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Found 8 results

  1. Orbx Germany North, Rex SkyForce, Wing42 Lockheed Vega
  2. Good evening, for quite some time now I am missing specific autogen buildings that used to be one of the best and unique features in ORBX GEN and GES. As you can see in the screeshots below, I am particularly missing autogen buildings in old towns / inner cities like in Lübeck or Munich or the little caravans that used to be there on camp sites. I have tried to reinstall P3Dv4.5. both client and content, I deinstalled and reinstalled FTX Global, LC EU and GEN/GES of course. Orbx libraries are up to date. I tried "Force Migration" and "Verify Files" in FTX Central a couple of times. I had Marc-Henri GUITTENYs scenery City of PARIS - intra muros before, which, unfortunately comes with AutogenConfigurationMerger That might be part of the problem. However, I deinstalled the scenery, I deleted ACM from the Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder. Then I did a re-install as mentioned above. I had hoped, that would solve the problem but unfortunately it didn't. Any ideas?
  3. [I start with what happened, before I come to the question. Please don't react to the first paragraph without reading through.] While flying over Germany with both ORBX Germany North installed, as well as parts of the Europe Photoreal freeware scenery, I soon discovered that having the airport AFCADS of both were causing trouble. I fact, Prepar3D v3 crashed if I had the same airport twice, independent of the order. The writer of the freeware AFCADS told be he did not use ORBX Germany North, so couldn't help. Since we were flying with a small group, allmost all using only the Europe PR2 scenery, I disabled the ORBX Germany scenery. A few German airports now turned out to be horribly elevated (or sunk actually) with respect to the surrounding area. I initially though of the AEC tool in ORBX Vector, but that did not change things. Even disabling the AEC folder in Scenery config didn't. Then I was asked to check Scenery\World\Scenery and found there were elevation corrections installed there as part of ORBX Germany North. Disabling the ORBX Germany North scenery naturally didn't do anything about those files. Could you please suggest something to help me here? Or allow FTX Central to disable cleanly a scenery, so I don't have to go the uninstall-redownload-install route? Or perhaps stay out of Scenery\World\Scenery?
  4. Hi all, I am having some issues with airport elevations in the Germany North scenery area. Some airports seem to be "sunken in", and others are higher than the surrounding scenery. Please see the attached screenshots for details. I'm pretty sure that since my last real world flight from this airfield, there were no significant changes in elevation that could have resulted in this kind of appearance. Unfortunately I found no way to fix this using the Vector configuration tool. The airport in question (Uetersen Heist/EDHE) does not even show up in the "AEC is active" or "AEC is inactive..."-lists. Some other airports in and outside of the GEN scenery area also look this way. In these cases the configuration tool did not help too often, because the airports I wanted to check didn't show up. In a few cases I was able to fix this problem by disabling AEC (for Parchim airport and Denver that was). The only thing that helped was this: If I go to my P3D scenery library settings and deactivate ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_GEN_07_MESH and also FreeMeshX Europe, the problem dissapears. If you have a look at the third screenshot, you can see what happens when I turn EU_GEN_07_MESH off and leave FreeMeshX Europe turned on: the elevation problem switches to the opposite (the red arrows show the area that was previously to low, this is now higher than the area around it). As mentioned above, I also have FreeMeshX installed, but a) it's ranked lower in priority than GEN, and b.) I turned it off in my tests to rule out any conflicts, which didn't solve the problem (the first two screenshots were taken with FreeMeshX Europe off and FTX_EU_GEN_07_MESH on; this was the first thing I did to try and solve the problem). So I guess there is no mesh conflict causing this? Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Daniel
  5. Dear ORBX sales team, I´m ORBX User with a couple of different ORBX sceneries. on the beginning of 2017 I bought ORBX Germany North scenery. Now is Germany South scenery available approx. 3 months ago. GES buyer has got 50 % price advantage for GEN scenery. GEN buyer, nothing. When do think is also an offer for GEN buyer available? Sorry for that, it would be nice a little more justice and a possible incentive Thank´s a lot Greetings from SouthGermany Oilinga
  6. gambling with the T6 at Westfalia.
  7. Hi JV and all ORBX team, I did not find this by forum search, so please excuse me if this has been clarified already. I wonder where the borderline of upcoming Germany north will be? Since I'm located in the middle of Germany, some 40 mls north of Frankfurt, I would be happy if you devide Germany southbound of ....... EDDF? :-)
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