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Found 35 results

  1. Hello, I just bought couple days ago FTX Global Base Pack and I'm very happy and very impressed with the new textures. Basically FSX SE is turned in a whole new simulator and no Impact on FPS. So I'm planning to buy FTX Vector and FTX OpenLC Europe. My question is can somebody tell me what the differenceis between FTX Global Base Pack and FTX OpenLC Europe and FTX Vector? I would be very thankful if someone can post a two screenshots on the same airport for example (LYPG, LYBE or LYTV) one with FTX Global Base Pack and one with FTX Global and OpenLC Europe or together with FTX Vector so I can see the difference between this products. Cheers Almedin
  2. Hi There simmers! Two screenshots for the start. Montenegro near LYPG Airport, FTX Global. Over the Serbia, on road to Belgrade FTX Global. Montenegro clear sky, dusk! AirSerba Airbus A319.
  3. Haven't shared in awhile, so figured I'd stop in. Here are a handful departing out of Minden (MEV), then cruising around Reno and back to MEV. Enjoy
  4. Sunset arrival inbound JFK. FTX OL NA + Vector + Base. Envshade providing night brightness enhancement...
  5. One of the great leaps forwards in the ORBX world was Global Vector, another part of adding that extra little bit of realism as well as aiding IFR flying. Here are a couple of comparison shots from Thailand. 1. Coming from the left is Motorway 9 (Kanchanaphisek Road) which joins the Asian Highway 1 by the starboard wingtip.. 2. On the ground at the junction with M9 and AH1. The colourful buildings are the Mahachulalongkorn Rachawitthayalai University. Just one mile down the road is another big junction and the traffic is horrendous. 3. 11 miles north is the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Hwy 32 is crossed by local road 309A, Rojana Road. 4. 24 years ago, when I lived here, it was just an ordinary cross roads, no dual carriageways then. I cannot believe how much the area has changed. As it was raining on my journey this year the RL shots here were taken in 2014.
  6. New York in Vector and Global glory. Can't wait for OpenLC NA Pt. 2. This is for all the Dash lovers out there who've been digging around in all the new features in the Pro version. I built a mocked-up company RNP/GPS approach using the Pro Q400's new FMS functionality, Google Earth and a few other hacks. Not really realistic. Certainly not legal to fly. Fun, though, to explore the possibilities and figure it all out. Best, Marshall
  7. This is as much for pilots wanting to learn how to fly some exotic instrument aproach procedures as look at the scenery. Orbx's freeware KAJO, in Prepar3d 3.0, Global and Vector. The Mighty Dash takes on the formidable KAJO-KVCV ODP, hold and full VOR/DME approach to Runway 17. In other words, PilotEdge's notorious I-11 exam--minus ATC, in this case. Includes DME arc goodness and tutorial on flying holds. This really should be done in a smaller, slower airplane. But The Mighty D can do it all! Best, Marshall https://youtu.be/JjF3j-eAYG0
  8. An L.A. to Palm Springs short hop. Done expressly to try out another sweeping RNP approach and enjoy how well the new Mighty Dash Pro is to fly by hand. Just one problem: It's now so good that any glitch is purely the pilot's fault. It's not the airplane. All the same, it's worth it! Best, Marshall
  9. Right from the start, I knew this would be a rocky one. Toronto City on a typically windy day. Edited out a section where I walk through the appproach plate, because I get some facts wrong. Anyway, took off with a 33kt crosswind forecast. Arrived to a 38kt gusting tailwind. Opted for a circling approach to 26. Gusts were so severe and unstable that the landing became a touch-and-go. Nailed it the second time, though. Bravo to Active Sky Next. And I think anyone looking to see both the right and the wrong way to do things, will find plenty to enjoy. I learned a lot myself and, gotta say, haven't had this much fun in awhile! Best, Marshall
  10. Short VFR flight in the Comanche 250 today. Started from Saint John Airport (CYSJ), headed north-west to Long Island than followed the river south-west to Saint John. Turned right and followed the St.John River north to Grand Lake. The final part was to the west and landing at Fredericton Internation Airport (CYFC). I really love the variety of the openLC magic Thanks for watching^^
  11. I arrived in Canada some days ago and flying across the country to Alaska at the moment. Here are a few shots of the leg from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg.
  12. Have not been to Taiwan for a long time so Uni Air provide the transport for a short flight over the mountains from west to east. I did remark when the Dash 8 was released 2 weeks ago about the lack of B- registered examples. I have looked at the production lists and found out the reason. There are not many Dash 8s in China and Taiwan at all. 1. Leaving RCKU at Chiayi, showing how great Global Base and Vector is. 2. Active Sky Next in live mode provides the final touch as we climb over Chiayi 3. Some spectacular roads and a tunnel but I have forgotten where this was taken. 4. Still climbing to FL150 to get over the mountains. 5. 6. Close up of the wonderful Virtualcol Dash 8. The green stripe on the rudder is a clue to Eva Air's connection to Uni Air. 7. Over the top and starting a steep descent to RCFN Taitung. 8. 9. Nearly at Taitung at dusk. 10. Another satisfactory landing. Hope you enjoyed the flight.
  13. Thought I would go and see where Gerold lives in Germany. Very pleased to see Hanover was a short flight from EDVY. 1. Warming up the trusty Dash 8. 2. Try the grass runway. 3. Off with plenty of room to spare. 4. The Weser River 5. Following the Weser Hills at Nammen 6. ETHB Achum. 7. Below is the Mittelland Canal with the town of Stadthagen 8. Leaving Steinhuder Meer in our wake. 9. EDDV and lining up for 09R 10. Osterwald Oberende. 11. Almost there. I hope Gerold is around. 12. Not sure, but I think this plane is from Munich (Irony). 13. Yay! Down in one piece again. A real delight to fly the Dash8. Hope you enjoyed this short flight. I think my geography is right Gerold.
  14. Problems with the internet service means I have had all week end off line. It is working again but I don't know how long for. Just before if shut down on Saturday morning I was able to buy EDVY and the Alabeo Cessna 207 to celebrate the Labour Day lone week end. Bigpond is back working again but for how long? 1. After 3 attempts at downloading, the internet kept shutting down, I finally got Porta Westfalica installed. 2. Another three attempts and Alabeo's Cessna 207 was ready to go. Plenty of nice little touches in this airport like the Robinson buzzing around. 3. Climbing to look at the latest scenery and to see how the Cessna handles. 4. The junction of 2 and 30 at Bad Oeynhausen. Vector at it's best again. 5. Back over EDVY and the Mittlerer See. 6. Like the train, reminds me of Southampton! 7. The Emperor William Monument. 8. Jacobberg Telecommunications Tower. 9. 10. Heading back to EDVY for my first attempt at landing the 207. 11. Will try the grass this time. 12 All looking good. 13. Down in one piece with the Westphalian Gap and the 2 land marks in the background. Well done Thomas and congratulations for producing such a wonderful airfield. For those who have yet to get it the Alabeo Cessna 207 is a top class aeroplane.
  15. The second and concluding part of my flight in Western Spain. The first part can be found here. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/93442-thank-you-rick-stein/ 13. Still following the A66 and N630 roads now in the Monte Valcorchero area. 14. Climbing in the mountainous area around Hervas. 15. Embalse de Banos with Sierra de Allamoros in the background. 16. At Bungalows de Canadas showing the difference between the old and new roads. Doesn't Vector give that final touch to the scenery.. 17. At Cantagallo we crossed into Salamanca Province from Extramadura. 18. Still climbing at the town of Bejars which lies below Sierra de Candelario. 19. Guijuelo is next to Embalse de Santa Teresa. 20. Close to our destination and over the historical University town of Salamanca on the Rio Tormes. 21. We say goodbye to A-66 and now pick up the A-62 for a short distance at Poliglono ios Villares Reina. 22 Time to drop em and land at Salamanca's military airfield. 23. The airport is situated at Castaneda jus 8 miles east of Salamanca. 24. The end of a great flight., made special by FTX OLC EU and Vector.
  16. Lets go back to the 3rd January. I sat having lunch and watching Rick Stein on the TV, may have been his Mediterranean Escape. He was in Spain and passing through the area of Extramadura. So this prompted me to go and have a look. 1. We start our trip from Badajoz. Extramadura has a population of 1.1 million which is only 2.3% of the Spanish population. 2. Passing Embalse de los Canchales. Extramadura is an important wild life area. 3. Over Merida, the capital city of Extramadura has 58 thousand inhabitants. 4. The Rio Guadiana flows through the city. 5. Now heading north near Carmontina. 6. Following the A66 with the N630 road heading off to Caceres. 7. Now we are over Caceres 8. Embalse do Jose Maria Oriol. Black Iberian pigs inhabit the region and feed mainly on acorns. 9. Rio Tajo with the A66 viaduct. The pigs are cured as Jamon Iberico, the more acorns in the pigs diet, the better the flavour, the higher the price. 10. Extramadura is the 5th largest Spanish Autominous Communuity. 11. Another big junction at Canaveral with the N630 still with us. 12. The EX-A1 road crosses here near Plasencia, isn't Vector a wonderful addition to EU OLC. A great aid for navigation. Well that is the first part of this flight. Watch out for it's conclusion.
  17. 15 minutes before I go out for lunch I thought I would see if Lijiang in China had been successfully installed last night. Also a good opportunity to crank up the volume on the 757 as I just love the whine of those RB211s and the missus is at work today. 1. So all is there at ZPLJ in Yunnan Province, you will have to take my word for it. 2. Climbing away and setting a heading of 090. 3. Climbing to FL350. 4. Flying into the sunrise. 5. In the vicinity of Hung-Wang Shan. Set the heading to 080 to aim for a little more land, it is just over 1000miles to the coast. 6. One last shot before I go. 7. Almost 1 1/2 hours later and back from lunch. The 757 is still purring along nicely at FL350, wonder where I am. 8. A quick look on Google Earth and much to my surprise only 90 miles from ZSSS which is one of Shangjhai Airlines bases. 9. What follows is one of the reasons why I enjoy FS so much. Using the coordinates from Google Earth and those little red letters in the top LHS of the screen I will find ZSSS. 10. Over the town of Cixi and turning North. 11. Reaching the northern side of Hangzhou Bay at Jinshan. 33 miles to go. 12. ZSSS is well in sight now after a few minor course adjustments. The city is to the right. 13. All hanging down and locked. 14. Plenty of detail in the Global Base and Vector. It will be even better when OLC is in this part of the world. 15. The elevated road and other highway are well represented by Vector and with OLC hopefully the built up area of Hanghua Ecrun will be represented. 16. A fairly smooth touch down in the 757, not bad considering it was my first landing with it. Flown the last 25 miles manually, quite exhilarating too. So there we have it, sorry to you purists out there with my "cheating" navigation but I successfully found my way to somewhere I had never flown to before. A last word from the late and great George Harrison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9dOkm0e_JA
  18. So today I decided to take a nice leisurely flight from Tahiti over to the Cook Islands. Thought this would be a good opportunity to check out the FTX global scenery and FS Global mesh around these islands. Weather today was beautiful with little clouds, however over at Rarotonga Intl it was raining on and off. Generally though it seemed like a lovely day for flying. Having packed the bags, we boarded on the excellent Pilatus PC12, with the morning mist and low clouds we prepared for takeoff. We followed the VAIT3E SID, out of Faaa International Airport from Tahiti: The cloud coverage appeared to be increasing as we flew on, and turbulence became a bit of an issue. Generally however we stayed above the clouds. My favourite screenshot, cruising at 28,000 ft. It was a quiet flight, but the view from the back nearing the Top of Descent was still pretty good: Dropping down to 24,000 ft to try and reduce some headwinds, we encountered some more turbulence, but this time with some rain. We were getting close to the Cook Is., made evident by the increasing bit of rain we were encountering. Here's an action shot, trying to keep her steady from the Copilot's seat: As we descended, the cloud coverage definitely got pretty thick, and I was a bit worried about sticking the landing. As we near our turn to final, the weather's definitely turned for the worse. It didn't help that a) my GPS starting to screw up after I tried to load the STAR and flying blind in clouds trying to figure out the ILS frequency to input manually. However the Cook Is is off in the distance, and I think I'm just about far enough out to start a normal descent from 3,000 ft. Coming onto Finals, following the ILS, I take a few breaths as the wind buffets the turboprop: At last, we should be steady enough for a hand flown landing: Or so I thought. This probably won't end well. Success! The PC12 is down in one piece, despite a bounce and landing off centreline. I think I'm going to need a holiday from all that flying. Time to grab the bags and head out! The end!
  19. Never flown in Greece so with the latest Global EU airport pack (#7) the moment seemed right. The island of Zakynthos was chosen for my first look at the Med. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  20. Over 30 years ago when I lived in England I used to like those rainy days especially when I was at home. The fire would be on and I would read, listen to music or get my aircraft registers up to date ready for the next spotting trip. Today here in Oz it is stinking hot, 37 now and going for a top of 41C. Started work at 5:30 and home by 11:30. Air con is on and after watching the EPL highlight show from Sunday it is time for a flight on the computer. Just brought the Lionheart Robin (just wish the sales would finish) so time to go to Southampton to try it out on a short flight to Popham. 1. Wasn't expecting this weather though. One of those nice stay at home days. 2. Over the railway works at Eastleigh. 3. There is Woodside Avenue at Boyatt Wood where I used to live. 4. Now picking up the M3 at Otterbourne. Today with the cloud base at 800 ft a bit of local knowledge helps, follow the M3 and we will get to Popham. 5. Bar End on the outskirts of Winchester. 6. The Winnall Trading Estate. Just out of view the graceful old concrete arch bridge that carried the Alresford Road over the old A33 has been replaced by a modern bridge. 7. There are only low rolling hills in this area so no danger of hitting terra firma. 8. With the A33 and M3 roads running together means the A303 will soon be in sight. Popham is to the left of the junction on the A303. 9. Not being used to the Robin I made a real pig's ear of a landing attempt first time around so I will go around. 10. The second try wasn't much better. 11. I will try 26 and see if I can get down. 12. Lined up but the Robin is all over the place like a mad dog's breakfast. 13. Down at the third attempt. Hope I didn't scare too many drivers on the A303. 14. Parked up safely.
  21. Too many things to acclaim here. Put together FTX Global, Vector, Pilots Mesh, ASN, Wing Creation Fukushima Airport the Lionheart Mooney Acclaim all into P3D and there is plenty to cheer about. Thanks to all you developers out there for making this such an absorbing pastime. A pleasant flight in Honshu Island from RJSF Fukushima to RJSC Yamagata. 1. Over route 63 with RJSC in the background. 2. Sukagowa. 3. Koriyama 4. About 35 miles north of the airport is Fukushima with the Tohoku Expressway on the right. 5. 6. Passing route 264 which ends at Dorobu in the mountains 7. Kaminoyama 8. Yamagata with some spectacular mountains to the east. 9. Approaching Yamagata Airport with a tricky 20knt cross wind. 10.
  22. G'day Mr BPL Here are a few screen shots taken around KBUY NC. 1. 21st June 12:20 2. 21st June 12:30 3. 1st October 12:30 4. 21st December 12:30 5. 21st June 12:30 6. 21st June 12:30 7. Lake Mackintosh. Hope these shots are useful to you. Great detail in lake Mackintosh. I would not be without the add on mesh. Used FSGenesis with FSX but Vector and Global are best with Pilots FS Global FTX Compatible. I am now using Pilots with P3D. I fly a lot around Asia when not in dedicated FSX regions and the mesh makes it a fantastic flying experience. As you say both Vector and Global are on sale at the moment and I would say to you buy them. Hope this helps.
  23. After yesterdays 2 aborted flights I decided to give the Boeing 717 a go, and I was not disappointed. This flight is from Don Mueang to Lijiang in China. This is the longest flight I have attempted in real time. 1. The 717 getting ready for it's afternoon departure for Lijiang. 2. Climbing out of Don Mueang over the Thupatemee Stadium and the Rangsit Expressway at Rangsit. 3. Looks like it might be a lumpy ride with so many thunder clouds around. 4. The ancient capital of Ayuttaya is below the 717. 5. Now at Lopburi with the army air base just visible between the clouds top left. 6. The next 2 shots show the air base at Takhli. 7. It is home of the RTAF 4th Fighter wing flying F-16's. Spend a lot of time here when in Thailand. 8. Nakorn Sawan is a large army town. The expanse of water is the Bung Boraphet wetlands which attracts many species of water birds. The Ping and Nan rivers join here to form The Chayo Phraya River which flows down to Bangkok. 9. Lightning over Northern Thailand. 10. Mongla which is on the Myanmar China Border. 11. Close to the town of Lingcan is Hunhua Shan Mountain which is just above the 717. 12. Above the town of Yungxian. 13. The Mekong River can be seen snaking through the valley. 14. The town of Dali sits on the lake with the name of Erhai. 15. Just passing to the east of the mountains near Xiheng. With more clouds in the valley just hope that the airport is not obscured today. 16. No clouds today, the airport is clear. 17. A great landing for me but forgot to turn off the auto throttle and used all of the 1.85 miles of runway just stopping in time. An excellent flight that I really enjoyed. At nearly 800 miles the longest one yet, although I did have to use the P button and have 1 hours sleep halfway through the flight! I will say it again, the 717 is a top piece of freeware, just wish there were more repaints.
  24. As many of you already did, I tryed to find the way to EMO with my DC3 to do some medical delivery! Departure from Jacksons International Changing way to East Jungle, alway jungle, again jungle I may do something wrong because I'm lost so I change again to North East Visilibity is getting worst Suddenly, I'm over a valley ! That's the place with the water fall ! Let's do a round over the area to see if there is an airfield Hey, I see something ! Another round then I'm in final All down with low speed, the Dakota is about to stall Fortunately, the runway is a slope and the landing is fine. Brakes are good ! Now, it's time to unload the delivery
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