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Found 474 results

  1. Hello, order receipt 5b3ccd23bfa12 I've migrated to a new PC and installed FSX and Acceleration from discs. I've also downloaded ALL of my Orbx purchases and installed them fresh. My issue is missing buildings in the following airports, ESNQ, LIDA and 11S Sekiu in the USA. just black squares where the buildings should be. On the old system I had FSX and FSX Steam. I'm only running FSX on the new PC, not Steam ( haven't installed it). New system specs Boxx APEXX 2 2402 intel i7 6700k cpu @ 4.00 ghz 16 gigs ram nvidia geforce gtx 980 ti windows 10 64 bit vers 1903 orbx central 4.0.38 I've left orbx central handle the scenery, no tweaking from me. I've attached a screenshot. I'm attaching my cfg and scenery file. Thank you. fernando 2020-1-26_15-11-51-396.BMP scenery.cfg fsx.CFG
  2. I noticed on a recent flight that the KECP runway was raised and jetways elevated. The issue appears to be the result of the ORBX freeware version of KECP having the airport elevation at 55 feet and the fsAerodata NAV BGL having it at 68.999. FAA has the airport elevation listed as 68.8, which is much close to fsAerodata. I can resolve the conflict by removing the fsAerodata file, but the most correct method would be to fix the ORBX KECP elevation. Is the easiest fix to the BGL to make a copy or does anyone see an issue with just recompiling the original? Thanks..
  3. Welcome to the Swiss Alps. Developed by Andreas Hegi, author of LSPN Triengen Airport, get ready to explore another challenging airport in the Swiss Alps. As a popular ski resort during the winter season, Samedan Airport (LSZS) sees a vast number of general aviation traffic and private corporate jets frequent the beautiful airport. Situated in the heart of the Engadin valley, expect unsettled winds, low-visibility and plenty of turbulence. Even the most experienced of pilots will find landing at the 5,600ft above sea-level airport tough. Samedan Airport features the same level of detail you come to expect from our airport collection. The area closest to the airport features 30cm per pixel coverage with 60cm coverage in the nearby surrounding area. Immersive 3D snow piles (in P3D only) will form during the winter seasons and you can also enjoy dynamic lighting emitting a soft white glow on the apron floor. Whether you’re exploring the region in a smaller aircraft or taking on the challenge of landing an A319 (which has happened in real-life), you will also be able to spot various custom hotels, churches and more from the villages of Samedan and St. Moritz. This unique blend of high-altitude, scenic mountains and a tough approach means that Samedan Airport is the perfect get-away from the usual busy international airports for those looking for something more exciting to try. Do you dare take on the challenge of approaching Samedan Airport? FEATURES Incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of Samedan Airport and surrounds Scenic mountain landscape with glaciers, lakes and rivers all make stunning visual approaches Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography to provide the most immersive experience possible Visually pleasing: 30cm per pixel coverage in the closer airport area, 60cm in the surrounding area Includes the villages of Samedan and St. Moritz with many custom hotels and churches - perfect for the VFR fliers Thousands of hand placed autogen trees and buildings to make the area feel alive 3D snow piles in winter (only P3D version) Seasonal variations Bonus helipad: Hospital Oberengadin Dynamic night lighting (only P3D v4) By veteran developer Andreas Hegi, author of the incredible LSPN Triengen Airport Developed for P3D & FSX, compatible with Global Base, OpenLC Europe & Vector COVERAGE MAP Stay tuned for more info and previews!
  4. Hi all, After putting it off for too long, I've purchased the Australia v2 package and the Brisbane International (YBBN) airport. It looks absolutely outstanding, however I have a strange issue. When selecting Brisbane as my starting airport in free flight, I can only select 'Active Runway' for my starting point. No gates or ramps in the list. The 'active runway' point is also in the middle of one of the terminal/carpark buildings. To add to this, FSX is telling me there is no ATC, just Brisbane Traffic. Not the biggest issue as I use VATSIM, but may be related to the lack of gates to choose from? Hoping someone is able to help! I've uninstalled and reinstalled Brisbane and the Australia v2 package. I also have no other scenery for Brisbane that would be interferring. Transaction ID is 5df5c00fe49d2 Thanks in Advance! Brock
  5. So I have been unable to install my JF DC-6 into P3D. 1. I installed FSX yesterday, a good reason to splash out on AUS V2 as well. Over Mildura and what an improvement. Directly in front of the nose is where Iived for 3 years at Cowra Avenue although the road does extend to the railway track to the bottom of the screen but let's not be too picky, eh! 2. What an improvement to YMIA, excellent stuff. Lake Hawthorne and the Murray are above the DC-6. I installed the DC-6 into FSX as it wouldn't install on my dummy FSX file to fool P3D like so many other planes have successfully done! 3. I copied the obvious files from FSX and into the dummy FSX file and then went through picking out effects files which when I tried to copy over into P3D were already there! Started up P3D, loaded a flight and there it is, YES! 4. Flying out of Felts and all appears to be going well. I have installed the TW soundset which I know is the wrong engine but it sounds good. I do have an R2800 so I will put that in at a later date. Now onto the Beaver which previously refused to recognise FSX.
  6. I was rummaging around a pile of flash drives and I came across a bunch of old FSX screenshots. This first is from Orbx PNW Blue at the freeware Bowerman airport with FSX. I think that it is from about 2011 or so and I used REX clouds and water. I dream of the day I could have water looking like this in XPlane …. maybe next year once the updates happen. The second is a bit west at Ocean shores and the third near Friday Harbour At the time I was pretty chuffed with my rig - a Core duo at 1.6 ghz and a GT 9600 . Frame rates were something I read about on the Orbx forum that other members had Cheers Renault Bowerman Ocean Shores Just north of Friday Harbour ….
  7. Is it just me or am I getting addicted to uploading my screenshots lol
  8. Browsing through FSX/A, found an elevation issue at TIST. The only TIST I could find in my installation is with My Traffic Pro. When I took the (2) TIST files out of this folder (as a test) different elevation issues occurred. Have no idea what's going on with the files in this folder, or what I should or should not do with the files. I don't have Vector.
  9. Hi, I have many wrong water over ground textures almost everywhere, examples from San Francicso and Los Angeles below. Installed packs: Libraries, Global: Airports, Base Pack, open LC Europe + Regions: Northern California + Southern California + Germany North. The problem affects all regions. Dynamic trees are created over the water Can anyone help?
  10. I've just noticed there are missing hangers in my FSX at Erding AFB and Ramstein AFB (maybe others too). I know because I was looking on this forum at a screenshot of another customer's Ramstein, plus at Erding I have a radar sitting on top of an invisible hangar. I have: Increased autogen sliders to max right Scanned the sceneries using FTX Central Updated the Orbx Libraries Checked for updates on FTX Central, but none were highlighted or available Is my next step to uninstall and reinstall? I have no other conflicting sceneries I can think of, apart from Aerosoft Cologne and Munich.
  11. After starting FTX Central, i get an error report when selecting FSX. See the file attached. After saving the repport, FTX Central closes. orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt
  12. Hi all, Iam having a problem at startup of Flight Simulator X. I recently deleted an add on, and now I keep getting a message on startup. Scenery, CFG File Error. Local Scenery Directory [ Add On Scenery\AB_Hurricane Rescue\Scenery] In scenery Area 139 Not Found. Click Ok To Continue. After clicking on ok continue I get another error coming up, Error Loading GPS_ Engine. The flight plan will not be used. Any help would be much aprecated. Blucey.
  13. Having a problem with this Control Panel, FSX cfg does not change when I make changes in the control panel, ie, Deactivate NA large GA Jets on control panel, yet the cfg remains on. Try to turn on default FSX ai traffic but cfg does not change. I also have no default airbourne ai traffic with slider set at 99%. Have uninstalled this product and reinstalled but no change.
  14. I have an unusable airport caused by runway flicker, never experienced this before. No amount of zoom adjustment disables the flicker, inside of the airplane or out. The only time the flicker resolves is within about 500 feet of landing. I've read every thread I could find in a search, looking for a solution. I downloaded an altitude BGL linked in a thread, as a last resort. FSX/A
  15. Looking for suggestions on which Mesh is favored to use with Global Base, Vector and Open NA. Would prefer North America Mesh only .
  16. Hey There, I don't know if this is a bug but I have no road textures in my FSX, I remember seeing other screenshots on the forum with wonderful asphalt textures. What's going on? Please help. I only noticed it now because I started to fly VFR. And that goes without roads unfortunately in Germany very badly. Game: FSX OrbX-Products: Vector,Global Base, Trees. All of them since a Year. Cheers Lenni!
  17. Hello I hope someone can provide advice to assist with a purchase decision: I run FSX and purchased the DVD version of "ORBX Full Terrain Australia" SP3 on DVD in 2010; am awaiting advice from ORBX on a license transfer. Is the new release AU Australia v2 compatible with that product, or would I have to uninstall FSX, and re-install FSX and the new AU Australia? I don't think there's away to uninstall just the "Full Terrain Australia" scenery - deleting the ORBX folder would also un-install my ORBX Essendon, Melbourne, Moorabbin, Avalon and England sceneries. Also, will the new version of the scenery have a big impact on frame rates? Current system runs OK with the old scenery at 17 fps. Thank you for any advice Geoff
  18. G'day everyone, It is with a great deal of excitement that the team is proud to announce our latest region for FSX & Prepar3D, Orbx AU Australia V2! A monumental redesign of one of our most beloved products, AUv2 brings to life the entirety of the Australian continent with the latest region-based technology. Clocking in at a staggering 8 million square kilometres, AUv2 incorporates an enormous diversity of topography and geography. From the tropical rain forests of far-north Queensland to the wind-swept coastline of south-west Tasmania; from the temperate urban metropolises of the east coast to the desolate beauty of the red centre, explore a variety of stunning landscapes not seen anywhere else in the Orbx world. AUv2 is a landclass-style region that brings together everything on a massive scale. Almost 700 airports have been upgraded or created from scratch, giving you the perfect opportunity to criss-cross the country in true VFR style. Coastlines, waterbodies, road, rail and powerline networks have been recreated from scratch, using the latest high-fidelity data to vastly improve accuracy and detail across the continent. Towns, urban centres and other settlements have been reworked too; diversity, realism and accuracy greatly improve the immersion, whether that be flying cross-country long-haul or local VFR hops. Terrain elevation mesh has been brought to the next level; incorporating the latest data from the Australian Government, the new HD mesh makes a huge difference on both a small and large scale. In addition to these major re-workings, over 50 large-scale photoreal points of interest have been created from scratch to represent well-known geographical and man-made features. Mine sites, dry lakes, tidal water bodies, unusual geographical formations and more have been expertly edited, colourised and blended to the surrounding terrain. The largest of these features is the Great Barrier Reef; recreated in complete photoreal quality, this feature alone is larger than many of our existing regions! The centrepiece of AUv2 is undoubtedly our high-definition Melbourne Cityscape. The inner suburbs of Melbourne have been lovingly brought to life in full photoreal detail. 30cm ground textures, complete custom modelling for CBD blocks, high-detail POI, beautifully hand-placed autogen vegetation, and stunning night lighting combine bring to life the city that is, in many ways, the spiritual home for Orbx. We will go into much further detail on this exciting component of AUv2 in coming weeks. We have all been very much looking forward to showing this latest work off to you; for a long time we have been listening to your requests for more P3D projects, and more Australian projects - we have been listening! We also hope you enjoy exploring just a small taste of what this huge scenery has in store for you. FEATURES Melbourne, Victoria Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Adelaide, South Australia Great Barrier Reef, Queensland AUv2 FEATURE LIST Our largest and most popular region; 8 million sq km in full Orbx region quality Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape 370+ upgraded and 280+ all-new airports Over 50+ large-scale photoreal areas of interest such as salt lakes, mine sites, tidal areas and many more High-quality mesh, with high-resolution LIDAR data for the majority of the eastern/southern seaboard, major cities and Tasmania Completely new lakes, rivers and shorelines - much improved quality and accuracy Entire Great Barrier Reef in photoreal Completely new road and rail networks Improved and new landclass types Hundreds of thousands of new geographical features; dry lakes, parks, railyards, industrial areas etc Much-improved populated area shape accuracy Completely new powerline networks, windfarms and other man-made features Improved and updated bridges, harbour objects and marinas Complete seasonal variations Airports optimised for use with AI traffic, particularly our enormously-popular AI Traffic for Australia Designed to work seamlessly with all 32 Australian HD airports and Cityscapes (on sale until the end of May!) Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 COVERAGE MAP Note: this map represents the current development version of AUv2, with more features likely to be added for release. THE TEAM As to be expected from such a monumental project, many developers have been working tirelessly to get AUv2 prepared for you all. First and foremost, Holger Sandmann is the Project Manager and Lead Developer for the project; as our resident GIS guru, he has undertaken all major vector, raster, elevation editing and processing. Frank Schnibben has been in charge of the Melbourne Cityscene component, many of the exciting new features seen in this part of the product are his handy work. Contributing several of the ultra-HD landmarks located within Melbourne, including the beautiful MCG, is Jordan Gough. Chris Clack, alongside Graham Eccleston and Ken Hall, have been looking after the upgrades to all the airports included in the project. Mark Halliwell has cast his eye towards colourising, editing and blending the large photoreal points of interest. Lastly, it is very important to acknowledge the work of our good friend and colleague, Neil Hill. Before Neil passed away last year, one of his last projects was laying the groundwork for the complete AUv2 airport database. We'd like to recognise the huge contribution Neil made to this project. FAQ Q. I own FTX AU (v1), am I eligible for some kind of discount? A. As long as you have a copy of FTX AU v1 in your OrbxDirect account, a discount of 40% will be automatically applied at check-out. Q. How much disk space will AUv2 take up? A. Current installed size is approx 21GB, though this is subject to change for final release Q. Will all my Orbx payware Australian airports work with AUv2? A. Yes. Graham is currently working through all HD airports to correct any compatibility issues. Q. I have a third-party mesh installed, will I need this for Australia? A. No. The mesh shipped with AUv2 is the best quality and resolution currently available on the market. COMPATIBILITY Orbx Australia V2 has been designed to work with all versions of FSX and Prepar3D. An up-to-date installation of the OrbxLibraries is a must. AUv2 is a stand-alone product and as such absolutely no other Orbx products are required. We do recommend using AUv2 alongside our freeware Australian AI pack. All Orbx HD airports, freeware airports and CityScene products will be fully compatible with AUv2. PRICING Orbx AUv2 will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50/ €34.25 / £29.50). AUv1 customers who have a copy in their OrbxDirect account will receive a 40% discount. The team are working extremely hard in the background putting the final touches on this huge project, but in the meantime be sure to check out the following screenshots from across the country. Cheers! Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Melbourne Cityscape Shark Bay, Western Australia Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Cocos (Keeling) Islands Hunter Valley, New South Wales Lake Eyre, South Australia Blue Mountains, New South Wales Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria RAAF Pearce, Western Australia. Also shown are new upcoming freeware AU AI Traffic updates (for P3Dv4 only) The Olgas, Northern Territory Adelaide northern suburbs, South Australia Victorian High Country Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Jervis Bay Territory Near Alice Springs, Northern Territory Adelaide Airport and CBD, South Australia Near Byron Bay, looking towards Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Darwin, Northern Territory Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland Adelaide Salt Lakes, South Australia Flinders Island Airport, Tasmania Port Melbourne, Victoria Brisbane CBD, Queensland Far North Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory Keep an eye for more updates and info in the coming weeks!
  19. BuildingsHD for P3D and FSX is now available for purchase from OrbxDirect! BuildingsHD is a worldwide autogen building upgrade, featuring incredibly detailed, regionally-accurate 4K building textures and FPS-friendly 3D models! The new textures are based on photos taken from many locations around the world in the actual locations that they represent in the sim, resulting in incredibly authentic new buildings worldwide. Buildings HD will improve the autogen buildings throughout nearly the entire Orbx catalog, and will also replace your sim's default building textures for a full and comprehensive upgrade. With textures four times more detailed than before, buzzing the rooftops, approaches over cities, and taxiing at urban airports has never looked so real! All new textures feature ambient occlusion shadows, high-rez rooftops derived from drone photography, and more. And the new night lighting is something that must be seen to be believed: with textures based on real photos of night-lit buildings and vastly improved color balancing, the sense of immersion after dark is sure to amaze. A monumental undertaking three years in the making, lead developer Scott Armstrong has painstakingly overhauled over 900 texture sheets, containing 3,860 individual building textures. During project development, Scott traveled to over a dozen countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia to take on-location source photos, resulting in remarkably authentic architectural variations. The difference is especially remarkable in Global regions which have never before seen the full Orbx region treatment: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America now, for the first time ever, feature buildings that are highly accurate to their true-life counterparts. Additionally, FS legend Bill Womack has lent his 3D modelling skills in completely overhauling over 400 3D models in the default 3D building library! Those clunky-looking low-poly default water towers, generic fast food restaurants, apartment buildings, and blurry-looking factories will be replaced with brand new beautiful models that are at once highly detailed and performance-optimized. Features: High-Definition 4K building textures covering the entire world. Regionally accurate buildings worldwide, derived from on-location source photos Over 400 brand new 3D building models for complex autogen objects, created by Bill Womack Will improve the appearance of most Orbx products, including Global, regions, and airports (see this post for full compatibility list) Also compatible with default FSX / P3D; no other Orbx products required Ambient Occlusion shadows baked on to building textures for added depth and realism High resolution rooftops derived from drone photos Incredibly realistic night textures for an immersive new night flying experience Negligible impact on FPS Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 Easy download and installation in FTX Central By Scott Armstrong and Bill Womack Orbx BuildingsHD is now available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $34.95 (approx. USD $24.25/ €21.50 / £19.00)
  20. There is a problem when loading flight in FSX after installing ORBX Global. Loading process stops between 20 % - 40 %. Then FSX do not answer. System is Windows 10 home (2019). Computer: Intel Core 5 - 8300 CPU 2,3 - 3,8 Ghz; Graphics Nvidia GeForce 1050, RAM 8 Gb. What can be a reason?
  21. There is a problem when loading flight in FSX after installing ORBX Global. Loading process stops between 20 % - 40 %. Then FSX do not answer. System is Windows 10 home (2019). Computer: Intel Core 5 - 8300 CPU 2,3 - 3,8 Ghz; Graphics Nvidia GeForce 1050, RAM 8 Gb. What can be a reason?
  22. Had this happen today at ESSA, never had this problem before. Thank you, Jason 5b6210f472772
  23. Hello, The Night Lighting check box to disable night lighting in the NCA area for openLC NA is always unchecked when I start FTX Central From what I've read on the Orbx forums both it and the New Night Lights box should be checked because I have openLC NA installed. Both boxes remain checked for my installed regions CRM, NRM, PNW, SAK. I suppose I can uncheck both boxes for NCA, but I'd rather have it work like the other regions. So far I've reinstalled NCA, but that hasn't helped. What else can I try? Other information: I use FSX Acceleration with Windows 7 and my order number is FSS0486304, migrated to OrbxDirect with transaction ID 586c5a7091447. Mark
  24. Been into FSX this afternoon to check out the Orbx scenery for Old Warden that I have just downloaded. Impressive. Looking forward to the XP11 release of this one now.
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