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  1. Hello Orbx team, Today I discovered, a significant part of the Suriname river, just next to Paramaribo, is missing. Since it is about water, I suppose this is an Global Vector issue, but it could also be an issue of Open Landclass South America, maybe. Probably the screenshots make clear what part is missing. There is a screen with the real situation taken from Google Earth. Another screenshot shows FSX with Global Base, Global Vector and Open Landclass SA. The situation in P3Dv4 is the same, by the way. A remarkable thing is, there is a "small stream' vector running through the landscap
  2. Hello Yesterday I purchased Global Vector via the Orbx homepage. When trying to install it in P3d v5 I realised it is not compatible. My purchase nunber is: 5eb9a8b3223aa Would it be possible to return th elicence and use the money to buy another obrx product which is compatible with Prepar3d v5? Best regards Christian
  3. Today I had problems with TE Britain South and found out that it had incorrect paths using the Addon Organizer. So I verified files and it was solved. However, then I got the same with Orbx Global VECTOR Scenery Global. Solved again by verifying. But finally the Orbx Global VECTOR Elevation Stub gave the same problem: What can I do? Has someone an idea? Nick maybe? Our golden helper? I must say all the stuff is installed in a main library. Thanks in advance Wil
  4. Hello, I've recently purchased the global bundle, and since that I have black textures in all rivers and lakes, I've tried many times to update each global product to see if it was a missing file problem, but it doesn't seem to, and eventually I have uninstalled Global Vector to see how it's going without, and no black textures in lakes and rivers without Global Vector. I have Orbx Global, Europe, North America, South America Open LC, Australia V2 and many orbx airport installed... I wish I could have a solution for that, because global textures and Vector working together is really c
  5. Hi Everybody, i want to deinstall the Global Vector, because i have a Lot , realy a Lot of Porblems with the Airport Elevation an many (also on not) ORBX Airports. I run the Airport Elevation Correctur but nothing change. So i think the best Idea is to deinstall the Global Vector. But what could going wrong? Just run deinstall on FTX3? Thats it or imust check other Systems also? Sorry that i ask , but i wont make and get any Problems. Thanks a Lot. Michael
  6. I made a mistake of not changing the location of the temp folder and ran out of disk space while installing Vector. After canceling the install, and re-installing Vector all my oceans turned to sand. The coast lines and seashores are ok. I'm on Windows 10, P3D v4.x, GTX 1070ti, 16GB of RAM but these shouldn't be relevant to the problem since the ocean was fine before installing Vector. I installed the Global thingy (the expensive one for global textures) thinking that would fix the ocean texture problem but it did not. I seem to be having a problem locating the support for
  7. Hello I have just bought and installed Global VECTOR and Global openLC Europe. I have installed the latest version of GSX. Look what I get in the Keflavik airport (with the demo Iceland from ORBX installed) Can you help me fixing this issue ? Thank you for your help
  8. Hello I have just bought Global VECTOR and Global openLC Europe this week-end/ Here is all the products that I have got from ORBX. My question is : could it be some overlaps within all these libaries. For example for EUROPE - I have and Thank you for your clarifications
  9. After doing a clean install with P3D v4.3, I am seeing some weird canyons about 20 miles east of Portland, OR. I uninstalled and then reinstalled Vector, Base, openLC NA, and PNW, but still have the same issue. What could be the issue and how can I get it fixed? Thanks, Anirudh
  10. I seem to have a problem lately with the "Airport elevation" feature, it says it will take a few minuets but I left it running for 2 hours last night and it still didn't complete, the green bar just kept going across. I have "Global base pack" "Open LC Europe" "Global vector" "HD trees" Lights config and of course Orbx libraries up to date. I was wondering if anybody had any idea's please.
  11. Hello simmers, these days I was in Sar Mountains it's a small region in Kosovo called Gora between Albanian and Macedonian border it's a beautiful place for resting that's the place I'm from that's the place where I'm born after my trip I bought FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector and fly over the Gora here is the screenshot in real life and in FSX SE with openLC Europe. Cheers, Almedin
  12. Do AFM (coming with Pilot's mesh products) and FTX Global Vector work together? 1. Do both elevation correction tools actually do the same or do Pilot's Aerofrome Flattening Meshes take other actions then Global Vector Airport Elevation Corrections? 2. Can I apply a meshcorrection with AFM without getting conflicts with Global Vector Airport Elevation Corrections in the Vector Configurator? 3. Some freeware airports files come with a meshcorrection file that goes in Main FS directory - Scenery - World - Scenery. If these airports are used in combination with Global Vector Airport Elevat
  13. It would appear that the October Win 10 security updates has had an effect on Global Vector causing P3D V3 to crash just before starting and when I uninstalled GV the sim works again. My question would be that I am without a product which I have paid for so who do I ask for help, Microsoft, ORBX or P3D?.
  14. My P3D V3 suddenly had stopped working and after many days of trying to solve the problem I have finally narrowed it down to Global vector. I have Global base pack, open land class Europe and HD trees all which work fine but when I try to install Global vector P3D gets to the final load in just before opening and then the "P3D has stopped working" message. I am using FTX central V3.2.1.1. Has anybody any idea's please, thank for any help.
  15. Good Day, I have loaded in the four purchases (in the TAG order) onto my FSXSE program using the FTXCentral3 installer and they seem to be working well. However, upon takeoff with a Mooney Bravo I seem to outrun the graphics quickly. I realize that the four downloads may be stressing the system but it seems I have a pretty high-end system (I could be wrong) with the hardware details below with only FSX and Orbx downloads on it and I didn't expect to outrun the graphics within just a few minutes after takeoff. You will have to forgive me, I have been reading quite a f
  16. Hi I have several none orbx airports installed when I have run the airport elevation corrections scan the installed none orbx airports are moved to the bottom of the scenery library and orbx labs to the top of the library is that ok regards stewart
  17. every time I try to install the global vector program the installation/download is interrupted after a couple of minutes. see attached report. What can be the cause for this failure? Bob van Arend
  18. After installing the Vector update for P3D v4 today, I tried it out by departing EDRK (Winningen) which is just north of the Mosel and west of Koblenz and flying down the river towards Koblenz. Compared to the expected relatively flat river with a road on each side, the river and roads are shifted north towards the airport and "crawl" up the north bank. The first picture shows the area with Vector disabled by clearing the respective checkboxes in the Scenery Library. The second pix is from the exact same viewpoint, but with Vector active. The third picture is a little lower so the
  19. Order Number: migrated from FSS, Details are: Product information Transaction ID: 58a97e0a07982 Product: FTX Global VECTOR Amount paid: $0.00 AUD Purchased at: 2014-12-16 05:10:08 Quantity purchased: 1 Orbx Vector updated just now, after I had installed a couple of orbx Freeware and payware Airports. Now wanted to rerun Auto elevations correction in orbx vector Settings - and I got the fatal exception posted as screenshot below. Also orbx vector suddenly calls itself v1.50, as shown in screenshot. PLease help as I must correct elevations for
  20. In 2014 I installed FTX Global Base into FSX. I recently moved over to Prepar3d so i installed global base into Prepar3d using FTX Central. I then purchased FTX Global Vector. I did not get the to click using FTX Central so I downloaded the file manually. It does not show up in FTX Central so Now I have 8gb of data and no way to install it. How do I do that? I've researched this to death but they always say to click on a button in FTX Central that I don't seem to have. In FTX Central it shows global vector as not installed. Edit: Never mind, i think I understand th
  21. Greetings, I know a thing or two about computers so I know the challenges of trying to develop code that will work with even 90% of the PCs out there – I am relatively sure this is one of those "one-off" issues. When flying in a part of the world covered only by Global Base and Global Vector, my FSX locks up, every time - Ctrl, Alt, Del shows "FSX Not Responding". Troubleshooting: I've tried to repeat the flights exactly and it doesn't happen at the same time…a different part of the flight. I have tried this in NY state, Chile and Korea. I have tried
  22. I just purchased the FTX global vector and the telluride airport products from ORBX but neither will download. I have downloaded from ORBX before without any issues and I have checked my internet connection and speed test and everything is fine. Any suggestions? I've tried the first 3 links and all of them seem to stop towards the end and will never finish.
  23. After some time using GEX and UTX, I decided to make the switch to Global Base and Global vector. Using the product manuals, I uninstalled those products and installed the two ORBX products. I opened up FSX:SE, and went to EGLM (White Waltham) to do a low and slow along the River Thames and saw...nothing. No river, no roads, no breathtaking coastlines...only default scenery. Tried bush flying in northern Ontario, but all the lakes were gone except for the default ones. So I uninstalled everything, and went back to GEX and UTX. I can't figure out what I may h
  24. Hi I recently installed Global Vector which I understand adjusts airport elevations. Prior to that I had installed the Global Freeware Airport Pack and everything was fine. Now, at some airports eg KPAE (Paine Field) KASE (Aspen), arriving AI aircraft land, taxi and park on an invisible surface above the airfield. Sky Vector lists KASE as having elevation 7837, but when I place an aircraft there the altitude shows as 7746 - a 91' discrepancy. Visually, the airport seems to be sitting in a bit of a depression (I hazard 91' as a guess) - the arrived
  25. Leaving Asimba for the next trip to Yongai, after a short visit, soaked by the rain I moved on to Kokoda, Hope you enjoy them, will be back for 8K
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