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Found 245 results

  1. Hello My ORBX England is acting weird. the Sea textures that are loaded are made of grass and on the coastline, the earth texture has leaked over. When I disable the file shown in the image, the problem is solved but the airports act weird. Please help! Thanks
  2. I am using the most up to date Orbx software Since I updated Client and Scenery of P3dv4.5 hotfix 2, and when flying out of my chosen Orbx airport (YMML) all the surrounding scenery is corrupted. I have not yet tested other regions as I ran out of time I have black squares, water squares instead of land.. Odd suburban squares ... night time squares in daylight..etc I assumed it was a vector issue - so ran that elevation routine.. Did not fix I then approached the order entry sequence for global scenery and tried rearranging the order of loading, Despite variations of loading, this did not fix it. I unticked the Global scenery Experimental button - made no difference. Have verified all Orbx Global files Any suggestions or hints gratefully received I have subsequently dived deeper into the forum and see that I am not the only one. Unwilling to go back to HF1 as the graphics SS update is great for me. Can Orbx advise whether a fix will be forthcoming, either from Orbx or Lockheed?? and how soon?
  3. So... I took off from one 7,600' airport, flew for 2 hours and landed at another 7,600' airport. This is going to look gorgeous once it's no longer default LC. From Addis Ababa to Asmara. and I'm at 19k'.... Just over the ridge it drops very quickly to only a couple of hundred feet. Must be a real steep drop, but I never got that far... Sorry... got carried away again...
  4. I have a curiosity question. I flew into KIAD yesterday and I was looking at the ground texture and it seems quite haphazard in placement. I'm curious if this is not normal or if this is how it's supposed to look? See the pic below. Any thoughts? I have Global and America LC in this area along with KIAD from Flightbeam. I've forced the migration again and reinstalled the America LC but it appears the same. Regards, Norm.
  5. Another milk run took me from Quito to Panama to Mexico City (that's a long way, just quietly), Acapulco, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Houston and New Orleans. MMMX to KIAH was AeroMexico AM228 in a DC-9 - there and back (AM229) in a 12 hour day in a DC-9. Some randoms from the trip, in no particular order: Mike
  6. Santo Domingo to San Juan Gear up... Picking up the radial Good bye to the Dominican Republic Hello to Puerto Rico Miami to San Juan with the four stops was 7.4 hours logged in the sim. There is a milk run in reverse, but I think I'll park that for now. Much more to explore... Mike
  7. Leaving a grey Jamaica: Haiti ahead: Time to head down: Port Au Prince: Better conditions than Kingston: One more stop before San Juan.
  8. I've ORBX Global Base Pack and Global Vector dowloanded but I can't see any changes. Can somebody help me please?
  9. The hop from Montego Bay to Kingston on PA431, Miami to San Juan milk run. Settled en route Probably should have tuned the localiser... 23°C, dew point: 23°C... Next stop Port Au Prince in Haiti.
  10. The milk run to San Juan from Miami in 1961: Crossing Cuba. I wonder what protocol in 1961 was... Into Montego Bay The next hop is across to Kingston.
  11. Here is rwy 08 at KJAX. Would appreciate any help figuring out what's going on with this. I've done a fresh install of orbx products, ran migration, deleted version txt etc..........
  12. Try to find the AEC information for these airports, but I can't find the release information anymore. Thanks and have a nice flight, Wil
  13. TNCM to KOFP in a DC-6A. A mere 5 hours... but flying a four engined airliner at 6k' instead of 36k' does kinda make up for it: The Bahamas: So... the forecast wasn't good And so it proved Mike
  14. Some more from my Italian tour: Inbound Naples: Depart Naples shortly after: Cool lighting enroute to Palermo: Now... one really should check topo maps. There is a rather large hill that look like it had the side blasted off to make room for the airport.
  15. Never been to Sardinia in the sim (I don't think). Flew in from Rome. This is Alghero to Cagliari. Straight 'v's. Next leg is back to Rome. Fair to say I'm a bit of a fan of openLC. It opens up a whole lot of the world. Mike
  16. Hello, I purchased few products from your website and am very happy with the result in general however I have noticed that when flying out of my hometown airports in southern Poland (EPBA, EPKW, EPZR) there are 2 huge lakes missing from the game namely Zbiornik Goczlkowicki 9near Czechowice-Dziedzice) and Jezioro Zywieckie (near Zywiec) - see attached screenshots from google and FSX - they are represented as grassland in-game... This makes for a strange, unrealistic flying experience especially that they are perfect for water landings... and they were there with default FSX scenery... All other (smaller) water bodies are mostly there... so... you see why I am a bit taken back as I bought several OrbX products and finding out they are missing. At this point I'm not sure if it's me who didn't check some box during install or did you guys simply forgot about those lakes? Or is it some bug or scenery issue. I'd really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance for your time and again compliments on otherwice great products! R.
  17. Left Heathrow well before sun up. Descending into an early spring dawn... Mike
  18. Hi all, Recently my p3d stopped generating autogen tree's and I figured it had something to do with orbx. reinstalled all addons into p3d but now it has taken me 40 minutes to get from 70% loading autogen scenery to being in the sim and still no autogen trees. Is anyone able to shed light on this issue? Many Thanks.
  19. I bought and downloaded ORBX FTX Global Base from the Flight Sim store and when I go to redownload it, it states that there is a problem or the product is temporarily disabled. How would I go about re downloading it or my money back. SDK- NGX8-F828-4850-D8BD-767B-6CE8
  20. Hello, I use Fsx and P3D combined and want to use global, vector and openlc eu in both sims. They are already running in P3D. How can I do this without have all files twice on my sdd? They take a lot of room together. Thanks for you time. Maikel Rozemeijer NL FTX Global BASE Pack FSS0490801 FTX Global VECTOR FSS0376254 FTX Global openLC Europe FSS0490801
  21. Spent some quality time flying through Thailand on my day off today. Having started in Sydney a while ago I have been gradually doing short legs north through Australia/PNG/Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia and now Thailand. The aim is to go through Asia, the Mid-East and Europe to London. Not sure if I'll keep going after that or start something new. I'm not too sure I'd want to do the leg from Europe to North America, given that I'm flying low'n'slow in fairly short hops, that could be challenging and fairly desolate across the Atlantic I'm guessing! Anyway, I have all of the ORBX global and region products, although I guess in this part of the world it's just Global and Vector that apply. I also have the FS Global 2010 mesh. Sadly no payware airports in the region, so until I get to Europe it will be a bit "vanilla", but I have to say I'm still enjoying the flying and the scenery regardless. I've now gotten as far as Bangkok: And here are a few shots from today's 4 legs which were WMKP (Penang) <--> VTSP (Phuket) VTSP (Phuket) <--> VTSM (Ko Samui) VTSM (Ko Samui) <--> VTBP (Prachuap) VTBP (Prachuap) <--> VTBD (Bangkok) The aircraft is Carenado's Embraer Phenom 100.
  22. Hello there, i have just finished completly wiping my PC and started re-installing things one by one. My question is before i start installing all my airports and other addons i just want to know if everything is in the right order in sceneryconfig editor. Thanks for any help i really am new to this
  23. hi, i just bought the .. total pack for europe: base, vector, europe lc, trees plus insbruck lowi (thanks orbx for the offer). i installed it to both fsx se and prepar 3d v4.2 my specs are i7 8700 working at 4.6ghz, 32gb ram, 1060 6gb, 2 x nvme hard disks. in p3d i use majestic dash 8 q400 pro and at fsx the default cessna 172. in both i use active sky as weather engine. before i install the orbx package, i was getting 300-600 fps. after on p3d, i get in average 20-30 (airborn), around 10fps at the airports and at insbruck 2-3 fps !!!!!! i have the feeling that this is not normal at all. of course i played with the sliders etc but nothing happens. on fsx things are better but again low: 10-20 frames at lowi, 30-60fps airborn. in both i used initially the settings the manuals i have to mention that everything is 1st clean install and nothing is pirated or copied or i dont know what. windows, software etc etc all are bought and activated. any ideas? why that could happen? thank you very much
  24. Good day everyone, I have all OrBX items ( most importants ) and Global Lights. My global lights doesn't want to work, I tried to ununstall Global ORBX and Global Lights, but I didn't be able to make it working. Also, i deleted my P3D.CFG. Does someone knows ? Regards
  25. Hi I flew from vancouver to toronto today and a long the route i noticed something weird on the landscape. i know on that part of the region it should be mountainous. i dont know if theres something wrong with my global vector. Anyway, here are the photos. i hope someone can help me with this.
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