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Found 24 results

  1. I started this trip already before our travel focus was readjusted towards Africa... but I´ll finish and post this virtual holiday before I go on to the motherland. Let us first put on some music, as these are going to be some red-eye flights... Not much to see when we start with Swiss 815 from Hanover (departure at 20:45 h) ... ... to Zurich, ... ... terminals A. After changing to terminal E and from Airbus to Boeing, we are ready to board Swiss 176. Departure time is 22:45 h, we´ll have a qu
  2. This flight goes from Kruger Mpumalanga (yes, I did not work on the elevation correction, because I wait for OLC), ... ... over the dams at Klipkoppie ... ... to the village of Graskop, where we will start this tour by car in a few months. Across Sabie, ... ... and the Long Tom Pass, ... ... before going into the lowlands at Mashishing... ... and Dullstroom. Some power stations have been added to the scenery near Phola. Abso
  3. No, this is no analogy to Statler and Waldorf. This is "just" a flight over some places we have planned to visit in our holiday later this year. We´ll leave from Hoedspruit airfield in South Africa... ... to Balule Reserve near Kruger NP, where we´ll spend some days. Next stop Moholoholo Rehabilitation Center, not present in the sim. With the plane we can cover another series of sights in a few minutes. The northern end of the Panorama Route with the Three Rondavels, ... ... Blydepoort Dam, ...
  4. Our next leg will go from Cape Town, ... ... climbing over False bay, ... ... and finally into the "deserts" of the default African landscape near FAVW, Victoria West. However, just about 90 minutes later the passengers might be served a great panorama: The Panorama Route along Blyde River! Its northern end is near the Blydepoort Dam, which us just under the approach into Hoedspruit´s runway 18. Deboarding to the main terminal. And ready for some excitement.
  5. Even without the upcoming OLC Africa Cape Town should be worth a visit. Here we go heading south from the airport... ... and over the beach to False Bay. The name of the bay is a tribute to those sailors who turned north after passing the wrong cape of South Africas southern tip: The real southernmost point is Cape Agulhas, a few miles to the east. This one here is more famous, but misleading for some navigators: The Cape of Good Hope. And I hope that we will see great improvements with OLC later this year...
  6. Here we go from Johannesburg O. R. Tambo airport (ICAO code is FAOR, and in the current optics it should be called FAbORing in the simulator) ... ... across Joburg city ... ... and, later, Bloemfontain. On the way we can see the South African landclass in all its current "glory". And this is, indeed, the famous "table cloth", hanging over the mountain with the same name at Cape Town. At least the runway could be seen underneath the clouds, ... ... and a beautiful view o
  7. In the upcoming weeks I will bother you with some flights and places we have visited during our holiday in September. Maybe boring to you, but for me this is one of the bigger pleasures of sim flying... Here we go, and I´ll skip the night flight with Singapore´s A350 into their home town. We start with a budget flight in the morning (well, the worst was the check-in procedure, the rest was as expected and therefore reasonable). Ready for boarding. Engines started... ... and off we go. The usual ship meet in front of Singers.
  8. In my last post I arrived in Munich and asked where my next flight might be going. Martyn guessed "Andorra", and today we will see if he was right. Here we get ready with the plane & airline of choice. Flight number is SQ327 for those who want to spoil. Let´s go! Munich city... ... and the airport, seen from a southern fly-by. The Chiemsee with the alps in the background. Today we even use the center tanks. Slightly later, passing the Crimea. Mt. Elbrus in the
  9. The southern end of Lake Guri does look a bit strange... maybe there was not enough data for the coastline? N 7°84020, W 63°94239
  10. As a result of the recent Milviz sale, T.C. was flying again to pick up his friend Rick in Kanaohe... ... and went up the road to Robin Master´s Nest to meet P. I. Thomas. Along Pali Hwy, ... ... overlooking Pearl Harbour. As usual, our heros were on a special mission... ... to drop some strictly confidential documents at the military part of PHNL.
  11. ... though it is not easy to make such documentation on night flights, neither in real (blurry) nor in the sim (too dark). The real one shown here was not our plane, I just could not move my camera in the terminal to the correct position. Last chance to see something during climbout: You will not be surprised by a ) I can not compare this shot with a real counterpart b ) I have flown this approach so often, you may not only ask me the frequencies and course, but also the waypoints. Now off for some autumn touring in GEN...
  12. Took off from Tympaki westwards to Agia Galini, where you can see a monument to remember the flight of Dedalus and Ikarus that is suspected to have been done here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icarus Towards the islands of Paximadi, a tour which is much easier in the sim than in RL. But they look so nice... Enjoying Henrik Nielsens ships (sometimes even doubled), ... ... and climbing over Mires, Messara plain... ... towards the village of Zaros, ... ... which is the entry to the Rouvas Gorge. Looking
  13. I suspect this is a vector issue, but feel free to move this inspiration to another place (OLC?). With the full FTXG package the military airfield of Tympaki has a village to the south. Which is wrong, in reality it must be to the north. BTW, the placement of roads and villages in the entire southern Crete is not as precise as I have observed in most other parts of this little planet. Is there any data or RL picturing we could support with?
  14. Stockholm-Arlanda to Notodden. Arrived at Notodden at 1:15 pm, so i can use the whole length of the runway for landing. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  15. I must have made something wrong with my current reinstall. The shore is present next to KLAX airport (you can see the remaining sand), but the sea uses a wrong landclass - it is citylike. Does anyone know a cure? PS: Installation sequence was Global base, vector, openLC_EU, regions, airports. I do remember that after installation of the NRM region (from DVD) FTX Central gave me an error warning "Terrain.cfg has no landclass info", therefore I moved a working terrain.cfg in that place (which was made just after the FTXG packages were installed).
  16. ... the chance to discover KPSP: It was waiting for some months on my HDD now, and I never made my way down there. Now here we are, from KSFO... ... across Edwards AFB... ... into Palm Springs:
  17. Hello, after adding the Koehlbrand bridge from the DEX landmarks package I have the same phenomenon in Hamburg that we know from the Sydney harbour bridge: A road on zero level under the bridge. Does someone know which file(s) to deactivate to overcome this? PS: I forgot to add the coordinates into the screenie. You can find them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%B6hlbrand_Bridge
  18. ... this is currently only possible in the air. Inspired by Jürgens help request I did a quick tour from my home base... ... following the A7 northwards and passing the snowdome at Bispingen. http://www.snow-dome.de/ Entering Hamburg from the south means crossing the harbour: The Volksparkstadion ahead (they change the sponsor and name often, but I don´t care!), and a hockey field to my right: The location of the hockey field is a bit confusing, it might be Flottbeck: http://www.gthgc.de/club/index.html Continuing the round shows the Aussenalster (left), the Binnenalster wit
  19. I do not know which Flight Simulator version was active when we got this cup for the last time. Times have changed... Think I do not have to comment all these iconic spots here. The obvious flight is under the line... Hmmm, no white jerseys on the field? But orange ones? Wolter, have you done this estadio ? After all, the details make a great impression of Rio. The simming world has grown with FTX!
  20. The German national team on the way from Porto Seguro... ... to Rio. Awful lots of detail in the city - which reduce my frame rate to Seattle level. I will have to take a lighter aircraft for the city tour... The Brazilians are great hosts, and provide fantastic support. Hope it helps!
  21. Jon Murchison did us the favour to create one of the best fitting liveries for the connection to PNG: The 1980´s Airbus "Big Bird": Taking off northwards from Cairns (in Global Hybrid mode, so not with the full details of Oceania); North Queensland coast ... ... and the Barrier Reef, as long as it´s there: A good hour later, the downwind to AYPY: Final: And enjoying ground service: A big THANK YOU, Jon! PS: Find the livery on http://www.flightsim.co.nz/
  22. Since I have seen this movie for the first time years ago, I wanted to repeat it in the sim. The pilots requested for a special sightseeing tour at FL 200-220, and - since it was a public holiday - were allowed to fly through inactive military areas. http://www.amazon.de/PilotsEYE-tv-ACROSS-ALPS-Wien-Cockpitflight/dp/B00191PKRM/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1404416496&sr=8-16&keywords=pilotseye So it became one of my first flights with FTXG. Starting from Vienna´s 16, ... ... following the Danube near Linz ... ... towards Innsbruck. The austrian alps to the left, ...
  23. Hi, I did a short flight out of the valley to the south east end of Lake Geneva (starting from Sion). I can confirm: The roads and the railway are absolutely precise in Vector, but the powerlines destroy the impression, and should ideally be deleted completely: BTW, these powerlines go all the way from Sion along Martigny, Villeneuve and up northwards - incorrectly. Thanks for taking up all our findings!
  24. Don't you just love discovering new places when you fly around. Having just downloaded the Iceland demo I came across this whilst flying past Dalvik.
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