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Found 15 results

  1. This flight was done before installing the FTX Central / Orbx Central update. I hope the elevation issues are solved in the meantime. When I started in Tyabb this was not the case... ... but Moorabbin was fine. There is a city coming into view... "Hey Albert, can you tell me the name of the lake?" "Dunno, but this sports park looks interesting." Melbourne Cricket Ground, and you can see the Hilton on the Park with its pool just under the AW-109. This is how the stadium looks from one of t
  2. Just bought KVUO Pearson Field. As such it was my first occasion to experience the new upgraded Central. Many new features. New UI Gauges for DL. New found speed. Amazing. -Braun
  3. HelloIn the beginning I had the choice on FTX CENTRAL for P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 now it has disappeared, I only have P3Dv4 direct that connects?Why ?? At first I had the 2 simulator.Thank you for your helpMIchel
  4. Took a break from flight simming for a while as I was working way up in the boondocks of Northern Ontario here in Canada for the last two years. Decided to get back into the hobby and what do I find? The easiest, quickest and most organized method of getting my OrbX-FTX scenery installed and kept up to date. As well as the fastest way to find out what's installed and what's not along with a super fast way to now purchase scenery from you guys. AWESOME job! P3D V3 has never looked as good as it does now. Cheers!
  5. Hi, I have an extremely frustrating issue with P3D v4 & any Orbx product I install through FTX Central v3. This actually started the weekend after the 55% off sale. I had P3D v3 at the time and bought and installed OpenLC NA & Europe and AU Australia. I had Global Base, Vector & HD Trees already installed. After I installed the new products, P3D would crash & not respond during the scenario loading, when the terrain was loading at about 25%. The event viewer showed this application error: Application: Prepar3D.exe Framework Version:
  6. Hello, Congrats on the pulling together of everything with FTX Central 3. I've just been going through and updating everything, as well as adding the new bonuses. All has gone well, except for three airports. 2WA1 Diamond Point and 74S Anacortes were purchased on DVD from PCAviator and were working fine the last I had an opportunity to use them (sadly, late last year). WA56 Israel's Farm was included as a bonus on the 3W5 Concrete Municipal DVD, which I purchased from FlightSimStore.com. I have proof of purchase for each. What needs to be done from this point for them
  7. Hello there , just got ORBX Global + vector with the sale but im getting problems while downloading, screenshots : https://prnt.sc/fh72cy. Thanks for your help. -David Steele ps: im using default windows defender.
  8. Hi Guys, RE: Order No: 58bf750383129 Broome International Airport I just purchased the Broome International airport scenery via FTX Central 3, which appeared to download, allow me to configure, view the manual and stated that the scenery was installed and ready for use. After loading FSX it did the usual scenery assessment and when I selected Broome, the position items seemed too few to be correct. Anyway, I proceeded and ended up in a mess, with cars driving through the sky and the plane not visible from external view due to scenery covering it, i.e., a gro
  9. When running FTX Central version 3 it shows me that Open LC Europe has not been installed. I installed it in May 2015 and again today (via the original down load file) but there was no change to FTX Central. Order # FSS0383494, FSX SP 1 and 2, Windosw 7 - 64 bit. Please advise. Regards, Kevin
  10. Help me please .When ever I run p3d an message pops up from ORBX The following massage is " in the picture below " . If I choose to " Run once " My p3d will not open what so ever again , until I restart my pc , when I restart my pc It comes up with the same exact message . If I choose the second option " Dont Run " My simulator will Crash on the opening screen , Anyone knows why ? I also have ftx central 3 AND EVERYTHING IS UP TO DATE
  11. Well after fixing all of my elevation errors and flying all morning I decided to check for airport updates in FTX Central 3. Not finding any I closed out FTX Central 3 and restarted FSX. It showed that it was reloading the Scenery Library and then started FSX. My default airport is PAVD and I started it for a flight. Low and behold my airplane, the default Lear 45, was sitting in a hole in front of the hanger. FTX Central 3 has screwed up my scenery again. I even went into the configuration in central to control the listing order of scenery in the library but that didn't help. I checked
  12. I have airport elevation issues after just purchasing my first FTX Central 3 Airports and installing automatically. I end up with these issues so far on PAVD and 65S, Valdez and Bonners Ferry, with the airports raised from surrounding area. I have re-installed PAVD three times with no change, reinstalled FTX Vector with no luck, manually added Airport to the left list in Global Vector. Checked all of my Scenery bgl's for OFF settings but nothing is working. I have read all of the FAQ listings on this with no help yet. Any others having these issues and found a solution? Thanks, Norm
  13. I can't seem to get EU England working alongside FTX Global in FSX. I've never had any issues with FTX Global, but after installing EU England my textures have become completely confused across all of England. The best way to describe what I mean is with screenshots: After takeoff from runway 07 EGNT Upon reaching the coast the sea appearing as trees: My scenery priority (copied from instructions found online) - everything above what you can see below is just my addon airport scenery. I'm using FTX Central V3. Can anyon
  14. I have recently moved to P3d and I have not been able to get any of my Orbx scenery working satisfactorily. I have installed FTX central v3 and moved all my purchases to OrbxDirect with no issues. It suggested I didn't have FTX Global installed so I used it to re-install the Base pack. Now FTX central reports all my products as I would expect. I have spent several days trying to fix this but am getting nowhere. I believe my scenery order is correct. and the simulation runs ok. If I fly outside of a orbx region i get practically no scenery at all, just a few objects sitting on ver
  15. Hello everybody! I just installed the new FTX central 3! No problem with my P3D install but it doesn't find my FSX-SE install(I had no problem so far with FTX central 2)as you can see with the pic joined! Any solution to cure this problem? Thank you for helping Cheers Pat
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