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Found 23 results

  1. The scenery after buying FTX Global and Open Lc is only good around the airport where I start. When I am doing a flight and I go to another places the scenery looks worse than default, It looks like it doesnt load. I have fsx steam.
  2. Hello, I just got a new pc and installed my addons including FTX global. I read in the manual the recommended settings. I also have Scotland Orbx, and I’ve noticed my pc runs quite slow when initially loading the flight. I’m wondering if I could reduce the fsx settings a bit, or would this cause strange artifacting and problems. I’m reluctant to stray too far from the recommended FTX global settings. If someone could advise me if I could get away with reducing the load on my pc a bit without getting weird imagery problems etc. My pc is quite capable , 8GB ram , 4Hz etc. Any help is much apprec
  3. Picking up pretty much where I left off, we're prepping for an early morning departure from Roberts International (GLRB), Liberia to Gran Canaria (GCLP) in the Canaries. This is leg 24 of 50. Just about in Europe and halfway, so that's encouraging. Takes a long time to complete a 'round the world at about 185 kts! Weather was good for the departure, but a bit bumpy over the desert. The sun comes up fast here! Over the Conakry, Guinea Out over the plains of western Senegal Desert of
  4. Hi all, Very very close to release with this one now here are a few shots of the dynamic lighting that P3Dv4 users will be able to enjoy with this scenery. Cheers, Misha
  5. Hello All! I made the leap to 64-bit a few months back, but have really procrastinated on installing all my mods. I found no issues installing Vector, North America, and Europe. However not much luck with FTX Trees. Albeit, trees was the only add-on I purchased well before any other Orbx product and had actually purchased it through www.flightsimstore.com. When installing it doesn't list Prepar3d V4 as an option for my simulator (neither v3, since i uninstalled it now). Additionally, I notice some patches of black spots around the scenery in v4 when flying anywhere the
  6. Good evening Gentlemen, Since all of the OpenLC demos are not available for P3D V4 yet, I wanted to ask if this has any special meaning. Are they going to be updated too, or don't you have planned to do so? I'm just asking because I thought that this would be based on the same "code stuff" like the payware versions like openLC Europe or so, what would have made it possible to update them too. Or am I wrong about this? Sorry, if such questions have been answered already, but I couldn't find an already existing topic. Best regards, Alex
  7. on my helipad next to my house in Andras Field
  8. Hello! Just thought I'd report this little anomaly I discovered along the coastline of the island of St.Lucia in the Caribbean. I have everything setup correctly with global+vector+openlcna latest versions and no interfering sceneries. Cheers!/Andreas
  9. Hi All, Sorry about this one taking a bit longer, we ran into quite a few problems in the final stretch, but they've all been rectified now This should be entering RTM testing from tomorrow! We've also added a few neat animations into the scenery, including the Dubrovnik cable car after a certain person as FScon kept telling me that I had to include it Please enjoy these new previews, and look forward to more soon from Emmsie and other screenie artists once they get their hands on it!
  10. I haven't posted anything in a while but the landclass looks great so far so I thought Id put up some pics. I started at KMTN and went KIPT and then to KJST. Today I teletransported to Smyrna (outside Nashville) and flew to KMEM and onto KLIT. Theres a lot of good textures in there. The early shots are near KIPT and later shots from over Arkansas.
  11. Hello everyone, I am very pleased to introduce this collaboration project between Rasha Tucakov and myself, and the first major mainland Eastern European Orbx airport for FTX Global Dubrovnik is a spectacular location on Croatia's famous Adriatic coast, and a popular summer tourist destination. Boasting a very large number of resorts, as well as its beautifully mountain lined coast and its famous walled city, it's not surprising that the location was visited by over 2 million people in 2015. The airport is well equipped to handle aircraft up to the size of
  12. Coming down across northern France again, heading for the channel one fine evening. I know I'm probably in the minority among aviation folk but I always much preferred this to the Vulcan. I always felt this was a bit more elegant, whereas the Vulcan was more brutish (not intending to start an argument or anything, just wanted to give this beast its moment in the limelight) Thanks for looking
  13. Never been to Cuba so thought I'd take a look. Dusk, summer, and please excuse the change of livery half way through
  14. Can't remember who, but somebody posted a shot or two over Reykjavik a week or so back and it inspired me. I hadn't realised how good the FTX Global scenery was for this location - it's really excellent. I dare say with my usual low attention span I'll probably move on again soon, but for now it's great fun. Here's a few more, starting with the Wilga (great little plane) - One in the big old Antonov - and a few in the SU-30 to finish -
  15. I just installed FTX Global Base Pack and now my FSX will not load at all. I uninstalled FTX Global and my FSX loads fine. I did make the mistake of installing KPSP before FTX Global and I can't find KPSP anywhere on my hardrive to un-install. However, FTX is recognizing it as installed. So, I don't know if these are separate issues, or somehow just one. Thanks!
  16. Okay, so vast improvements all around with 1.15, thank you! Just wanted to continue to document my KLAS anomaly, which I'm pretty sure I understand (flat FSX airport, sloping real-world terrain): This is FTXVector 115, FTX Global, FSGlobal2010 Mesh with AEC for KLAS ENABLED: This is FTXVector 115, FTX Global, FSGlobal2010 Mesh with AEC for KLAS DISABLED: You'll note the "why is this airport in our neighborhood!" Wall of Doom is significantly muted with AEC disabled for this airport, but still there. This is because McCarran is a sloped airport, and FSX needs airpo
  17. Hi, First, thanks for all the wonderful work for all these add-on airports! They are attracting people like me out of our ruts, to explore the rest of the fantastic FTXGlobal world. I noticed that if I disable AEC for KONM with the FTXVector Configurator Tool, it is no longer sunken, but now on a somewhat extremely elevated plateau. I will mention this in the FTXVECTOR forum, as I suspect the ultimate solution has to come from there? But just mentioning it in case it's helpful. I've tried using both FTXCentral set to North America and to FTXGlobal, same effect. It's kind
  18. Just a brief celebration of the Duke B60V2 over FTX Global scenery on a wintery morning in upstate NY, on a flight from LaGuardia to Albany: The problem with a cruise ship in winter, parked out of Manhattan: A beautiful morning at 4,100 ft over the Hudson River: FTX Global VECTOR and FSGlobal 2010 doing an excellent job of mapping the local highway north (I-87), even without the upcoming LC for NA ORBX is busy developing: And finally, a realistic-looking and feeling landing at an airport that isn't even customized ORBX airport or region scenery: There ar
  19. Hello Everyone! Learning to getting myself acquainted with the magnificent PMDG777 currently and well... I am still anything but certain about all the "flows" in detail and many features still need to be unveiled - but at least i am on my way By the way: I will be "out of town" for a few days in "real life" soon and so i also thought it to be a good idea to give this relatively new bird in my hangar another testrun today before leaving. This specific flight was based on a real world flight which is carried out by ANA and built upon information available from Flightaware. No real deta
  20. Hello Everyone! Some first impressions from Japan - It is a great to joy to finally being able to fly there in the sim now due to FTX Global! I have been to the city of Sendai a few years back and also before the devasting earthquakes in 2011 in real life. I therefore decided to undertake a flight as it is also provided by ANA in the „real world“. I intended to head from Osaka Itami (RJOO) to Sendai (RJSS), but … for whatever reason – and i really don’t know why exactly – i was experiencing a power blackout in my PC-room while still in flight. Well: So much about my maiden flig
  21. Hello Everyone! ... well then: Almost all the reinstall and new install procedures are done and so: Time to go flying again! I am very much impressed by the way how Central and Northern Europe now appeare with all the new FTXGlobal textures in use. They really add lots of realism regarding diversity, shapes and colourtones. ORBX: You did a great job here! And so far i had encountered no issues with 3rd party scenery add-ons! Reasons enough so to take a flight from my local area Vienna to the city of Berlin and trying to „redo“ a flight in the sim from „real life“ when i
  22. Just a couple of quick shots of an evening flight from Gardermon Airstation to Rygge Airstation in Norway, in the Russian Antonov. We are scouting the terrain for an imminent invasion of agriculturalists. On the way between these airports, Oslo looks beautiful at 8pm in August. Nothing else used here other than FTX Global and REX Essential+Overdrive:
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