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  1. Some freeware airport I installed is obviously sunk in the terrain. After running AEC tool available in Global Vector, I don't see the elevation gets changed, nor the airport listed in either the enabled or disabled column of the AEC tool. Is there a way to manually change the elevation? I experience this problem in FSX before. Now I moved over to p3d v4, the problem remains same. My scenery addons are Pilot's FSGlobal mesh, Orbx Base and Vector.
  2. As the title says FTX global doesn't show up as installed in the scenery library even though i installed it via FTX central... FTX Norway works though, installed it via FTX central as recommended. Anyone have any clue on what's going on? i would really appreciate some help...
  3. Went on a A2A group flight up from Venice to Bolzano in the mountains of Northern Italy last week and was stunned at just how beautiful the ORBX scenery was. When it came to doing a quick 'getting to know you' flight in the V35B Bonanza it was easy to think of where I wanted to take her.
  4. Hello , This Screenshots i take today at Munich Airport . This Winter Textures are totally sad. What can be the reason for this ? I Use P3Dv4 , FTX Global Base, OpenLC Europe, FTX Global Vector and also FS Global Ultimate. The Gras Textures are from Envtex . Thanks for Help . Michael
  5. Hi There. Just purchased P3Dv4 (just been installed) and I'm having a problem. I'm trying to get FTX Global Base and Vector to show up in P3D. But all I have is the default/vanilla scenery. I'm using FTX Central v3.2.1.1. Which is saying that FTX Global Base, Vector, as well as the libraries are all installed and up to date. They show up in P3D's scenery library screen but not in the 3D world. I was using FTX Global Base and Vector with FSX-Steam just fine. But now that I've moved over to P3D I have basically discarded FSX-Steam. Uninstalling everything FSX-Steam and its addons including
  6. Hello, im with a problem with FTX GLOBAL BASE when I start a game or load the terrain is very good, but after a minute or two flying they turn to unrecognizable terrain. What possible can do this? Images below. Good terrain after start or load a game: http://imgur.com/qd8txcY Two minutes after terrain: http://imgur.com/dYkurnm
  7. Hey there! I'm new to the whole simming experience and I'm trying to set up my orbx with FSX-SE. I've utilized FTX Central to install all the packs, but I can't confirm if FTX Global Base has been installed or not, since I'm not seeing it in the ORBX folder in my FSX root folder, and I don't see it in the scenery library, unless I'm missing something. Could someone please assist? Here's a screengrab of my scenery library. I know about the issues with FTX and FSX-SE, and I've corrected the regedit stuff with the tweak file that I found in another thread. I ju
  8. Going nowhere in particular after taking off from Kai Tak. Enjoying the sunset. 1. 2. 3. then....... oom!
  9. I currently own FTX FS Global 2010, FTX Global BASE and FTX Global Vector all purchased in 2014. Do I have the latest version that will work with P3D v3 or do I need a different version or an upgrade? I can't find any version information anywhere? Is the FTX Global BASE and FTX Global Vector currently on the Orbx site the same version that I already have?
  10. New to computer flight sims ( about 4 months now), own Lic. for FSX SE and P3D v3.3. Can't install FTX Global base in FSX Steam Edition. Installs just fine in P3D v3. FSX SE is not an option when prompted to choose FS version for installation., only option is P3D. Also, FTX Central gives fatal error ocurred message upon opening and choosing FSX SE. I've invested in Global base, NA LC, Vector, 3 North America regions and Airports. Very frustrating that I can't use any of them in FSX SE. Don't understand, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  11. I have just acquired a couple of 737-900s from the Simviation site today, they both work and look really good. The haves. 1. Leaving Juneau banking over Shelter Island in the Favourite Strait. 2. The Boeing 737-990ER(WL) is painted in an adaptation of Alaska Airline's new colour scheme celebrating 100 years of Boeing. The have nots 3. Out of Shenzhen this 737-97L is passing over Dongguan. 4. ZGGG Guangzhou can be seen under the tail. As I type this the 11 year old 737 is awaiting departure from Shanghai to Shenzhen ZH9816, I a
  12. Hello, I seem to be having the same problem that was reported in this thread: LC textures along the coastline of Connecticut USA (just west of KGON) appear to be missing. Screenshots attached. Everything was downloaded on 2016-06-11 and installed the following day, so I believe all downloads to be the latest and greatest versions - FTX Global Base, FTX Vector and PILOT'S FS Global 2010. I can't recall exactly but I believe I installed them in that order. Mesh and vector data appear to be good; it's the texture that's missing. Perhaps I should have installed them in
  13. Good afternoon. I've got a serious problem with the night lighting of FTX global base, practically the 3d lights that I've seen in the product description don't work at all; the lighting is just like the default one... I've checked the light configurator; it's ok. I've also checked the ftx center 2, and everything seems to be normal. I bought the product yesterday, so I'm not very familiar with all the tools it offers... I've also read the manual.. It looks like the lights could appear automatically, but it's not so for me. My sim version is FSX sp2... all the products I've got the
  14. A little fun here with the Ononge Mission Airstrip located on a narrow high ridge in New Guinea, then returning back to base at Kosipe. This is the TAP Tapini product from ORBX that was recently made available. Of course I killed a lot of pilots doing this ...
  15. Hello All!, I'm looking to add FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector to my FSX Steam Edition install. I gather Global Base is compatible with FSX Steam edition, but Global Vector is not, yet? 1) Will FTX Global Vector be made FSX Steam Edition compatible? 2) Will FTX Global Base and/or FTX Global Vector be sold through Steam? 3) Should I plan on purchasing both directly from the website? 4) I gather the products go on sale from time to time, is there any way of being notified of these sales? Thanks all, if I missed the questions being addressed in t
  16. I tried the other night to load a flight plan on P3DV2.4 from SAEZ to FACT but no success. Could not drag the flight path and make my own waypoints. Messed around for about 20 minutes tonight, tried this and that and then decided to load the flight on high level airways. Put the cursor on the flight path at SAEZ and voila, now I can adjust the departure and arrival paths to suit myself. I have chosen to fly a Cathay Pacific 744 From Buenos Aires to Hong Kong via Cape Town. 1. Leaving from Rwy 35 late afternoon and turning east. 2. In the area of B
  17. Bonjour, i essayer installation de base mondiale FTX, mais je dois une erreur, quand je ouvre FTX centrer 2. Vous pouvez voir le journal d'erreur dans le fichier ci-joint. Si quelqu'un peut me aider. Merci Nicolas FSX SP2, Windows 7-64bits, l'ASN, Rex ftxc_error_331.txt
  18. After looking at Google Earth I decided to do a flight from the NA freeware airport KHSP Ingall's Field. Watching as the scenery loaded and no trees or hills, don't say there is a problem. 1. Not much on the horizon 2. Can see now that the airport is on a plateau. 3. Gingerly turning the Aeronca to the east and reaching a heady speed of 55kts. You can see the airport on the right horizon. 4. The Cowpasture River 5. Hwy 60 6. 7. Big and Little House Mountains. 8. 9. Lexington 10. Coming into Balcony Downs Airstrip VA43. The Aeronca C3 is a wonderful little aircraft if but not for
  19. Brad wondered where I would turn up next. How about the holiday island of Phuket. Thai Smile A320 HS-TXA is taking off headed for another exotic location, you can decide where! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  20. I have been eagerly awaiting the KJAC triple installer and was so elated to see it had been released tonight. Started downloading just 3 minutes after it's release but dismayed to see the size of the download at over 4GB. Nearly downloaded now but too soon to bed time to fly tonight. So in the meantime I took my new friend, the CS777, for a flight from Chitose in Japan. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  21. All, Over the weekend, I proceeded to perform a fresh install of my OS and of course, the long task of reinstalling all of my Flight Sim content. When it came time to install FTX Global, I inadvertently installed the 1.10 release of global Base, as this was the go to install for it. It wasn't until almost the end of the install when i received a "fatal exception error" but I wound up continuing the install, which appeared to complete. The error occurred when FTX Central V1 opened up and I tried to click on the apply button, to apply the global base to the sim. This happened three times
  22. My first flight into NSTU coming in from the west. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  23. Just noticed the latest offering is on sale, KBLU Blue Canyon. Not enough time during the week to buy this one, so maybe at the week end. Besides I am still busy doing the P3D re install so that is being given priority form the next few nights with some time to try out what has been installed. Yesterday I discovered the LHC Fairchild 24 which I had not used for ages. Also I saw that OZx would work in P3D so I installed their migration tool and the Grand Canyon. Did not look good at first but then realised I had not updated the scenery library, what a transformation. A flight from K
  24. My other acquisition this week was the Chipmunk. Thought it would be a good idea to give it a flight from KSEZ before (even thought it is way after) my bedtime. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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