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  1. Do you remember the first three legs we will have to fly on our way back home from our planned Australia trip? https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/165774-an-uncommon-fire-patrol/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/165894-5th-freedom-flight/ https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/166011-from-oz-to-singers-as-well/ Here we go with the 4th one, milewise the longest. SQ326 from Singapore to Frankfurt, departure time is 13:55 h. We can see all the good food & lovely drinks being loaded... Takeoff with approx. 90 tons (200 tlbs) of fuel takes significantly longer t
  2. Seems I choose the appropriate airline for starting in Guangzhou, UT live did the same. Climbing out we have a great view of "Canton" city... I thought this would be a vector error at the delta of Zhujiang river. But it is correct: GE shows it as well. If the water might be sweet enough for watering the fields? 20 minutes after start we pass VHHH Chek Lap Kok. Could be a destination, but not for us... Macau is not either. Instead we turn back on STAR TAMT13 towards Hongkong (old) Kai Tak ... .
  3. Getting ready in Delhi in typical Indian weather... ... and with the typical traffic jam. This airport has only single runways, so it is way to small for all the traffic (like their roads). The ganges and some artificial lakes near Dhanbad. Kolkata. As big as LA, and as flat. Leaving the coast of Bangladesh... ... and landfall at Myanmar. Irrawaddy river - its banks are full of pagodas. Bangkok, hidden under the curtain. Into Singapore we got the STAR ARA
  4. Getting ready in Hong Kong Kai Tak - from the choice of the airline you may start to guess where we are flying today. Here we climb out along the rivers near Guangzhou. Some hours later the Sichuan mountains come into view, ... ... as we cross the city of Chengdu. The worlds main reservations of the Great Panda are in the forests and mountains around, so it is no surprise they sell lots of related stuff at the airport. Commonly unknown, but over 20000 ft high: Rongme Ngatra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rongme_Ngatra
  5. Some men at work here: Ground service at Singapore Changi. Flexing up! Amazing how many ships are waiting here. Low & slow over Pulau Batam island - due to an altitude restriction of 6000 ft. Finally we were allowed to climb, and after 21 minutes we crossed the equator - nearly at cruise flight level. Bali. Hours later we reach the land of Oz near Curtin. This is where dreams start. Some really flat land around Fitzroy Crossing...
  6. Going on from Munich we had the chance to choose the best airline of all. Well, it is a long flight, why should we go with some other? Climbing out of the 08L... ... to reach the initial FL350 just before Vienna. FTs scenery does not blend perfectly into FTXG. Later that day... the Caucasus. Already powdered. The russian Republic of Dagestan with Chirkey Lake below and the Caspian Sea ahead. Over Afghanistan / Pakistan we came into darkness. And India even presented thunderstorms - we had to divert.
  7. ... was from VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji, (Mumbai) with Air India, departure at 02:00 in the night. The real situation has a lot more light & ground traffic than the sim - showing the real India can´t be simulated! Ready to go on the 26... ... and we´re off. Looking back to the airports... ... and over the Ocean. Displays are configured... ... and the routing is done. Be flexible. Thailand, we come. Initiating the complex approach p
  8. A lovely morning in Copenhagen, expecting spring... Close the doors, please, that´s just too cold here! You see, the season switcher already wants the landscape to be green... ... but the temperature indicator says something different. Crossing Lübeck... ... and the Mittellandkanal at Wolfsburg. If you follow the channel for some few kilometres you come to lovely Hannover. These Germany colours look (unfortunately) realistic for an average March. Currently it would be white... Des
  9. UT live did a great job a Shanghai Pudong, presenting the Scandinavian A340 at exactly the right (real) time. As there is no decent A340 for p3d yet, we will have to simulate this flight in a 777. A near miss, but a pleasure. Thanks to the cabin crew, I could get a proper documentation of the flight preparations in the Airbus. Waiting for pushback. Some big colleagues heading home (the United 747 probably in the opposite direction than the Lufthansa below)... ... while UT live presents a challenge to me. SK998 is being pushed back si
  10. After a busy week I finally found some time to celebrate Chinese New Year. What could be better than a little flight to the "countryside", China Eastern 2254 from Shanghai Hongqiao, for example - ready for boarding. But before we board, we walk through the airport to watch mighty birds... ... and to buy some snacks for the flight. Pushback complete, hand signal received. Takeoff, ok some city details are missing... The chinese landscape already looks good in pure Global. Descending into Yancheng.
  11. Oh, so sorry, I am late, just too much work to finish... but finally I can take flight SQ 828 from Changi to Pudong: Make sure the right luggage is loaded. Taking off out of Singapore... ... into the usual clouds, even at 07:30 in the morning. Here we are already over China, near Xiamen... ... and over Taishun county. That´s what the paxes usually see here. No Orbx scenery detectable (but it is there!). Into holding at NW of Pudong airport... ... and finally into final, tow
  12. Mimicking a real Jetstar flight (3K161), departing Singapore at 23:05 local time, means not much scenery to be seen for a longer time. So we enjoy boarding... ... the "on runway" callout... ... and, after about 23 minutes, equator crossing. Some 4 hours later, the land of Oz comes into view... ... mainland! And here we go into final at Darwin... ... an airport that is slightly enhanced by OZx. Though not fully working today (nor GSX or AI, and surely no PeopleFlow or even the red lady ).
  13. First, one for Sniper. Then we takeoff in a slightly colourful bird... ... over Honolulu, ... and leaving Oahu. Crossing Molokai, ... ... Kalaupapa, ... and Wailau valley, ... ... before changing planes in Kahului. Watching Maui´s north shore, ... ... and the "USS" Hana, ... followed by waving goodbye to Maui ... ... into pure white-blue. Arriving over Big Island... ... around Waimea...
  14. Some old (FS2004?) freeware, with deficencies (coastlines not fitting, ground altitudes with steps), but still well suited for today. And HD trees really make a difference here, a great impression! Happy holidays!
  15. The final part of my India trip began, as usual, in the middle of the night. Takeoff at 03:30 local time. To me the routing was surprisingly far to the north... ... so we crossed the Volga near Samara (good morning @jury42 !), ... and the northernmost point was not far from Moscow. Descending just after passing Kassel... ... with the Main river below. The approach to 7R looks more complicated than it is... ... but the final was accompanied by our lovely chimes. At least I could land and t
  16. Going on out of Mumbai... ... and into Delhi, ... ... before proceeding with smaller equipment over the Diplomatic Quarter, ... ... and Noida... ... to follow the newly built Yamuna Expressway. Vector does its job. In contrast to the default landclass / autogen. You can see the Buddh F1 circuit below - not. At least, there is one detail in Agra present in FSX. But only one. The (big) Red Agra Fort should be below. The city does not have multi-storey houses like these, for sure not at the sh
  17. It turned out to be very difficult setting up the return flight from Vizakhapatnam to Mumbai: VEVZ does not exist in my ATC program (Pro-ATC/X) VOVZ does not exist in the Navigation system of my Airbus (Aerosoft) After tweaking this, the ATC recognized that the FSX runways (2006 status!) of Vizak are to short for the A320. In real life this works, as the 09/27 is much longer now... After tweaking this, the Airbus refused to start cold&dark, and to start the checklist functions. So I had to combine a manual take-off-abort-and-return at Vizakhapatnam with the enti
  18. I was lucky to arrive already on a Sunday at noon at Vizakhapatnam, so I could do a tour towards the ocean which the real @luckyb52 may see every day. Over Vizak city (hey, the impression is great already!)... ... along RK beach towards my hotel. It should be just below the helicopter - but here we have to hope for OLC (at least). And also the beach could be more detailed, at day... ... or at night. Going north to the famous Kailasagiri Hill... ... and up. Sure no climb at these temperatures... ... but a
  19. ... more precise: The Indian subcontinent. Out of Mumbai (Terminal 1, Gate A7)... Not easy to work here... ... as you can see from the temperature indications (before the APU was turned on). So let us taxi across Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport towards Rwy 27... ... and takeoff over the Ocean shore ("East coast" you could say). Not much to see during the flight, haze whereever you look. At least a bit more to spot during descend... ... with hills looking much like the G
  20. Time for boarding, but - as you can see - not for a short distance flight... The active is the southern one... Managing the beast in manual mode (and the FTX trees make a great impression)... ... before looking back... and climbing into the clouds. No, I do not go to LOWI like anyone else these days. I just pass the beautiful austrian alps... ... and go a little bit further south... ... to the region around Mt. Ararat. Too many clouds to see the remainders of the Arch. Navigation made easy, b
  21. Hmmm, such a good looking place in Zurich airport... (in fact is it the smokers lounge, so no place for me - except for taking a picture). OK, let´s go, once again with a well suited bird for this one-hour flight. Bye, bye, mountains! Getting back to Germany (Fulda beyond)... ... and into Germany North. To the left we should see Rinteln and Porta Westfalica, and clearly the Weser river approaching the Porta between the mountain ridges. Some manouvres, see the approach procedure on the ND. And this
  22. Current flights from Shanghai to Europe are day flights in total darkness, as they are to close to the polar regions. So I switched the calendar back to April for this report, also the RL evidences are from that month. After the usual delays and longish taxiing, takeoff in Pudong on 35R gets us already in the right direction. Just north of the airport land is still under development, no wonder the sim can not change as fast as reality. The landclass & textures of the agricultural areas near Yangtze river could be improved, I am sure this is n
  23. I wasn´t able to post or comment here last week, as I have been out ouf my offices. Took a night flight out of Paris together with a colleague, so a ) it was dark outside and b ) we chose the middle seats, so I can not share my usual documentation. But at least I can show you the descent over Jiangsu province... Final towards the 35R, in usual visibility conditions. No worries, we are safe. Transfer to downtown - not as fast as the Maglev train, but better suited for this forum. OK, here we get to the limits of the g
  24. ... but only in the pax room. Over Santorini ... ... and approaching Crete. I somehow like this airshow format. On final... Deboarding without... ... and with PeopleFlow. Let the holiday begin!
  25. I did not post that much this month, especially keeping in mind the recent release of my home region, which clearly needs exploration. But here is the first part of my alibi for the past weeks: Our plane was prepared on an early morning in Thessaloniki. The bus is coming. Something is missing in this view... ... let us turn on PeopleFlow. Checklists are being read. Taxiing on taxiway A... ... towards the 16. Indeed. Down the greek mainland... ... toward
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