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Found 57 results

  1. Hello, I just bought couple days ago FTX Global Base Pack and I'm very happy and very impressed with the new textures. Basically FSX SE is turned in a whole new simulator and no Impact on FPS. So I'm planning to buy FTX Vector and FTX OpenLC Europe. My question is can somebody tell me what the differenceis between FTX Global Base Pack and FTX OpenLC Europe and FTX Vector? I would be very thankful if someone can post a two screenshots on the same airport for example (LYPG, LYBE or LYTV) one with FTX Global Base Pack and one with FTX Global and OpenLC Europe or together with FTX Vector so I can see the difference between this products. Cheers Almedin
  2. Hello , Suddenly i dont have any Airport in the "disabled AEC" Field after running the auto configuration . The Field "AEC is disabled for" stays blank. Before after running autoconfiguration there was many Airports inside this Field. When i put manually an Airport in the disabled Field it will be deleted after running auto configuration . I have already reinstalled Global Vector but the Problem still persist . Thanks for help . Transaction ID: 598ac90c55e1a Michael
  3. Hi There simmers! Two screenshots for the start. Montenegro near LYPG Airport, FTX Global. Over the Serbia, on road to Belgrade FTX Global. Montenegro clear sky, dusk! AirSerba Airbus A319.
  4. Haven't shared in awhile, so figured I'd stop in. Here are a handful departing out of Minden (MEV), then cruising around Reno and back to MEV. Enjoy
  5. Sunset arrival inbound JFK. FTX OL NA + Vector + Base. Envshade providing night brightness enhancement...
  6. From P3D v3 and now in P3D v4, FTX vector do not shape the lagoona correctly. Same in FSX SE.
  7. I have all of FTX Global products, AU, New Zealand North and South, Rockies North and Central, California North and South, Bozeman airport, San Diego airport and when I fly out of any of these areas the graphics are superb than around 50 to 100 miles from anywhere I am going to land bam all blurred. I run I7 6700 unlocked at 4.5, GTX 1070 8g card, 32 g Gskill 3200 ram running at 3200 so what gives? Do I have to uncheck areas I am not flying? I only fly one aircraft VRS Superbug F-18E new version capable of running in Prepar 3d v4.1, and sometimes the textures start blurry and then come in later in flight. I play Tom Clancy's wildland, Far Cry 5, and other graphic hogs and no problems so what's up with these textures is it the object flow v2? AL traffic and jetways are black and then come in when I first start prepar 3d v4.1 for Bozeman and San Diego I fly the Raptor and F-35 textures are fine not as good looking as Orbx but no blurry textures in beginning of flight or at the end so something isn't jiving between Prepar 3d v4.1 and Orbx. I would like some help please, spent a lot of money on your products I have uninstalled Prepar 3D V4.1 and Orbx your testers must have some tips to make these products at least run properly!
  8. Census in some forums is that this may be caused by Global, Vector, or OpenLC, but seems to be a common problem. Any thoughts as to why lighting in the distance isn't portraying? The following two images were taken in Chicago. One looking west and one looking east from different spots, but both towards the city center. Any help appreciated, Nick
  9. ORDER# 59d0690312716. Greetings. I'm new at this so I hope I am doing it the right way. It happnes that I installed the Base pack and the vector pack and some textures were such a mess! (P3D v3) I removed all Orbx products and the P3D Then reinstall P3D v3 Textures now work but the FTX Vector doesn't apply any changes to P3D (it did before and it does in my FSX) I have installed and uninstall the FTX Vector SEVEN times, I have even tried the manually download version and the internet download (just in case), it takes 8 hours daily to do the whole process, either way, and the Vector still does no change! Before my liver explodes I beg someone to assit me What is going wrong??? I have Central v3
  10. I had to reinstall FTX Vector on my FSX-SE. After installation and starting the configtool I got this message: No installed simulator was found on your system! FTX VECTOR Configurator will now exit! Of course I have FSX-SE installed and is present in the register. Same message when starting the Global Light Configurator. How can I fix this? Regards, Don
  11. Hi, I have tried the terrain.cfg fix but did not work, all products up to date via ftx central v3? Any ideas would be appreciated. thanks.
  12. Hello, I have installed ftx vector 1.51 and the configuration tool is inactive. How it can be activated? I have to run AEC and in the previous versions I used this tool. Thanks, vgb Transaction ID: 585031a3944f8
  13. Hello everybody, my name's Cristiano. I just bought FSX-SE + REX 4 and FTX Global + FTX Global Vector + FTX Global OpenLC Europe. After FSX I installed FTX Global with success and, after some problem because the update, alse FTX Vextor. Unfortunately when I try to launch the Vector configuration tool, it didn't start. In the screenshot you can see the warning message. Before writing here, I tried looking into the forum, but I didn't find similar situation. In any case I would like to apologize in advance if I missed any resolution topic. Thank you Cristiano p.s. I also looked for any vector conf files hoping to find a wrong path setting, but without success
  14. Hi I just updated my FTV Vector product through FTX Central v3.1.0.2. All went well until I ran my FSX:SE for a second session, my Norton Security kicked in, despite the FTX Central app and all other FSX folders being excluded through "Silent Mode". I've been successfully running FSX:SE and ORBX products this way for years now. My Norton Auto-Protect function advised that "Heur.AdvML.B" was being removed. I couldn't stop that process. Now I run FTX Central and my Vector Control Panel isn't accessible - button greyed out. FTX Central advised me to send the log file to Orbx staff - attached for consideration. Does anyone know what's happened here and how I can recover things? Thanks Rupert ftxc3.log
  15. Hello! Airport Entebbe After installing FTX Vectors rises to a plateau, which I can not eliminate by my own power and available programs. AEC finds no problems with this airport, probably because this airport is the default. The most ugly thing is that the plateau captures water. with FTX Vector: default FSX: with FTX Vector: default FSX: with FTX Vector: default FSX: with FTX Vector: default FSX: I have ADE170 and AFX programs and I tried with their help to limit the size of the plateau within the land area, but I do not have any experience in developing and editing scenarios and, accordingly, I did not succeed. Is it possible to reduce the size with these programs, or does it need some other tools? Sincerely. Yuri Travkin. Sorry for my english.
  16. Hi, Can someone help me here please ? I was asked by a msg to post this to forum, I presume this is the correct one as i'm not able to get a complete download of "Vector" into my P3D v3 system without getting this message (attached) Many thanks Keith
  17. Order #FSS0448854 Hi guys, I am having problems updating to FTX Vector version 1.45 I've downloaded it and when using FTX central for P3D v3 it gets so far then never completes. Are others experiencing this please ? and if so how do prevent it. Sheldo
  18. I saw that Vector was having issues and was resolved but I am still unable to download it from FTX Central. I have attached a screenshot of the log.
  19. Hello- I recently got an FTX Cental account and purchased a handful (4) of your products for a fresh and dedicated Windows 10 PC, fresh Prepar3d v3 sim - no other add ons. First download (FTX Base) went well. Second download (Vector) and crash - or really stall! FTX Central 3 would not open. Prepar3d would not launch. After some searching - I was able to get FTX Central 3 to open. I then uninstalled Vector and now Prepar3d still won't open. It gets hung up - the splash screen goes away (after saying "loading scenary") and the app still runs (I have to End Task via Task Manager, and retry). I am getting nowhere and was hoping you could help me untangle whatever I got tangled into with Vector or Central 3 or whatever. Prepar3d was running without issue prior to this.
  20. One of the great leaps forwards in the ORBX world was Global Vector, another part of adding that extra little bit of realism as well as aiding IFR flying. Here are a couple of comparison shots from Thailand. 1. Coming from the left is Motorway 9 (Kanchanaphisek Road) which joins the Asian Highway 1 by the starboard wingtip.. 2. On the ground at the junction with M9 and AH1. The colourful buildings are the Mahachulalongkorn Rachawitthayalai University. Just one mile down the road is another big junction and the traffic is horrendous. 3. 11 miles north is the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Hwy 32 is crossed by local road 309A, Rojana Road. 4. 24 years ago, when I lived here, it was just an ordinary cross roads, no dual carriageways then. I cannot believe how much the area has changed. As it was raining on my journey this year the RL shots here were taken in 2014.
  21. Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I bought the FTX global base pack v1.4 (FSS0435183) for FSX. I was really satisfied with this product and decided to buy FTX global vector v1.35 (FSS0442754). However, after the installation of FTX global vector all the roads into my simulator were gone. - According to me the scenery library is build up in the correct way. - FTX central states that FTX global base pack and FTX global vector are installed. - In the FTX global vector configuration tool every checkbox is checked. - I have installed FS Global 2010 X and FS Global ultimate for all regions in the world. So my question is, can somebody help me with this issue? Many thanks in advance for your reply. Kind regards, Menno Koens
  22. Hello. I'm nugget & newbie with OBRX / FTX products. However, I have been using FSX for many years. At any rate today, I purchase 3 ORBX products, and installed them [FTX Global Base, FTX Global Vector, FTX Open LC - NA/A/C, most recent Libraries 151108, and FTX Global NA Airports (freeware) ], because I have been in the hunt for awhile to update my FS world scenery & environment to what I thought would be a huge improvement over stock FSX installation. So I jumped in with both feet, and bought the ORBX packages that I thought would accomplish that objective.. So, after spending many, many hours downloading and installing, (and waiting for that 'unwrapper/wrapper' app to do its thing), I fire up FSX for first time and set the FSX settings per ORBX documentation, and go to my favorite airport KNTU (NAS Oceana) .... Only to be very disappointed. First issue: Trees on taxiway & parking areas, etc Second issue: Houses & other 'land-based' autogen objects out in the ocean, just east of KNTU Third issue: Generally, what I can tell, the installation of the OBRX products did nothing to improve the scenery environment experience. I say this, because I did a cross country flight from KNTU to KCRW (Yeager), and when I got to KCRW, it was riddled even worse with scenery problems - Mountains, land-masses in middle of runways, same issue with trees on runways, water effects where they shouldn't be, and other generally misplacement of objects. I installed the OBRX products in the order listed, as shown in the first paragraph I have tried selecting both Global & North America as the active product in FTX Central FSX setting are set exactly per the OBRX documentation, but I tried tweaking them around to gauge effects I have .NET 4.5.2 installed My PC hardware should be more than robust to handle job: AMD Quad-Core 4.0GHZ // 16 GB DDR5 RAM // GPU Nvida GTX750i (2 GB) -- PC is new and only about 3 months old I though that given the ORBX products that I installed, would have been such of an 'overhaul', that none of the ugly default FSX would be left on my PC. I'm very disappointed, and I very frustrated given the $$$ I spent on these products. I would like one of two things: (a) Either fix these issues [misplaced, out of placed scenery, etc]; Or (b) Refund of my money Please get back with me. Thanks. TomU. Order #: FSS0435333
  23. New York in Vector and Global glory. Can't wait for OpenLC NA Pt. 2. This is for all the Dash lovers out there who've been digging around in all the new features in the Pro version. I built a mocked-up company RNP/GPS approach using the Pro Q400's new FMS functionality, Google Earth and a few other hacks. Not really realistic. Certainly not legal to fly. Fun, though, to explore the possibilities and figure it all out. Best, Marshall
  24. This is as much for pilots wanting to learn how to fly some exotic instrument aproach procedures as look at the scenery. Orbx's freeware KAJO, in Prepar3d 3.0, Global and Vector. The Mighty Dash takes on the formidable KAJO-KVCV ODP, hold and full VOR/DME approach to Runway 17. In other words, PilotEdge's notorious I-11 exam--minus ATC, in this case. Includes DME arc goodness and tutorial on flying holds. This really should be done in a smaller, slower airplane. But The Mighty D can do it all! Best, Marshall https://youtu.be/JjF3j-eAYG0
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