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Found 20 results

  1. EGPF - EGPR The day started so well. Was going to enjoy the scenery... The weather became more typical of a Scottish autumn day. 'Dreich' as the locals would call it I'm sure I was VFR... Good thing it started to clear, Barra doesn't have an ILS or any other radio marker, just some runway marker posts Anyone want to build some sand castles whilst waiting for their luggage? (note the GSX crew shuttle bus sent for a crew of just 3 on the DHC-6-300).
  2. Here is my new brazilian girlfriend...She is 73 years old but she is still dynamic, nervous, powerful and so pretty... Well she asks me to visit Stonehenge, starting from Compton Abbas...She always decides... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 There we meet Angie, another beautiful young girl...but Angie decides to stay at Salisbury to visit the wonderful cathedral... #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 At the airport, I meet Chief Ski-U-Man & Chief Seatle...We decide to go and visit all together Southern Scotland... #11a #11b #12a #12b #12c But near Aviemore we are meeting Butch, ....!!!!!! #13 Butch ... who is looking for a good distillery ... shortly the 2 Chiefs decide to join him ... #14 ...I continue alone ... upto Inverness but fortunately to see again my brazilian friend... I arrive just at time before the bad Wooooo the Wolf who is looking for her #15 my buddy Max mades a diversion with its attractive plane #16 #17 So again with my dear brazilian...along the beautiful coast ... #18 #19 #20 ... so nice ...so happy time with my brazilian ...so elegant ...so pretty ... ...very good time ... #21
  3. This default P3Dv4 model by Milvis is quite something... the detail is amazing esp. the VC which I forgot to snap this time. Being Scotland it didn't stay dry for long. Thank you for looking.
  4. Would have mentioned this pre FTX Scotland SP4 release if I had kept up to date on what was in the pipeline. Something to add to the low priority to do list is that runways at EGPN are no longer 28/10 but have been renumbered 27/09
  5. The Western Isles... Sometimes I feel like packing our bags and heading up here to live. Life on the edge... Thank you for looking.
  6. From what I can gather, Tayside Aviation Schools are on Dundee and Fife. Dundee Airport Dundee climb out Crossing the bridge at Dundee Fife from the cockpit Let me out Tayside Aviation at Fife
  7. Intrepid birdman MotoDave dives a Carenado into another lucky landing at EGPT Perth, FTX Scotland. Promises of malt from the wee Lassie made him hurry. SlĂ inte!
  8. The Goose loves such short flights in the Shetlands. Just time to unload and the weather is about to change !
  9. Always magic thing flying over Scotland and discovering Castle of Eilean Donan
  10. Click to enlarge Cheers Stu
  11. I picked a new card a couple days ago and it seems to perform quite well in P3D, even with very high anti-aliasing. The great folks at EVGA offered me a GTX Titan Black SC after my 780 kicked the bucket for some odd reason. The cool thing is I'm seeing close to a whopping 4GB of texture memory being used by P3D V2.2 on the new card. They have really done a great job with what used to be the old ESP engine.
  12. Last hop for me in a Caravan...gonna Aircraft swap to my trusty Avro from Tiree back to the Scottish Mainland. Approaching Tiree Well my new Aircraft is already waiting for me ...Excellent...Now where to ? Stu
  13. Best in 1080p Please enjoy my video featuring the new OrbX FTX Scotland region. I have waited a long time for Scotland my homeland to be done by OrbX and I`m sure I will have many more videos to show of this majestic landscape. Having spent a lot of time walking and climbing in the highlands I can say that OrbX have really done an amazing job. We will take in the scenery from the rugged Western Highlands, Inverness, Stirling and Edinburgh my hometown. Feel free to leave a comment and a like is always appreciated Doogie >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju8fMlYEn_A
  14. Hey guys, I`m currently working on a big video project and thought I would share a few screen grabs from my video editor...I`m not rushing this one as Scotland is my home country and I really want to make this the best video I have ever produced. Hope you enjoy the shots in the meantime Doogie
  15. Benbecula to Barra Interesting Airport.Seems to be built on a mud flat !! Enjoy Stu
  16. Stornoway to Benecula Cheers Stu
  17. Having a ball here chaps...my grand tour of Scotland continues South Out of Kirkwall Buzzing various Islands then hitting the Scottish mainland,then a buzz and break and landing at Wick. No issue with FPS up here chaps..theres just not much around !! cheers Stu
  18. Back in my trusty Avro and off to check out the Submarine base !! Wheels just coming down Cheers Stu
  19. Sumburgh Tingwall Scatsta Unst Fetlar Outer Skerries Whalsay Cheers Stu
  20. Hi everyone. I did the ancestry.com thing last year and discovered my great great grandfather and all my clan come form the Annan/Dumfries area of the Scottish border.He and his wife hopped a boat from Glasgow to Dunedin in NZ in 1872...and the rest is history. So my scottish mates..please confirm to me that i have the following screenshots correct before i show my elderly father. As there seems to be no Airports in these places i have done a fly over. Taking off from Carlisle and heading towards the top of Solway Firth Village of Gretna,right at the top of the Firth heading up towards Prestwick Next village up,and this is Annan (cemetry is full of my ancestors !!) And these last 2 are further up the coast and this is Dumfries..my ancestors spiritual homeland.. My surname is Irving,and from what i can gather this name is still a major surname here !! If i keep going on this track i end up in Prestwick Any confirmations or corrections from you scottish laddies is appreciated Cheers Stu
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