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Found 8 results

  1. Cool "mood" music vid of the scenery by RobisonRacing68
  2. Hello my first post here so i apologise if i have missed any steps before posting. over the past few days ive been updating p3d to v4.3. i decided to do a clean install but uppon testing the new update of the sim im not sure if its just me but the scenery dosnt seem to be quite as detailed. i also purchased EGHR Goodwood but i seem to be having problems with the scenery. the tunnle that go's under the track dosnt show (its just a trench) and the whole scenery just dosnt seem to be as crisp and detailed as its shown online. can anyone help? ive attached two photos one of the airfield scenery and one overview of the area. both photos had been taken with the recommended settings and required products installed. Thank you for any help in advance
  3. That's funny - I have "Bluebells" on my list ... It appears spring is late this year at Goodwood! Meanwhile ... back in NZ ... "The Pinnacles" in the Coromandel Peninsula: Another favourite place in RL - early morning nr. Takaka, Abel Tasman: It must say something about me that I prefer the "Wilga" to all these new-fangled "boys-toys/executive" types of aircraft. "Wilga" is Polish for "Oriole". Maybe "Grasshopper" would be more exact! Adam.
  4. Hi, I've recently noticed that the boundary fence at Goodwood EGHR appears black. (I would have attached an image but fsfiles is down atm - Hopefully you can imagine what a black boundary fence looks like though ) I've tried:- Updating ORBX Libraries Changing and re applying FTX Central (applying each time) Unselecting / reselecting from the scenary library Uninstalling / Reinstalling (as Admin) EGHR Downloading EGHR again and reinstalling ...but unfortunately, none of these have worked. Any more suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. A quick trip from Shoreham to Goodwood in the Centurion. Warming up for the (hopeful) release of the A2A C172. Also off to Florida at the end of November for four weeks to do my PPL in a 172! Until then, the T210 will suffice. Unfortunately, my B17 log has become corrupt and me being the fool I am, didn't backup the file. So while that's having some maintenance in Dubai, I'll be bombing round the UK in something small and relatively fun! On to the shots.. Pre-flight checks. The line. ATC sending me on a bizarre route to the holding point.. not gonna listen to them again. Back on the tarmac! Lets rock and roll! Beaches are pleasantly devoid of any life. Unbelievably slippery aircraft. Coming down. Short finals. Parked up.
  6. Hello, First off, outstanding job on the EGHR scenery! It is my first Orbx airport and I couldn't be happier! I just have a quick question concerning an issue I am having. I am not having as many issues as some other people seem to be having, but I have only found one so far. A floating bush by the underpass. I noticed it while flying over the airport and landed to check it out. I have also installed the latest Orbx Libs files last, like it says to on the download page. (I can't figure out how to add an image, so if you need one I need instructions lol).
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