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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, It seems like the Orbx add-ons are not working correctly on FSX:SE for me. I have tried reinstalling the Orbx Libraries and Base Pack, without any luck. I basically see no noticeable change or transformation with the scenery. Screenshots attached along with scenery.cfg. Please let me know if you need more info, or any steps that I have to follow to troubleshoot this. Thanks -Harsh scenery.cfg
  2. Hello I'm using FSX:SE with ORBX ESSA scenery and the latest version with SODE jetways. The problem is that the jetway is not recognised when the aircraft is at the gate so I have to choose a gate (option 1 on the menu using TAB+S). However, the menu then disapears and does not give an option to select a gate or even close the menu and start again. SODE jetways will then not work at any airport until FSX is closed and restarted. The SODE platform tool is green lights and no errors. In FSX the SODE menu says the DLL is good and connection is good. Simconnect version is the latest 1.64. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. Had this happen today at ESSA, never had this problem before. Thank you, Jason 5b6210f472772
  4. Hi, Before SODE was added to ESSA, it seemed to work fine. But after, where I get to 10 miles away (just as it loads) or flying around ESSA for a few min, it crashes FSX with an “Out of Memory error”. I do understand that 32-bit programs on a 64-but system is limited to 4GB RAM but I still don’t get why it crashes. Innsbruck, Southampton and Sumburgh work just fine. The RAM I have installed is a Corsair Vengence LPX 16GB (1x16GB) @ 3000MHz. I also get these really annoying grey lines in cirtain angles (1 line in LOWI and about 10-15 in ESSA). Thanks in advance for your help, TrainNutter
  5. I had an elevation problem with Compton Abbas before finding the solution on a previous forum post. It made me realise just how helpful and informative this forum and its participants are on so many occasions so I just wanted to say “thanks”. You are all a great collective source of help and it’s very much appreciated. Long may we continue to share our knowledge and passion for flight simming.
  6. Orbx Norway Can anyone help me with these problems? *There are no buildings in the cities. *Where there should be light posts, there are only big black squares. *Technical issue with the grass at some airports. Thank you for any tips
  7. Hello, Recently I've purchased the following ORBX FTX products: FTX Global BASE Pack FTX Global openLC Europe FTX Global VECTOR LOWI Innsbruck Airport Order number (receipt number): 5964f880cf7b2 I have Microsoft Flight Simulator Steam Edition installed, before installing the ORBX addons the simulator worked fine without any problem. After I purchased and installed the above extensions, the simulator started crashing regularly throwing the out of memory error. Also, when loading a flight it just hangs at random point with black screen, requiring simulator restart. My computer hardware is modern and should be enough for running games like FSX. Is there is any option that I can adjust to get rid of this blocking out of memory error? In English, the error message reads similar to the following one: On some discussions I read about scenery proper order in the configuration files, which might solve the issue, however there are no details what has to be changed and where it must be changed. Quote from one of the forum users, 'jprism' - " Once I got ORBX in the proper order in the scenery file the Out of Memory error disappeared " - I'd be happy to try this solution, but the author didn't provide any details. Could you please take a deeper investigation of this issue, should I remove the addons and request a refund, or there is a solution? The computer configuration is following: Microsoft Windows 10 pro CPU Type: QuadCore Intel Core i7-7700, 4200 MHz (42 x 100) System Memory: 16342 MB (DDR4-2133 DDR4 SDRAM) - (16 GB) Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4 GB) Disk Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB (1000 GB, SATA-III) -- Sem
  8. Is there anything I can do to reduce the texture bluryness when zooming in in FSX:SE ? See screenshots below, same location, zoomed out and zoomed in:
  9. Hello, I have just installed ORBX products (Global,Vector,openLC NA) this morning into my FSX:SE using the FTX Central download and install. After that I bought P3D V3.4 and want to install ORBX into P3D. So I have to start FTX Central and download all over again? Or there is a way to use the installation from FSX to install into P3D without having to download again? I am still in progress of searching in the forum but have not found the answer yet. Thank you, Hoang Le
  10. Hi, I bought openLC NA yesterday and when I start FSX:SE with the default ultralight at any location, I get a blue 'hole' in the ground. I have FTX Global Base, FTX Global Vector, openLC NA and openLC Europe installed through FTX Central 3. Regards, Max (attached is a screenshot) transaction ID: 5866a99ebfbda
  11. So, I'm new to this whole ORBX thing and, seeing it's price tag, wanted to actually see what it could do. I looked around the website and spotted some freeware (so yes, I DONT have an order number). When downloading FTX Central I then downloaded the latest ORBX Libraries and one of the freewares - Rugen in Germany. Installed it fine and then I opened FSX:SE. I checked my scenery library and the ORBXLIBS and EDCG files were there, ticked, and at the top. I went over to Rugen and the runway and ground had changed. It looked amazing. However, the buildings weren't there. I could see where they should of been on the floor but they weren't there. Everything else was, new runway, ground, static aircraft, moving people at the static aircraft but NO BUILDINGS. Any help?
  12. Hey guys, I bought the ORBX global yesterday night for fsx:se and ever since I installed it, I get random black boxes anywhere in the world? I got no idea why or how to fix this.
  13. Hello, I have been having an issue with ftx global vector. I recently installed flightbeam's KDEN and when I loaded up the airport the terrain was messed up. I then searched up what the problem could be and I need to go into vector configurator tool to fix it. The problem is when I click to open the tool it says this message in the attatched picture. Is there any way I am able to fix this as I did not want to waste $30 on a scenery with messed up terrain. - Aviationer12
  14. After some time using GEX and UTX, I decided to make the switch to Global Base and Global vector. Using the product manuals, I uninstalled those products and installed the two ORBX products. I opened up FSX:SE, and went to EGLM (White Waltham) to do a low and slow along the River Thames and saw...nothing. No river, no roads, no breathtaking coastlines...only default scenery. Tried bush flying in northern Ontario, but all the lakes were gone except for the default ones. So I uninstalled everything, and went back to GEX and UTX. I can't figure out what I may have done wrong, or why ORBX didn't work on my system (i7 3.00GHz, 16G RAM, 4G Nvidia) and am hoping the forum members can help. Sorry I can't post screenies as I do not have the products installed, and am reluctant to do so till I have some idea of what went wrong. Thanks in advance. Holmes FTX Global Base #493188 FTX Global Vector #493188
  15. Hi, I recently done a flight into YMML one of my ORBX/FTX airports. It was a late evening arrival. I noticed the taxiways exiting the runway were green. And at one stage the taxiways disappeared but briefly. I find this only happens of a night and when flying into YMML and not leaving the airport. I have followed the manuals and the settings reflect the manual. I have numerous add-on airports down the eastern seaboard of Australia. Could it be that they are chewing up resources? I departed Sydney which is a FLYTAMPA airport. Passed close to Canberra which I have both YSCB and the City Scape add-on. And I guess YMAV would load with Melbourne being close? I have a high end system also. I use nvidia inspector. Only for anti aliasing though. This is my first Nvidia Card so I used Kostas tweaking guide. The filtering is done by fsx itself. I'm still happy with it overall. Beats default. I have another thread in regards to lighting which is a priority but if anyone has any tips that would be welcome. Thanks Bryce
  16. Hi, Asking for other users opinions. In regards to runway lighting on fsx steam at certain airports. I have no lighting at all my Australian/New Zealand airports except one. Which has an objectflow file. I have tested each airport at different times of the day and no lighting down the runway only the papi and some limited taxi lights. The rest have no installer and object flow files. Those airports are: Orbx - FTX: AU YBBN Brisbane International Orbx - FTX: AU YCNK Cessnock Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YMML Melbourne International v2 Orbx - FTX: AU YMAV Avalon Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YBCS Cairns International Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YSCH Coffs Harbour Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YSCB Canberra Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YSTW Tamworth Airport Orbx - FTX: NZ NZQN Queenstown International Airport How can I get those files as I have followed all guidelines manuals and have installed the programs under admin controls etc? I find the FSX steam folder structure is different to my fellow users on this forum with other FSX products. Is there a different method to get it going? I did activate one in the Library after all the latest updates. But nothing has changed still no lighting and no object flow files. Any suggestions would be much appreciated And my system specs and order number are in the signature. Thanks Bryce
  17. Hi I recently got a new system. Asking for other users opinions. In regards to installing ORBX/FTX sceneries and airports etc. What order should I install my addons to ensure my ORBX/FTX sceneries are installed correctly and avoid conflicts with other addons? I also use Holgermesh freeware. Other payware airports. Ozx Sceneries. Ants Sceneries. PMDG Aircraft, Flight1 Aircraft, A2A Aircraft, Aerosoft Aircraft. Cheers, Bryce
  18. Hi all, I'm really hoping someone out there can help me! Ive had FSX:SE for while now and really enjoying it. So I thought to myself, "go on, treat yourself" So I went and purchased REX 4 with Softclouds first and tried that out and loved what that did to it and thought to myself this could only get better! I then saw videos on youtube and comments here and other places saying how FTX Global and Vector make the game look amazing etc etc so I went and purchased them. After going through the install of Global then Vector I was really really dissapointed to see black boxes appear where it looks like lights are suppose to be? Ive taken screenshots and uploaded them. I've done the classic Google search to see if there was anyone else having the problem, and there was... but from a while ago... and they were mentioning something about "Stevesfsx DX10 fixer..?" I saw people say on here that they have these add ons installed and they all work so was wondering if there is something ive missed? My apologies if this is something very simple and im being completely stupid. Note: I ran FSX:SE in DX9 (unticked the DX10 Preview) and as far as I can tell they dont seem to appear. So im guessing it is a DX10 issue? Many thanks in advance Dan.
  19. Finally finished upgrading my PC so I'm now able to concentrate on flying again! Had a cracking flight from Kamloops via the North Thompson River to Blue River. Active Sky Next started throwing storms at me and it turned out to be an interesting flight: You have been watching: FSX:SE (DX9 with Shade and ENBSeries) FTX NRM Active Sky Next REX 4 Texture Direct REX Soft Clouds Nemeth MD902 Explorer Enjoy! Simon
  20. Hi everyone... I know this question has been asked before by a large majority and also, I know there is a pinned thread specifically for this question. However, there are many conflicting answers that make it confusing to understand what is the best method to be able to get complete harmonious installations! Ok, I have Windows 7 with FSX boxed version and FSX:SE purchased just today. I have a drive partition (F:) that is dedicated for anything Flight Sim related. So I have FSX legacy installed to F: drive and I have the Orbx FTX EU: England installed and is working fine. FSX:SE is also installed into the F: drive. The Orbx Central program acknowledges this. However, I can't get Orbx scenery to work on the FSX:SE version. I've tried simply copying the files into the Scenery folder, no luck. I've tried doing this through FSX:SE interface and adding a new scenery area, this didnt work. And I can't reinstall Orbx over the top of the current installation as it detects the FSX legacy installation folder by default and not the new FSX:SE directory and I can't browse to it either. I have NOT tried:- - uninstalling legacy version and applying Orbx to FSX:SE then reinstalling legacy version - registry clean (as of yet), this is part of my weekly PC maintenance using 'CCLeaner' Any tips are appreciated... I know this is becoming a repetitive question but I would like a definitive answer
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