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Found 78 results

  1. This is from the Lufthansa flight DLH518 from Frankfurt to San José, Costa Rica, where our friend @carlosqr lives. I uploaded a video of the approach a little while ago. Anyway, this flight also yielded some very nice views that I thought I could share with you: Take-off runway 07C in Frankfurt. Beneath lies Koblenz ("Confluentes") where Rhine and Mosel meet. EDDK / Cologne ahead. Over Cologne. EDDK. Wuppertal (to the upper right of the quarries / bright spots) and Essen (in the distance, left of the lake). EDDL / Düsseldorf and the Lower Rhine. Going ETOPS later over the Atlantic Ocean. Eleuthera / Bahamas. Nassau / Bahamas. Andros / Bahamas. Over the Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua / Honduras finally. Lake Cocibolca / Lake Nicaragua. Passing the lagoon of the volcano El Arenal. The Arenal is to the lower right of the lake. It's getting evening. Approaching the capital of Costa Rica, San José. This approach (RNAV W Rwy 25) requires a 180° turn on final with mountains on three sides and therefore full concentration. Done! (Passengers had to jump). Thanks, I hope you liked it!
  2. Due to my troubles ocurred during the switch to Win10 I did not fly & post as much as usual during the last two months. But I am getting back, slowly. Today you see me leaving for a short Easter holiaday, picking a safe Boeing at Hanover... ... climbing over the Wesergebirge... ... and reaching FL350 over the Rhein. Northern France is mostly cloudy, ... ... but at least we can spot Biarritz over the south, to the right. Hours later. Leaving the west coast of Africa behind... ... for a short hop over the Atlantic. Sandy Fuerteventura. Approching Gran Canaria from the south (as usual). You can see the global landclass is nothing but a disaster.
  3. ... and this was done nearly 2 months ago. With real weather on that day. And after installation of the latest ESSA version, which should have supported SODE jetways. Catering services for the Smörebröd and some fantastic fish "tapas" under way. Parked in the right area for the airline. But obviously SODE did not recognize that... so boarding happened by bus. Bye bye winter. You can clearly see Copenhagen below. Well, somehow you can: For example the Öresund bridge in the little gap between the clouds. This is Hamburg. Slightly hidden under some coverage... And here we are established to capture the glideslope in Hanover. Somehow GEN was already on spring, whilst Aerosoft still believed the airport needed snow. But ok, at least I found the runway!
  4. Leaving home again... ... and GEN already shows winter in a very beautiful way. Turning out to the right / north... ... to see Hanover airport & city above the Airbus. The Elbe river leads to hamburg - but you can´t see it under the clouds. Some colleagues flying around me. Copenhagen below... ... and Gotland to the right. If you look at the weather on the ND, our approach seems to be a good choice. Stockholm below, ... ... just before reaching Arlanda. Unfortunately the jetways can´t be used or replaced with SODE ones in Arlanda. Which makes our beloved passengers freeze when unboarding . @Magnus Almgren , please help them!
  5. After a late arrival in Frankfurt with ... ... we have to take the last connection of the day out of Frankfurt to Hannover: LH58, the so-called "Lumpensammler" (is "ragman" the right translation?) for us. I hope all our luggage makes the connection as well... Taking off the 07C - with a camouflage plane. Frankfurt CBD to our left. Not much to see on the ground, but a nice navaid to our right side. On short base you can see Hannover airport left ahead... ... and we are way too high! But I had no interest in going around, so I extended the speed brakes, released flaps and gear as soon as possible and skipped the autoland in order to speed up. Successfully. This was the last post of my "Vacation in Australia" series. I hope you enjoyed it?
  6. I will start my exploration of GermanySouth in Cologne - "Kölle" as the locals say. Getting ready at my home airport... ... and off to the east. The small squared lake below the belly may be quite famous, since a well-known man was staying there for some days in 2016. But we go on and turn to the right over the Altwarmbüchener See. Travelling in style. The Sauerland around Winterberg. Whenever I was there it was winter. And the mountains covered with snow. ATC had instructed us to use runway 24. An unusual choice, especially on a cloudy day like this: We came in very high, and had to circle before we could land slow enough for this short strip. And now for one local beer. Those who have been in Cologne know what this "one" means...
  7. A typical plane and a typical last leg of some of my intercontinental flights: Boarding a turboprop in Copenhagen ... ... and leaving on the 22R - in the right direction already. Uuups, ice formation on engines and window... ... under control when leaving Sjaelland. And soon we are over Germany: Lübeck, ... ... Hamburg hidden in the background, ... ... Celle. With NDB CEL already being the entry point for our STAR ... ... into Hannover. Many lakes to the south of the final, like the Hufeisensee: As you can see we are heading for the 27R. Good to be here again, I think I have virtually left this place half a year ago. Or even longer...
  8. The detail and hifi-representation of the Germany sceneries GEN & GES is fantastic. Hereby the area around and the airport itself of Porta Westfalia(EDVY):
  9. A lovely morning in Copenhagen, expecting spring... Close the doors, please, that´s just too cold here! You see, the season switcher already wants the landscape to be green... ... but the temperature indicator says something different. Crossing Lübeck... ... and the Mittellandkanal at Wolfsburg. If you follow the channel for some few kilometres you come to lovely Hannover. These Germany colours look (unfortunately) realistic for an average March. Currently it would be white... Descending into the clouds... ... with a view over Frankfurt. As you can see from the trees on the apron, this pilot has made a mistake. He did not activate the airport scenery . But he managed to get the Dash landed safely, at least!
  10. Speicherstadt is an unique part of Hamburg City and was build between 1883 and 1927, in 2015 added to the UNESCO-list. Hereby a view on the old warehouses that forms now a touristic attraction and a trendy place to live: Orbx-FTX scenery part of GEN (Germany North) - Heli = Aerospatiale SA 315B Lama X from FSHeliCH
  11. Decided to use the night to check out GEN / GES post patch and selected a route I´ve recently traveled by car, from Aachen to Bielefeld. Aachen is GES and Bielefeld is GEN. Off we go, over Aachen, looking for Highway A4 to Cologne first. Passing the huge open pit mines once again that are very specific for the region. You can see the biggest one on Google maps even when zooming out until you can see most of Europe. Above Rastplatz Frechen, with the car, this is the first time Cologne comes into sight. Leaving Cologne behind, following Autobahn 1 via the troublesome Leverkusen bridge. On the far side of the rhine the industrial complex of Köln-Niehl is taken up mostly by Ford. Spotted something, yes, nice old railway bridge just off Solingen (where the knifes come from). Time for an Hommage to Jack And there we go, a barrel role through the valley under the bridge. A bit tough pulling back out, but made it. Quite some traffic around Dortmund airport. Didn´t actually know that the highway was that close to the airport. Next intersection is Kamener Kreuz, where I leave A1 to follow A2. Weather improved a bit, but still very windy. Almost there, this is the town of Gütersloh, with the RAF base on the left and the huge Miele factory grounds on the right. Approaching Bielefeld. An old trick to familiarize with an airfield. Throttle wide open and blasting over the runway. Seen that done by a Mustang on a small air show and the crowd was quite pleased by that completely safety orientated familiarization manouver. On final, but I botched the approach, 24kts side winds with medium turbulences seems a bit much for the Harvard. After going around I managed to put her onto the tarmac, not very pretty but intact. Shut her down for the next time. They say a good landing is one you can walk away from, a perfect one leaves the plane in usable condition. That was a quite fitting description of the landing. To summarize the GEN / GES update thoughts, I think that the update was very good. The overall image was quite convincing, and at least the small towns and villages fit into the landscape very well. Industrial areas still feature more obvious borders, but I believe with Landclass that can hardly be improved. The discussed photo scenery would solve this, but having recently bought GEN / GES (well, not that recently, but still) and looking at the file sized it´d take some convincing screens to make me part with more money for FS. Also blurries could be an issue for me, so maybe it would be good to discuss such a product after seeing the Netherlands in action. I thank the FTX team for the updates which I really appreciate! Btw. sorry for the quite dark scenery again, I need to tweek the PTA setting for cloud shadow darkness, a bit less impact of the shadows would be better, I guess. Cheers, Lennart
  12. ... die sicher die Stadt hier sofort erkennen. Und auch, dass die Catalina in p3dv4 funktioniert. For the others: The Catalina is p3dv4-tested where I grew up. My parents house, my schools & the university are shown here, as well as the Weserstadion, home to the glorious SV Werder Bremen.
  13. Indeed a man at work I was. Installed REX4 TextureDirect, Soft Clouds and the data pack. Followed by installation of ActiveSky (p3dv4 Version), alongside with ASCA (not sure if that helps me). Did some test flights, but the first 2 ended with CTDs... so I reduced the p3d settings a bit. Luckily the following flight was successful, bringing me from Porta Westfalica to my home. Rainy weather, as usual. EzDok2 in full motion. Into final... Thanks to Rainer Kunst for the adaptation of EDDV into GEN.
  14. Hi! The next stop of the FTX Germany South picture trip is Freiburg in Breisgau, located in the tranquil southern Black Forest. We start in Freiburg and stay there. It will be a scenic flight over the city, which includes a detour to the surrounding area. For today 's picture trip we take the Alabeo Robinson R66 turbine. "Meet and Greet" of the ORBX PeopleFlow people and the Bahrometrix avatar Brian - one speaks the same language and understands each other. Preparations for the flight have been made, you can board the Alabeo R66 turbine Shortly after take-off, the city airfield EDTF Freiburg, which has been greatly upgraded by GES, passes We fly towards downtown, notice the old town and discover the Freiburg Minster. The old town center is very different from the surroundings The Freiburger Munster in all its glory An evening mood in Freiburg The ENERCON wind turbines on Mount Roßkopf (736m), which is an important visual flight feature The wind turbines from another perspective. In the background is the city of Freiburg recognizable Also at night Freiburg is a real eye-catcher Freiburg from the opposite side Time to start the landing ... ... after landing: The colleague Hilde from the flight maintenance. Well, what's up tonight? Let's see where we're going next time ...
  15. My first trials to setup and run P3D were not too successful. It is kind of a new beginning to find settings that do not cause the system, the sim or both to crash. I had to adjust the GPU settings (influenced by Rob Ainscoughs guide), followed by reductions of the graphics properties inside P3D. Then cleaning up dll.xml (deleted) and shaders (deleted), and have the p3d.cfg streamlined. I still lack the confidence I had on the FSX side of the fence. This is my second attempt to finish a flight from EDVY to my home. Sliders by far not maxed, nothing tweaked like the pro´s do it here... Passing the Porta Westfalica, with the beautiful Weser river below. [Jack, are you here?] The default Maule has undergone quite a development. Stadthagen below. At this time of the year I always pass this town in darkness. Hannover´s Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen to the left, missing lots of details yet. At least you can see the pitches of our hockey club next to it. The football stadium to the right, the new town hall slightly more to the middle. On base into the 27L... Final. The 3rd party software is old, a bit too light in color. But, thanks to Simmershome, it works & blends into GEN! Not the appropriate parking lot. But at least a successful flight!
  16. Considered using these for the screenshot contest but decided to go with something else. Just a couple of shots to show that Orbx landscapes enhance not just low and slow Cessna flights, but also flights with the big birds. A glacier on the south side of Vatnajökull National Park in the Freeware Iceland FTX demo: Early morning departure from EDDL. The Upper Rhine between Eglisau and Buchberg in GES, A430 departure from LSZH. Misha
  17. Hy guys,here are some shots from today.
  18. but showing the reality----- how it looks like in germany Leaving Rinteln ( ORBX freeware ) The Kaiser Wilhelm Monument
  19. A few shots from Germany before I leave for a business trip.
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