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Found 15 results

  1. Let's leave Australia and head back to Singapore. Catering at Gold Coast. Time for the outside check! Nose gear looks good. Pitot tubes look free... ...as do those other ports... The biggest danger for a pilot is to get run over by one of the ground vehicles. Fan blades look like new. The exhaust cone looks fit. Main landing gear looks good. Tail cone looks awesome. Don't forget to have a look at the gear bays. Time to get back into the plane! Wait, Captain! A successful pushback. Lining up. Positive rate - Gear up! Climbing along the Gold Coast... Couple o'miles further we reach Brisbane. Just making sure the APU door is closed... The landscape changes. Making our way through Indonesia. Borneo / Kalimantan abeam. Ouch! Those anvils are right where we want to go. That looks massive. Cannot make out the magenta line in all this magenta... We fly a curve to the east. We should be about the last ones to get a landing clearance for a while. Uff! The weather looks already a bit better, this 747 has no problem to taxi to the runway. Done. That's it, I hope you enjoyed the trip!
  2. Hindu Kush = "Hindu Murderer" See here for Part 1: Part 2 of our journey from Lahore to Tokyo The valley of the Indus with the Karakoram Highway! The Rakaposhi. Heading into Chinese airspace, looking at the Pamir, the "Roof of the World". The Kunlun Shan in the foreground, the Karakoram with the K2 and the Gasherbrum group in the distance. Leaving the eight-thousanders... A last look at the Pamir. Night falls above the Kunlun Shan. ------ Big Jump ahead to Japan! ------- A quite elaborated approach to Narita. This looks like Tokyo. As always, thank you for staying on board and I hope you liked my little geography show.
  3. Part 1 of our flight from Lahore to Tokyo With permission of the Chinese government and a sufficient amount of spare oxygen on board, we are allowed to take the shorter route over the Himalayas and the Karakoram! Departure from Lahore. Runway 18L eagerly awaits us. Approach sector: Kuwait Airways on short final. It's our turn and we're climbing in between the clouds. Mangla Dam Lake just south of Islamabad. This is where the Hindu Kush begins... The Vale of Kashmir just above the wing... ... and the Nanga Parbat right ahead! Halfway up the Hindu Kush! Kashmir. We are approaching the first highlight of the flight! The valley of the Indus and the Hindu Kush ahead. The Nanga Parbat/Diamir just right of TANGO, the K2 and the Gasherbrum group in the upper right corner of the ND. Dear passengers, this is your Captain speaking. On the right side you can see the Nanga Parbat just above the engine nacelle. It's 8,126m high, that's 26,660ft... ...it's the ninth highest mountain on earth, but there are even higher mountains in Pakistan! On this mountain, G√ľnter Messner, brother of world famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner, died in the attempt to reach the summit. Only Reinhold survived! So far the first half of the flight! Stay on board for the second half! Don't take the parachute!
  4. U-Tapao is a Thai Navy air base in the Rayong district about 130 miles south of Bangkok. I have only travelled past here the once to this very industrialised part of Thailand. This flight takes us in the other direction towards the tourist town of Pattaya and then returning to VTBU 1. A big thanks are in order for Jankees for this wonderful RTAF Helldiver, taxying out with the Thai Airways maintenance complex in the background. p.1 Grumman Albatross gate guardian at U-Tapao 2. Ao Kong Kang at Sattahip, where the Thai Navy has a dockyard. The Thai Navy sports stadium at Sattahip. 3. Over Sattahip with the bay in the background. The major road is Route 3 Sukhumvit Road. p1. One of the many tower blocks that were springing up along the coast near Pattaya. 4. Now at Pattaya's Jontiem Beach. 5. Approaching VTBU at Sam Nak Thon. 6. Landing at U-Tapao over Route 3 again. p4 Some of the hangars seen from the main road, very little of the airport was visible. Thanks again to Jankees for your repaints this repaint especially, you have made my day. Just threw in a few snaps of the area I took in 2011(was it really that long ago!). Not very good as they were taken from the bus on a wet humid day and the windows were also poorly tinted which did not help.
  5. One of the great leaps forwards in the ORBX world was Global Vector, another part of adding that extra little bit of realism as well as aiding IFR flying. Here are a couple of comparison shots from Thailand. 1. Coming from the left is Motorway 9 (Kanchanaphisek Road) which joins the Asian Highway 1 by the starboard wingtip.. 2. On the ground at the junction with M9 and AH1. The colourful buildings are the Mahachulalongkorn Rachawitthayalai University. Just one mile down the road is another big junction and the traffic is horrendous. 3. 11 miles north is the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Hwy 32 is crossed by local road 309A, Rojana Road. 4. 24 years ago, when I lived here, it was just an ordinary cross roads, no dual carriageways then. I cannot believe how much the area has changed. As it was raining on my journey this year the RL shots here were taken in 2014.
  6. They say that this plane is underpowered but it had the strength to drag me away from GEN for a few hours. Brought the Lotusim L-39 today after some prompting from Steve (Republic DC-9) and finding out there was one the RTAF colours. 1. An RTAF L-39 near Noen Makok, Thailand. 2. Difficult to get a decent photo as there are too many trees around and they usually keep low in the circuit. An L-39 close to Tahkli AFB. What an interesting afternoon. Read the manual, yes you did hear that right and then watched a very good series of tutorials on starting the L-39. Took it for a flight and had problems landing as the hydraulics failed but got it down ok in the end. This plane has so many vices it is quite a challenge for some one like me who is usually a Ctrl+E flyer. A wonderful little jet from Lotusim and all for just AU$29. Well worth having. Many thanks to Steve for his persuasive powers.
  7. One shot from a flight out of Sendai on the Pacific Coast of Honshu which is near Japan 17. Just out of view on the right is the town of Kesennuma.
  8. Heading east climbing out of SCTE El Tepual Chile. 17. The recently active volcano Calbuco is on the horizon below the tail of the Dash-8
  9. I have only flown in one helicopter in my lifetime and despite only being 4 years old I can remember some of that 8 minute ride across New York. 1. Taking off from Idlewild as it was then. Only prop liners in those days. I was looking for a particular helicopter tutorial when I came across this New York Airlines Vertol 44B. 2. City Field, home of the New York Mets and Flushing Meadows. Found the HC-12/V44B in the Flightsim.com freeware section. 3. Queens Bvd and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway with Roosevelt Island in the East River. Loaded it into P3DV2.4 with the (cough) tool and hey presto it works. 4. Whitestone Bridge and beyond is Long Island Sound. Could not wait for OLC NA US to come out, just had to try this nostalgic flight. 5. The Whitestone Expressway winds its way to La Guardia Airport. One of the 2 things I can remember distinctly was crossing a river which I expect would have been the East River. 6. The other thing was the flight attendant standing next to an open door, I was so scared for her in case she fell out. Now almost 58 years later I realise it was a door with a huge window in it! 7. Looking down the East River with the Hells Gate Bridge just visible (the one that looks like the Sydney Harbour one!). 8. Approaching over Bowery Bay. 9. Blimey, landed both this and the Whirlwind where I wanted too, I like these old choppers. 10. So that is it. This is one of the great things about FS, taking nostalgic trips and seeing these wonderful old machines in the air again. A first class freeware helicopter also with a very realistic sound set. Hang on a minute lads. I've got a great idea!
  10. Decided to do another low approach to TAP to get a close up view of the strip. 1. Flying down that valley again. 2. Nice and low this time and well to the right side of the valley. The goat track points the way. 3. Used an HUD for the first time but it is challenging at a low height with a green background. 4. All looks good this time around. 5. Would liked to have the wheels on the ground before now, just hope I can stop in time. 6. Reverse thrust and hard braking now deployed. 7. The steep slope is doing it's work although the angle of this shot does not show it too well. 8. Nearly stopped, now all I have to do is park. 9. The C-17 has a very handy turning circle. 10. All parked up turned off. That was very immersive but I did not think it was possible and very surprising at only the second attempt. Now co pilot, get me the flight plan for Limberlost .
  11. It may well be the last thing we are going to do. Problems with the throttle of only one engine working meant having to reload the C-17 which is why it appears to be parked tail in in these shots. It was hard enough attempting a take off with 4 engines so I don't think one would have been enough. Hold on to your hats and see if the C-17 made it. 1. Now facing the other way due to engine problems but all 4 motors are now operating. 2. Most of the village has turned out to see if we can lift off. 3. Tails up and we go charging down the slope. 4. I said most of the village but these 2 hens were not interested and would rather feed their faces. 5. Starting to pick up speed but still not going fast enough to be confident of lifting off. 6. The slope is apparent in this shot. 7. Lucky the banana saw us coming and ducked under the wing! 8. That is all the runway we have so heave back on the yoke and hope we unstick. 9. That was close but just some trees to clear. 10. Hope we did not blow too many coconuts off the palm. 11. Very steep climb away from Tapini. 12. Banking to avoid a mountain, the perils of not looking where you are going and instead admiring the scenery. A very exciting day with the Globemaster both at PAGS and in PNG. Hope you have enjoyed this series of posts.
  12. Today in the Antipodes we celebrate ANZAC day and pay homage to the soldiers that have paid the ultimate price for the freedom we have today. In this small tribute an RAAF P-40 and an RNZAF Corsair make the short dawn flight from LT86 on the island of Gokceada/Imbros to ANZAC Cove. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Lest we forget.
  13. A few recent flights in the default 738. Nice and simple to fly, my type of plane. 1. 2. 3, 4. 5.
  14. Took the plunge on Thursday and installed P3DV3.0. Finally got a few short flights in, quite happy with the results. Now the wait for more add ons to become available. 5 & 6 are from Estonia the rest PNW. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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