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Found 20 results

  1. With a friend of mine, a PWDT Zlin 142 just shot before takeoff. This little free plane is really nice to fly. Cheers zinj
  2. I just purchased EU Germany South and EU England. I also have OpenLC Europe, Global Base Pack and Global Vector. Here is the problem, within 10 minutes of starting a flight in Germany South my computer runs out of memory. Reducing my display settings significantly still does no good. I also have Open LC North America, Central Rockies, Northern Rockies, Pacific Fjords, Pacific Northwest, Southern Alaska and Jackson Hole Airport. I can fly in these regions all day with my display settings at ultra High with no memory problems. There must be something about EU Germany South that is not right. Is anyone else having a memory problem with Germany South? Has ORBX looked into this? This is my Flight Sim System and I am flying FSX-SE. I realize that FSX is 32bit and does not use all of my 16GB of memory. i7 8700K CPU @ 4.4 GHz, 16 GB DDR4 3000 memory, Gigabyte Aorus Z370 MB, Asus GTX 960 OC GPU 4GB GDDR5 Memory, MasterAir MA610P CPU cooler, 500GB SSD, 2T HDD, 3 Asus 24" monitors, Saitek X56 Rhino H.O.T.A.S.
  3. I think im reaching the end of my 1 year long journey to find nice atmosphere settings in P3D. The goal was to have somewhat realistic colors on the different flightlevels. Without to be over-saturated and same time undersaturated. Of course it very depends on the monitor but anyway, i hope it is visible what ive tried. But of course i dont expect ppl to like it, tastes are very different i found ^^ The base Preset was R&D preset for Tomatoshade but by now most settings differ from that base. Still im soooo thankful for this preset, it made many things clear to me and is still one of the best ever made tweaks for P3D (imo, try it, its amazing...). Added to that i added my own ReShade preset because imo the ones out there are too much...Either too much ambient lightning or too colorful, so i made my own. Just a bit ambient lightning and clearness + levels adjustment. The flight was from France, LFRS Nantes to Munich, Germany. Through openLC and Germany South. Getting ready, 133 pax on board Still on the ground, everything nicley colors with full vibrant colorpallete. Sun-influence on a scenery-angle Slight haze on the scenery to give that realistic touch Haze starts to get thicker and blueish further away. But not too blue like many modern presets have it. Skycolors, Cloud-lightning/coloring Material shading on the plane Haze on daytime at higher flightlevels Example: Sim In the evening (notice the changed lights on the terrain. Its a freeware plugin that came ut today and greatly improves nightlightning. Haze in the evening Example Sim Evening, around 19:00 Also when it gets dark i tried to keep balance, not have too much light-influence on the plane. Nightsky (well, not full night. around 20:00, that is not fully dark yet here) is neither blue nor black Down we are! Nice flight.
  4. Hello, Something weird is happening in the Alps portion of my flight... Whenever I get close to the German portion of the Alps, the snow tops are literally illuminated, whereas the remaining Alps seem fine. I have Germany South, Global LC Europe, Global LC Base installed. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Welcome aboard Swiss International Flight 196 from Zürich to Peking, pardon, from Zurich to Beijing. Grüezi! It never rains in Northern Switzerland... wait: it pours, man, it pours! The Swiss controllers are a very relaxed concerning the dangers of crossing runways. Takeoff into the... soup. Sorry I forgot the proper word that I've read 100 times here. But soon we leave the clouds below us. Alpine rocks scrape the clouds over Tyrolia. Soon there's a hole in the grey blanket. Mighty mountains, blue lakes and a green valley. It's a harsh yet beautiful environment. Let's bank to the left, towards Bavaria. Servus, Bad Aibling! The Inn River (over Rosenheim). In the background is Austria (direction Kiefersfelden). Looking towards the Donau / Danube Grüßgott, Deggendorf! Nihau, China! (already outside of the limits of Bavaria) We enjoy the blue hour from the jump seat before we will be reaching Beijing eventually. I hope you enjoyed the flight. (sorry no landing)
  6. ... but it will still be 2 hehe. Munich ppl will know better, this should be either Freising or Attaching. Amazing departure...Too bad i was streaming and too busy to make more pics :-( That plane......................... noone can imagine how much in love i am with the 747-8. Now soon all my flightsim dreams became true. The Asia region and VTBS and a few other Thai airports and all devs can go to holiday for a year if its me ^^
  7. Its getting evening here FRA Is growing with all the skscrapers now. Nice to have this in orbx germany south
  8. Leaving EDDN in an early morning (realtime Germany). (Landscape: Germany South, ORBX) Wonderful day incoming it seems.
  9. Hey everyone, After I finally got Germany South installed, it seems like I did something wrong. After it was installed, it wasn't in P3D automatically, so I did install the files manually. But I only found the file "packages" from 5-8, so I think that the missing packs are the reason for that. Does anyone know, where the packs from 1-4 are? I didn't find them in the P3D - Orbx folder.
  10. Hello Everyone, I have a somewhat strange issue with regards to Germany South scenery and adjusting the sliders in FSX: SE. When flying the PMDG 747 QOTSII via EDDF, I get the usual OOM dings that comes as a risk when continuing to use FSX: SE. What I have issue with is that when turning off nearly every option on Germany South scenery, turning off AI traffic, turning off ground vehicles, and reducing the sliders to as low as they go for scenery, I still go over the 4GB limit. I also tested using Scenery Config Editor and turning off other scenery in case this was the culprit. When panning around I noticed that with scenery sliders set low that the airport buildings were disappearing but the city in the distance looked very dense. Unfortunately the scenery sliders had no effect on reducing the number of buildings with the city in the distance. I tried turning off FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY and whamo, all the city buildings are gone and everything else I can now set to max and still saved 600MB of VAS. Is there any way of scaling the number and complexity of the buildings for the cities without turning it off completely such as via the FSX sliders? I would welcome thoughts on the matter. Thanks in advance.
  11. I miss the beautiful town of Mittenwald in the new GES. It is near the Austrian border in the shadow of the Karwendel mountain. Any chance of this being added in a future update? Great to have the German Alps though with such high quality scenery.
  12. [I start with what happened, before I come to the question. Please don't react to the first paragraph without reading through.] While flying over Germany with both ORBX Germany North installed, as well as parts of the Europe Photoreal freeware scenery, I soon discovered that having the airport AFCADS of both were causing trouble. I fact, Prepar3D v3 crashed if I had the same airport twice, independent of the order. The writer of the freeware AFCADS told be he did not use ORBX Germany North, so couldn't help. Since we were flying with a small group, allmost all using only the Europe PR2 scenery, I disabled the ORBX Germany scenery. A few German airports now turned out to be horribly elevated (or sunk actually) with respect to the surrounding area. I initially though of the AEC tool in ORBX Vector, but that did not change things. Even disabling the AEC folder in Scenery config didn't. Then I was asked to check Scenery\World\Scenery and found there were elevation corrections installed there as part of ORBX Germany North. Disabling the ORBX Germany North scenery naturally didn't do anything about those files. Could you please suggest something to help me here? Or allow FTX Central to disable cleanly a scenery, so I don't have to go the uninstall-redownload-install route? Or perhaps stay out of Scenery\World\Scenery?
  13. I'm having texture errors in Germany South. (P3Dv3, everything appears up to date in FTX Central) Started at ES77, Fussen, and flew towards Neuschwanstein castle. There are a bunch of texture tiles that are blurry, blue, or don't match their surrounding tiles. They also pop in and out and change. It is even happening while I hover for an extended period, so it's not like I'm outrunning the sim's ability to render the tiles in an F-18 at 500kts. I'm new to Germany South, but flights near Stuttgart and Fulda didn't give me any errors. Just flew around Ramstein in an F-35 at 300kts+ with no issues.
  14. Sometimes its better to turn GPWS off...
  15. Some pics from the most boring place in Germany. I promise.... I live here :-) Welcome to some random city in the South of Germany, in Wintertime. It even has a name, that is "Ulm". The "Church" you see in the later pics is pretty old and a Tourist Attraction. Its called "Ulmer Münster". The area on the first pics is the "Kloster Wiblingen", another religious Complex, not sure about the english word. Sorry, the religious touch is really coincidence, there are a lot of famous churches near here. PS: Soon i comment on the questions in my other post etc :-) Sorry for beeing late The "suburbs"... The "full pic" of this world-city First we go around again to an even more boring place, "Wiblingen" Kloster Wiblingen Nearing the city Train tracks leading to the center The Münster Leaving in south direction towards the Alps (around 100km form here)
  16. Its getting colder... Norway Pula Airport, LDPL
  17. Hey again :-) Today i post some mixed pics from my GES flights. Mostly VFR but also some biggies, so all heights included. And the last here is really crazy. Its the City Ulm in South of Germany, one time in Sim and one time on the map. And the following one is the real map from google, same pos/view.
  18. Some pics from my longhaul arrival, coming from Miami going to Munich. Soon i post a VFR tour from GES i made during the last month. Amazing pics inc.
  19. Dear ORBX sales team, I´m ORBX User with a couple of different ORBX sceneries. on the beginning of 2017 I bought ORBX Germany North scenery. Now is Germany South scenery available approx. 3 months ago. GES buyer has got 50 % price advantage for GEN scenery. GEN buyer, nothing. When do think is also an offer for GEN buyer available? Sorry for that, it would be nice a little more justice and a possible incentive Thank´s a lot Greetings from SouthGermany Oilinga
  20. Starting off from EDDF Frankfurt Apt,Hessen Germany Just some random shot to show off the fall colors Not sure what that tower is for. Overflying ETAR Ramstein Apt Nice looking wind turbines. On final for EDDR Saarbruecken Apt Saarland,Ger Touch down! Waiting to get unloaded.
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