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  1. There are so few occasions to simulate real travels nowadays. And so many regions in the Orbx world that are worth to be rediscovered... so I decided to go north. From Hanover... ... over Hamburg... ... and Lübeck... ... to Denmark. Hmm, the weather was not perfect some days ago when I did this flight. At least I could see the runway lights on the downwind leg. Upon further descent the situation became better and Copenhagen visible. The final was safe, ... ... and the passengers ready for deb
  2. Since March 2020 routes lead me once or twice per week from Hanover ... ... past the Steinhuder Meer and the adjacent white Monte Kali ("Mount Potash")... ... towards my office in the industrial area at the city of Minden. This is my office view. The Porta Westfalica with the monument of Emperor William. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_William_Monument_(Porta_Westfalica) Touch at EDVY... ... and go. My family still has a holiday home at the Dümmer See, just about 26 miles from Porta. I have been t
  3. Now for a little experiment: The maximum plane size to realisticly take off from Innsbruck: An A320. OK, skilled pilots can do this with a 747 as well, preferrably in yellow livery. At least it was cleaned from all the heavy dirt upon arrival. Nice terrain reminder on the ND... ... before we hop off ... ... into the Inn valley. The Zirler Berg, I have been driving some times up and down that pass. But today we just climb over it, local knowledge helps! Easily we cross Munich, ... Würzburg, .
  4. Found a needle in a haystack: Flying over the city of Meißen in Germany (near EDDC Dresden) with Germany North and Germany South active I found a small patch of morphing night textures. First, I followed the usual steps by Nick and Holger (i.e., a new lclookup.bgl, a new terrain.cfg) but I could not get rid off the bug. So, I reinstalled GES and GEN but the night textures remained. After fighting with this issue in P3Dv4 I tried to replicate it in v5 and could find the exact same error. Having still a fairly vanilla v5 with only Global, OLC and GEN/GES running (with OLC border blending un
  5. Staying at home convinced me to buy a new monitor. A slight risk, as Doctor Internet told me UHD/4k resolution (3840*2160) would only be working with GPUs 1070 or above, and you can see from my spoiler I use a 1060. Nevertheless it works, frames are ok, the only borderline point is the temperature: As my GPU is utilized between 70-110 % during flying, its temperature raises to about 75°C. This causes the CPU to warm up to 71°C as well, which gives me a BIOS warning. I´ll have to watch this... After the tech talk, we go to the results: Overwhelming. So many more details seen during
  6. Just rain and storm here in northern Germany. I needed to see some winter colours, so I set up a little nordic tour. Starting in Hanover... ... and climbing out to the northeast, ... ... I reached the Baltic Sea near Rostock. The Swedish coast ahead, with the invisible Copenhagen in the background. Rushing up the country... ... until Stockholm awaits in the evening light. Perfect visibility... ... makes for a nice landing. Now lets go f
  7. Finally, after a virtual absence of nearly 5 months it seems to be time to fly to my home airport again. So I´ll take a blue-white Lancair from Schiphol... ... turn west over Amsterdam CBD... ... and reach the German border relatively quick, near Rheine. Ibbenbüren power plant guides the way... ... towards Osnabrück with its remarkable railway cross. At Porta Westfalica the Orbx sceneries GEN and EDVY do not really use synchronized seasons, surprisingly. The monument for Wilhelm th
  8. Nearly I was flying to the same airport as Martyn, ... ... to a place called Pearson. Wait and see... . I have set the weather to end of April, as I will be doing the same flight in real at that time. From Frankfurt... ... across Cologne, ... ... to England. Not much to see here, I assume this is due to its separation from OpenLC_Europe. As a consequence, there would be no much sunshine in the country as well. Better visibility awaits us at Sept-Iles, Canada. Landing instru
  9. I hope there's enough ORBX scenery to be seen.
  10. Gentlemen (and Ladies?), Speedbird 11 from Heathrow to Singapore is pushing back! Taxiing to runway 27L. Hello Concorde. Such a cute little plane. Lineup... On cruise level, we see some beautiful clouds over south-eastern England. It's already evening... ...as we cross the North Sea... ...only to find some seriously bad weather over Amsterdam! The Dutch must have summoned the bad weather because their airline celebrates its 100th birthday and they want all the attention for themselves!
  11. Due to my troubles ocurred during the switch to Win10 I did not fly & post as much as usual during the last two months. But I am getting back, slowly. Today you see me leaving for a short Easter holiaday, picking a safe Boeing at Hanover... ... climbing over the Wesergebirge... ... and reaching FL350 over the Rhein. Northern France is mostly cloudy, ... ... but at least we can spot Biarritz over the south, to the right. Hours later. Leaving the west coast of Africa behind... ... for a short hop over
  12. ... and this was done nearly 2 months ago. With real weather on that day. And after installation of the latest ESSA version, which should have supported SODE jetways. Catering services for the Smörebröd and some fantastic fish "tapas" under way. Parked in the right area for the airline. But obviously SODE did not recognize that... so boarding happened by bus. Bye bye winter. You can clearly see Copenhagen below. Well, somehow you can: For example the Öresund bridge in the little gap between the clouds. This is
  13. Leaving home again... ... and GEN already shows winter in a very beautiful way. Turning out to the right / north... ... to see Hanover airport & city above the Airbus. The Elbe river leads to hamburg - but you can´t see it under the clouds. Some colleagues flying around me. Copenhagen below... ... and Gotland to the right. If you look at the weather on the ND, our approach seems to be a good choice. Stockholm below, ... ..
  14. After a late arrival in Frankfurt with ... ... we have to take the last connection of the day out of Frankfurt to Hannover: LH58, the so-called "Lumpensammler" (is "ragman" the right translation?) for us. I hope all our luggage makes the connection as well... Taking off the 07C - with a camouflage plane. Frankfurt CBD to our left. Not much to see on the ground, but a nice navaid to our right side. On short base you can see Hannover airport left ahead... ... and we are way too high! But I
  15. I will start my exploration of GermanySouth in Cologne - "Kölle" as the locals say. Getting ready at my home airport... ... and off to the east. The small squared lake below the belly may be quite famous, since a well-known man was staying there for some days in 2016. But we go on and turn to the right over the Altwarmbüchener See. Travelling in style. The Sauerland around Winterberg. Whenever I was there it was winter. And the mountains covered with snow. ATC had instructed us to use run
  16. A typical plane and a typical last leg of some of my intercontinental flights: Boarding a turboprop in Copenhagen ... ... and leaving on the 22R - in the right direction already. Uuups, ice formation on engines and window... ... under control when leaving Sjaelland. And soon we are over Germany: Lübeck, ... ... Hamburg hidden in the background, ... ... Celle. With NDB CEL already being the entry point for our STAR ... ... into Hannover. Many lakes to the
  17. The detail and hifi-representation of the Germany sceneries GEN & GES is fantastic. Hereby the area around and the airport itself of Porta Westfalia(EDVY):
  18. A lovely morning in Copenhagen, expecting spring... Close the doors, please, that´s just too cold here! You see, the season switcher already wants the landscape to be green... ... but the temperature indicator says something different. Crossing Lübeck... ... and the Mittellandkanal at Wolfsburg. If you follow the channel for some few kilometres you come to lovely Hannover. These Germany colours look (unfortunately) realistic for an average March. Currently it would be white... Des
  19. Speicherstadt is an unique part of Hamburg City and was build between 1883 and 1927, in 2015 added to the UNESCO-list. Hereby a view on the old warehouses that forms now a touristic attraction and a trendy place to live: Orbx-FTX scenery part of GEN (Germany North) - Heli = Aerospatiale SA 315B Lama X from FSHeliCH
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