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Found 55 results

  1. This is from the Lufthansa flight DLH518 from Frankfurt to San José, Costa Rica, where our friend @carlosqr lives. I uploaded a video of the approach a little while ago. Anyway, this flight also yielded some very nice views that I thought I could share with you: Take-off runway 07C in Frankfurt. Beneath lies Koblenz ("Confluentes") where Rhine and Mosel meet. EDDK / Cologne ahead. Over Cologne. EDDK. Wuppertal (to the upper right of the quarries / bright spots) and Essen (in the distance, left of the lake). EDDL / Düsseldorf and the Lower Rhine. Going ETOPS later over the Atlantic Ocean. Eleuthera / Bahamas. Nassau / Bahamas. Andros / Bahamas. Over the Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua / Honduras finally. Lake Cocibolca / Lake Nicaragua. Passing the lagoon of the volcano El Arenal. The Arenal is to the lower right of the lake. It's getting evening. Approaching the capital of Costa Rica, San José. This approach (RNAV W Rwy 25) requires a 180° turn on final with mountains on three sides and therefore full concentration. Done! (Passengers had to jump). Thanks, I hope you liked it!
  2. In my last post I arrived in Munich and asked where my next flight might be going. Martyn guessed "Andorra", and today we will see if he was right. Here we get ready with the plane & airline of choice. Flight number is SQ327 for those who want to spoil. Let´s go! Munich city... ... and the airport, seen from a southern fly-by. The Chiemsee with the alps in the background. Today we even use the center tanks. Slightly later, passing the Crimea. Mt. Elbrus in the left back of the picture. Nowadays it is considered to be Europe´s highest mountain. The rest of the flight was basically pitch black night. With the usual thunderstorms over northern India, of course. Here we already approach our destination for today, 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Runway 20R Deboarding in the home city of the airline, to get some rest before we travel on...
  3. This afternoon´s trip started with a short hop from Horovice... ... over Tocnik Castle ... ... and the magnificent impressions of OpenLC_EU. The VIP way to commute. I seem to have some trouble with GSXv2 and the jetway setup. Some say it is easy to cure, but I forgot how to do. Instead, I just jumped into a little airliner, ... ... went off over Prague downtown (again), ... ... into a thunderstorm! Cabin service was shortened to a glass of water, but luckily enough the trouble was very limited. Arriving in GermanySouth... ... with the alps coming into view. To the left in front of us is Munich airport (default version). Not too realistic, so I could not take a picture. Now we will be heading for the non-Schengen terminal area, to grab a long-distance flight... you may all guess in which direction this will be going?
  4. As the route from Paris to Prague is not flown with my passenger airline liveries, I had the pleasure to hire as a cargo pilot: Unfortunately there was a queue at the runway, ... ... but finally we were able to leave. OpenLC in its glory in northern France, ... ... and, just a few minutes later, north of Frankfurt (both shots with the weather of last Saturday). The eastern end of Bavaria. Approaching Prague-Ruzyne, ... ... and on downwind into runway 31. Time to unload - in hot weather (more than 33°C over the weekend). But where does this freight go? You might guess from another forum post some minutes ago.
  5. After a late arrival in Frankfurt with ... ... we have to take the last connection of the day out of Frankfurt to Hannover: LH58, the so-called "Lumpensammler" (is "ragman" the right translation?) for us. I hope all our luggage makes the connection as well... Taking off the 07C - with a camouflage plane. Frankfurt CBD to our left. Not much to see on the ground, but a nice navaid to our right side. On short base you can see Hannover airport left ahead... ... and we are way too high! But I had no interest in going around, so I extended the speed brakes, released flaps and gear as soon as possible and skipped the autoland in order to speed up. Successfully. This was the last post of my "Vacation in Australia" series. I hope you enjoyed it?
  6. Do you remember the first three legs we will have to fly on our way back home from our planned Australia trip? https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/165774-an-uncommon-fire-patrol/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/165894-5th-freedom-flight/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/166011-from-oz-to-singers-as-well/ Here we go with the 4th one, milewise the longest. SQ326 from Singapore to Frankfurt, departure time is 13:55 h. We can see all the good food & lovely drinks being loaded... Takeoff with approx. 90 tons (200 tlbs) of fuel takes significantly longer then on these short hops. A last view towards Singapore... ... and Changi airport, currently being expanded on another artificial landmass. Climbing out over Malaysia, ... ... next to Malacca city. 4 hours later we make landfall in India, near Bubaneshwar. The economy class passenger can only hope for a good inflight entertainment. And for the free drinks on board of this airline. Chenab river in Pakistan, ready to merge with the Indus. The Panjab plains are behind uns, now we face the Balochistan ridges. The borders of the balouchistan province were made by the british colonial gouvernment in the 19th century under ignorance of the ethnical groups present. Which is still the reason for military conflicts. Afghanistan. Facing the same trouble: Historical home to the Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks it was turned in the 19th century into a buffer state in the "Great Game" between British India and the Russian Empire. As we all know the artificial borderlines between have not led to peace since then. We are peacefully heading into the night over Azerbaijan... ... and Georgia. Darkness around for 4 more hours... until Vienna. Nuremberg to our right, where we start to descent. On downwind to EDDF, ... ... this is STAR PSA07S into the 07R. On base, ... ... final, ... ... and here we are. On time. Parked at the B gates, as usual for Singapore Airlines. Hope you had a nice flight.
  7. Going on from Munich we had the chance to choose the best airline of all. Well, it is a long flight, why should we go with some other? Climbing out of the 08L... ... to reach the initial FL350 just before Vienna. FTs scenery does not blend perfectly into FTXG. Later that day... the Caucasus. Already powdered. The russian Republic of Dagestan with Chirkey Lake below and the Caspian Sea ahead. Over Afghanistan / Pakistan we came into darkness. And India even presented thunderstorms - we had to divert. "Shortly" after the next day came out, somewhere over the Indian Ocean. Here we descend over Malaysia... ... and turn towards our destination. This is it, still flying downwind... ... the Localizer came alive, ... ... and here we were established towards the 20C. I think the 20L is still mudland? Left the runway after a successful landing... Singers just looks great now. Slowly moving into the parking lot... ... and finally we were ready for deboarding. Where to go now? Ah, here´s the luggage belt! Singapore is a great hub, with direct connections to nearly all major airports on this planet. We have booked exactly this flight for next years holiday with our children, so I was totally forced to prepare it in the sim. For me this enhances the pleasure of travelling a lot!
  8. One holiday comes to an end, and we have to catch a flight in Heraklion. This is how the airport looked until early 2018. The airside was expanded meanwhile, but only in reality, not in the sim. Let´s go east, ... ... then north. Here we already cross the Peloponnes, with the channel of Corinth hidden under the cloud bottom right. Kerkyra / Korfu. From here we just follow the adriatic sea... ... until its northern end. Venice. One holiday spot follows the other. This is Bozen, with the Lago di Garda in the background. Innsbruck. We went on to an easier airport... but into the clouds! No approach pictures here, again. I´m sorry. Munich is THE place to change to another category of flying. Be it bushflying in Bavaria? Approaching the alps? Or world-travelling in widebodies? Stay tuned...
  9. I did not post much in the last 4 weeks. Instead, I was collecting pictures of (14) real life flights in southern Europe, basically Greece and Spain. And now I can enjoy repeating these flights in the sim - and sharing some of the pleasure with you. Let us start with some views taken during flights from Munich to Barcelona. Climbing out westwards over the Isar river. Fürstenfeldbruck airfield, with Starnberger and Ammersee in the background. The Bodensee = Lake Constance. Crossing the alps with a view of the Mont Blanc massiv, ... ... towards Marseille, where we reach the Mediterranean Sea. Shortly after we begin the descend in front of the pyrenees... ... until Barcelona comes into view. Though the second real flight was also sold as Lufthansa, it was executed by Air Dolomiti. If they knew this would cause confusion to the Orbx forum community watching this post... The tank area of the harbour, ... ... the mole, ... ... logistics in El Prat, ... ... and the Llobregat river. Here we are. Amazing how realistic the city looks in the sim. Though... I have to admit it took about 10 minutes for my computer to load all the autogen of the city. Sceneries (and planes) like these will force me upgrade my rig, at some day in the not-so-near-future, I hope.
  10. Wow, PTA totally transforms the sim! Screenshots can't do it justice really, but here's av few anyway /Magnus
  11. Twofold: The first return is the one of the Aerosoft Airbus in my flight simulator: It took 15 months after the release of p3dv4 to get it updated, and another 2 weeks to have a version where EZDOK could be adjusted. In fact there are some details that are on a higher level in this version than in FSX, but there are still some bugs. Taking off from and across Dresden... ... turning south, ... ... and descending after just a short time. An interesting STAR we have here. Landshut, ... ... downwind over Anglberg, ... ... and tuning into final with the alps in the background. Well, they can´t be seen as good from the cockpit. Slightly offset, ... ... but the brakes help ... ... to have the second return of today: Into Munich to join the Wiesn again!
  12. Todays flight goes out of Nuremberg, ... ... passing Bamberg, ... ... Coburg, with the obvious and namegiving castle, ... ... and eastwards across Blankenstein/Saale. Into Saxonia... ... across Chemnitz, ... ... and finally Dresden. Before Germany was reunited, this area was called "valley of the clueless", as the western TV stations could not reach this region. Though far away from England and France, and though the war was moreless decided, 60 percent of the city were destroyed in 4 bomb waves between Feb 13 and 15 1945. The number of killed inhabitants is unclear and the figures vary as per the sources. No doubt the 4 waves were infamous, as those people willing to help the injured from the fires and the previous attacks were the targets of the next raids. Lest we forget. Nowadays it is a tourist magnet with its beautiful (re-erected) old buildings. As an example read the story of the Frauenkirche: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dresden_Frauenkirche
  13. ... now that the Oktoberfest has begun. Therefore I joined the line of Kings in EDDM... ... took off the 26R in easterly direction, ... ... to follow the Inn. Here he meets Salzach river... ... and here we see some nice bridges near Schärding. As my plane is not yellow, I stay above them. Passau, where the Inn meets the Donau / Danube. You can see some flying houses downstream of the city, reamining after FTXC library check and Vector AEC. So be it. No problem from this angle. Deggendorf, with its often-mentioned Autobahn crossing (lots of traffic jams around). Straubing at the Donau, the industrial area to the right, the city with nice beer gardens to the left. I had a fantastic Zwiebelrostbraten there recently! Wagner´s Walhalla below... ... and Regensburg with its cathedral ahead. Here we are closing in to Nürnberg... ... with its beautiful city and the airport in the background. Smooth...
  14. So many people travel to Munich within the next 2 1/2 weeks, Austrian needed to change to a bigger plane for the service from Vienna. Here we get ready at gate F1, ... ... as can be seen with the special livery "Danube waltz". Last checks outside... ... and inside. Off we go at the 16. No doubt: It is autumn in Vienna. We already reach our FL200 five minutes after takeoff, and make the easy navigation from here: Following the Danube river upstream. Coffee is served, and you can see "Winston Churchill" having a cigar in the background. The Voralpenland, with a clear difference in mesh. Salzburg at the banks of River Salzach. And here we already descend over Munich. You can see the GES cityscape is too brown to be realistic. Moderators, please put this to your list! The sandy-looking area in the left background of the picture is the Theresienwiese, where the last preparations for the Wiesn are currently ongoing. Starnberger and Ammersee to our left. Seems someone is already waiting for us... ... but we still take our time and have a soft landing. Some tourists will have harder landings after consumption of the usual Wiesn menus...
  15. Taking off from Munich across the Arena... ... and over Oberschleißheim. The Olympic parc of 1972 to the left, Moosach to the right. Some views in western direction... ... and to the city center in the south. You can see the Theresienwiese in the simmed shot in the right background. It is currently being prepared for the upcoming Oktoberfest. The different views are mainly because of the altitude, the Olympic tower pictures were taken from just 600 ft AGL. Turning south over Schwabing with the Siegestor, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, the Englischer Garten (where I miss the iconic Monopteros temple), and the city center in the background. Looking back to Munich. Following the motorway to the Starnberger See... ... and winding up the roads between Kochel- and Walchensee. Entering the pass at Mittenwald... ... across Schartnitz, which is already on the Austrian side. The old times when the fuel was cheaper in felix Austria are gone now. Minutes later we enter the Inn valley... ... while steeply descending the road at the Zirler Berg. Look what´s around the corner... ... from street level you can´t see that much. Getting down to park at the gliders area... Uups. The 337 has disappeared! Now I hope to meet the pilot of that yellow plane who has been seen here recently.
  16. Taking off from Speyer on SID CATH1 and transition SALIBRDG, ... ... but turning southwards over NPP Philipsburg directly after. VIP place #1 in the left bottom corner: An ex-colleague and good old friend of mine lives in Westheim. You can see how father Rhine was forced into a straight line for easier shipping (and flooding) here. The industry zones north of Karlsruhe. And this is Karlsruhe city, with its famous layout and orientation towards the palace. Baden-Baden with another castle placed here. Lovely German weather, especially when flying VFR into mountains... But first we give Strasbourg a visit. Easy to find the city center, where we also should have a very famous cathedral. And now over Freiburg, ... ... the Feldberg, ... ... and the Titisee... ... towards Lenzkirch. German-speaking flightsimmers might call this a VIP place as well, as @Bert Groner, his boss "Tiger" and his magazine redaction live here. Thank you for all the information you test & publish! Descending across the Schluchsee... ... into Basel, where (VIP place #3...) another colleague & good friend of mine lives. Now let´s go for a cheese fondue and some white wine to digest!
  17. Lest we forget. I thought this would be a short flight, so I chose the Mitchellwing from Oberpfaffenhofen... ... and over Kloster Andechs. Famous for their strong dark Doppelbock Dunkel beer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klosterbrauerei_Andechs . Be careful! But moving back north was so slow I took privilege of simming and switched to a faster plane in flight, while turning over the Ammersee at Herrsching. Airfield Fürstenfeldbruck. The location of the final part of the massacre during the Olympic Games of 1972 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_massacre . Eleven hostages, a policeman and 5 terrorists were killed on that day. Just slightly north: Dachau. A city with about 50.000 inhabitants, but mostly remembered because of the Nazi concentration camp, which was already built 1933 just after these ... took power in Germany. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dachau_concentration_camp . Documented murders at this place are in the dimension of 30.000s, but given the fact that 30.000 prisoners were found alive when the camp was liberated by the US army in 1945 it can be assumed the number of killings is underestimated. Today it is a memorial site. Oberschleißheim, with its castle, the airfield and the 2006-built football stadium in the background. The stadium can be used very nicely for VFR navigation into EDDM. And that is how my Munich looks since moving to P3D (orbx GES, Vector, AEC just completed). Kind of confusing.
  18. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are quickly connected by plane, and luckily some parts of all 3 are already depicted in GES. The rest needs to come with Orbx full-fat or TrueEarth "Alp country pack" (oh what a dream...) . Getting ready in my favourite lounge in Zurich airport, at terminal E. A brilliant place to see the pilots working... ... and if you turn around some other desires can also be satisfied. All free, btw. But no drinks, let´s go! Crossing the Rhine... ... to Schaffhausen and its waterfall. Just over the border to Germany there is Konstanz (left in this picture) ... ... and Mainau, the flower isle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mainau . Meersburg with its beautiful castle... ... and Friedrichshafen, Home of the Dornier aircraft works and the Zeppelin factory. And, as a result of this, a remarkably big airfield. I am sure you all are aware of the world´s first airline DELAG, who were running the 236 m-long https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LZ_127_Graf_Zeppelin . As well as you remember the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dornier_Do_X , the largest and heaviest aircraft of its time. Across Langenargen... ... and Wasserburg... ... to Lindau. The squared builing on the left (next to the ships) is the Inselhalle where the annual Nobel laureates meetings take place. Students from all over the world are invited to that event - which is an amazing inspiration. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindau_Nobel_Laureate_Meetings Now we enter Austria and jump up the Pfänder mountain, which shows a fantastic view of the Lake Constance. Back into Germany at Oberstdorf, host of one of the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Hills_Tournament ski jump events. No cheating with the weather today. The magnificent photoreality of the Allgäu alps. Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles, without AsianTouristFlow... ... and into Oberpfaffenhofen, which really looks like cities of this size in southern Germany. BTW, a fantastic place to get instructions from p3d´s ATC. "Oberpfaffenhofen tower for Cessna delta lima romeo"...
  19. In contrast to the swiss tourism slogan ( https://www.myswitzerland.com/en/switzerland-get-natural.html ) I will travel over some POIs that are definitively not natural. Basel, ... ... this city is the key railway point when you travel between Germany and Switzerland, it is also the hometown of a number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies, e. g. Novartis, Roche, and Schweizerhalle, BASF, Ciba nearby. Just a short hop to the east you find Liestal. Oristalstrasse, probably well-known to @bernd1151 ? Another facility of Knoll, later DrugOn was located here - and it looks nearly real in openLC. Always nice to find this real weather when you are about to cross some mountains. So I had to cheat in order to discover Olten (another key point of rail travel)... Here we are at Zofingen. Not too detailed in the sim, it should show another fascinating inner city circle (and a chemical park to the west of the railway): Triengen should be in the background here... ... but we head on to the Zürichsee and turn over Wädenswil. We had a company office there with a beautiful view. Closing into Zurich, with the city to the left (where the Limmat river meets the lake), and the airport to the right. The sceneries blend really well here. This is the "official" borderline of GES to OpenLC, and the airport is also 3rd party. A little flare with the taildragger... ... and some bigger traffic ahead. The audience is ready to celebrate my successful landing.
  20. Takeoff in Ramstein AB, ... ... and heading southwards. There should be the "Teufelstisch" rock below us, but I can´t spot it. It should look great: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Table_(Hinterweidenthal) Trifels (three rock) castle (but which are the 3 rocks?) The village below is St. Johann. The right tip of it is a training and workshop center for BASF employees and the board. Years ago I was running through the hills on the right of the picture, got lost and came back to a street in a village nearby. That became a very long run home... Slightly north at the seam of the Pfälzerwald hills to the Rhine valley is Hambach. The Hambacher Schloss was hosting the first demonstration of Germans to claim a democracy (in 1832). Since then the castle is a symbol for democracy. The demonstration also confirmed the establishment of the combination of black, red and gold as a symbol of a democratic movement for a united Germany. These colours were later used by democratic revolutionaries in the Revolutions of 1848 as a symbol of German unity, which however was not achieved until the unification of 1871 —then to Bismarck's specifications. After World War I, Black-Red-Gold were adopted by the Weimar Republic as the national colours of Germany and are the colors of the modern German flag. An original flag from 1832 is kept in the castle - and orbx has taken her out on top of the building! Bad Dürkheim, home of the worlds biggest wine barrel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_Cask and the worlds largest wine festival, the "sausage market" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wurstmarkt , held since 1417. At Worms we cross the Rhine again eastwards, having the NPP Biblis in sight. Worms also has a famous cathedral, the impressive Nibelung bridge - and is home of the (awfully) sweet Liebfraumilch wine, which is mostly exported https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liebfraumilch . After turning back south we fly over Lampertheim (the city right of the dead Rhine arm). The chemical plant in the middle of the picture is a former Ciba, now BASF plant. Here we come to the BASF plant Friesenheimer Insel (left) and the main plant Ludwigshafen on the other side of the Rhine. With over 2000 buildings it is the biggest chemical plant of the world. It has some own, internal bus lines for employees transport and cars without number plates. As these never leave the site. Over the southern end of the BASF plant we miss the Friedrich-Engelhorn-Haus. This former landmark was torn down in 2014, unfortunately. In the 6 years after its completion (1957) it was Germanys highest building, and the top floor was a fantastic canteen. We also see Ludwigshafen city in the middle of the picture, and Mannheim to the left of the Rhine, with its numerous bridges over the Neckar river. 4 things are totally wrong here: - Ludwigshafen city has squared roads (in the area between the RheinCenter shopping mall and the main station, between the two bridge roads). - The Ludwigshafen Rathaus (skyscraper) is missing). - Mannheim city is a SEVERE mistake in Vector. The famous "squares" are also not depicted! https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadratestadt - The iconic Wasserturm is missing in Mannheim https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mannheimer_Wasserturm Heidelberg. Probably well known to all tourists. And well detailed here! You can still see Heidelberg in the right background, while I am already flying over the Schwetzinger Schloss. The current (smaller) Hockenheimring. Until 2018 Formula 1 races were held here. Just on the other side of the Rhine is Limburgerhof. With another BASF site just under the Bonanza. There´s a good chinese restaurant on the right side of the street that leads into the village! And here we are already on final into Speyer. With the famous cathedral guiding us... and the NPP Philippsburg for missed approaches. Time for another good Riesling. And maybe I challenge myself with a Saumagen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saumagen ?
  21. Getting out of Frankfurt-Egelsbach... ... over Darmstadt, ... ... then westwards to the Rhine... ... until Bingen. This is Hahn, reached by plane after about 20 minutes. Ryanair names this place "Frankfurt-Hahn", what a joke. Wineyards at the Mosel... ... on the way to Trier. With more than 2000 years having city rights, this is Germanys oldest one. Many roman ruins and buildings here, with the most famous one being the Porta Nigra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porta_Nigra . It is just below the King Air. Up the rivers comes the next famous sight: The Saarschleife. Saarlouis. Since 1970 the Ford Escort was built here, the most famous one being used by Ray Doyle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Professionals_(TV_series) . Saarbrücken. Ramstein, Europes biggest USAF base. The main base for drones in Eurasia and one of the two places in Germany where atomic weapons are stored https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramstein_Air_Base .
  22. I know many love-hate relations between (rivaling?) cities in Germany, not to name them. But in this short flight we encounter two of the most famous ones. Starting in Mainz-Finthen (well there are even many jokes from Mainz about their subcity Finthen!), ... ... over the studios of german television ZDF at Mainz-Lärchenberg... ... and Mainz city, with the Dom behind us. Directly under the 185 should be the elector´s castle of Mainz, where they celebrate the biggenst annual carnival meetings - and cultivate the hate-love to their sister city on the other side of the Rhein. To the left we see the Schiersteiner bridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schierstein_Bridge. Looks like a usual bridge, but it has been closed for years while the replacement was delayed. It was reason for many jokes and songs. On the right side of the river we see the Biebrich castle of Wiesbaden - the love-hated sister of Mainz. On the other riverside, in another state. Wiesbaden city, with churches and townhall. The USAF airport Erbenheim, ... ... Hochheim, ... ... the main Opel works in Rüsselsheim. You can see some other famous industrial area to the left (and this is the reason why this flight would not be possible in RL). OK, now you got it? I think every German has been travelling here, 1, 2 or 200 times. Me too. Airport to the left, Industry Park Hoechst below (divided by the Main river). Here we approach Mainhattan, ... ... just before we reach its hate-loved sister Offenbach. Frankfurt-Main is much too expensive and time-consuming for me to land. So I take the little brother Egelsbach just a few kilometres south - like most private planes do and make it Germanys most-frequented GA airport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_Egelsbach_Airport. Now for a good-but-dangerous Äppelwoi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apfelwein ! PS: EDDF is a 3rd party scenery. But all other airports around have been nicely upgraded within GES by orbx. Very helpful!
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