes. Your input and advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. 'Intel executives have promised significant energy efficiency, performance and graphics improvements in Ivy Bridge over the current Sandy Bridge offerings. They have said performance could be boosted by as much as 37 percent, energy efficiency by 50 percent and graphics performance by as much as 60 percent, with support for DirectX 11 and OpenCL 1.1.' />http://www.eweek.com/c/a/IT-Infrastructure/Intel-Readies-First-Ivy-Bridge-Chips-for-Q2-Release-Report-129482/ Cheers, Noel.
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