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Found 3 results

  1. To whoever can clarify this for me. I was wondering why the products that I have purchased and can see as vivid colour and not greyed out in the FTXCentral window….those products, the number of them, lets say 52 of them, that number does not match the number of items in the online list that has the word info beside each product. Should not those two lists match in the number of products? Why are there 2 lists? That online list for me has 33 items in the list as opposed to 52 in the FTXCentral window. Could it be that one includes free OrbX products (52) but the other is only purchased ones (33)? Even that does not make sense since there are over 24 free airports that I believe I downloaded not including 2 Holgermeshes and 2 Demos or the 2 Airport packs. Can anyone help me with that? How do I know I have all the free ones installed. I have to check this over again. Thanks Peter.
  2. I am a newbie to Orbx and I wnated to check if the orbx eu scotland ( other europen countries ) can eb installed with only the FTX centreal or if other FTx global prodcuts are needed. probably a stupid question so sorry in advance Pete
  3. Hello everyone, Please allow me to firstly apologise for the extended downtime we've had this week on the forums and the website. Believe me, it's not by choice that this has happened and we're working with Jay to try to get things back on track. Jay's service provider has moved several servers to new hardware and the migration process has not been quite as smooth as hoped. This is not Jay's fault, he has been up to early hours of several mornings to try to minimise the impact. Please be aware that this server migration was forced upon us by a third party hosting company and not planned by us but we're hoping it stabilizes very soon. We would never release a major update like FTX Central 2.1 and then choose to migrate servers at the same time. We have been planning a coordinated and disruption-free move to completely new hosted servers in July and we may move that forward now. The second issue Is some people seem to be experiencing is disruptions to ground textures etc from the migration to FTX Central 2.1 Unified lclookup. Whilst the overwhelming majority of users will have no issues there seems to be some who are experiencing an incomplete migration. Again, I apologise for this and despite months of extensive testing (since mid-April) some issues have slipped through the cracks. We've discovered one bug already that affect FTX NZ regions and the fix is ready to be pushed out. To put things into context FTX Central v2.1 has been installed by over 7,000 people, with only around 10 people reporting issues so far. Now for the good news! It's not a disaster for those with corrupt textures and other issues, because all the files you need to display everything properly are all still there, and we'll push out a fix ASAP. However, here's what we don't want folks to do: Don't try to establish expert solutions on non-Orbx forums - this is only going to do further damage to your installations. Don't try to manually revert to the pre-unified FTX Central setup. The migration is a very complex process and cannot be easily reverted. If you haven't downloaded the latest Orbxlibs or migrated FTX Central, please hold off doing so for a few days until the team can push a fix out. At present Ben McClintock is at 35,000FT over the Pacific Ocean flying to LAX then JFK for the FlightSimCon 2016 conference this weekend. He has been made aware of these issues and he'll likely address them as soon as he can connect and investigate. So once again I'm very sorry, we're aware of the situation and we're doing our best in the circumstances given the server dramas and most of the management team travelling to the US.
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