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Found 24 results

  1. gday. have just installed YBCG for FSX steam. with YBCG NOT activated FSX loads [with Orbx aust 2] with YBCG activated i get a crash at the load scenery sequence. does anyone have some ideas about this? i'm also using Scenery Config Editor to organize my scenery. thanks.
  2. I have looked at other support forums with the same problem but those solutions didn't help. I had the application running before and then it stopped opening properly (window was always hidden), so i tried multiple times to reinstall, and this always happens. It gets stuck at around 30%. Already tried: deleting all app data and reinstall, tried restarting computer, tried after windows updates. I have looked at the user manual for Orbx central page 27 and other pages like suggested) but I don't see anywhere where it describes how to solve this issue. I bought the Europe package (on top of base
  3. Hi I have recently installed PAKT and confirm that the airport elevation with sloping taxiways works for me. Makes it quite different to most other airports. However, I appear to run into some difficulty with the touch down when using Rwy 29. As far as I can tell, from watching a number of replays, the approach and touchdown is well within the parameters for a good touchdown when using Flight 1's King Air B200 eg stabilised initial approach @ 120 kts flaps 1 gear down reducing to 100-95 kts "over the fence" and <100 fpm on flaring. Unfortunately, at tou
  4. Good Day I am sorry if these are stupid questions, but I have been battling for about 8 days to get the scenery up & running! Once I have down loaded via the FTX Central, are there any settings that need to be changed in FSX itself? I have also noticed that ALL my other paid scenery from a specific country has been "deleted" IE in the FSX scenery layer/priority list it does not show anymore! I purchased the following packs: 1. FTX Global base Pack 2. NA Pacific Northwest 3. NA Southern Alaska What would my priority list look like in FSX
  5. Regards my fsx steam simulator presents this problem since I installed openLc, you can see the problem in the following link to Youtube
  6. I recently purchased and Installed LOWI Innsbruck Airport, receipt# 5a9f63cd7e224. The scenery looks great and works well with the exception of a strange static noise in the cockpit view. I have tried several aircraft, and they all have the same issue. Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks, Mike
  7. This may seem like a crazy question, but does anyone know if Orbx will continue to develop FSX Steam airports. I had a heart attack when I saw the new X-Plane airport. I only use FSX Steam and I have a lot of money invested in Orbx.
  8. Hi, Just a silly question: When I start FSX Steam Edition, in the Home menu, the following text appears: (usually in Home, I get adds for addons, first time this happens) If you were connected to the Internet right now, this page would be replaced with online content from fsxinsider.com. There you can find the latest news and add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Read on to discover what awaits you when you get on board and take to the virtual skies! Visit fsxinsider.com FSX Insider is your first stop to get news, updates, t
  9. Dear Orbx Sir/Mme., sorry for a help request for some -I can imagine- so basic questions. I'm a real rookie in Flight Simulation. I'm just trying to configure a good software base to train in FSX with a little more realistic scenery. After asking some friends, I have chosen ORBX as the community consider your brand as a warranty of quality, and some videos and screenshots comparing with other products, seem to say the same. Moreover, I'm failing in achieving the expected result. I have installed (no more than 2 months ago) FSX Steam over Windows 10. With FSX Steam I bought and instal
  10. I reinstalled my fsx steam and managed to intstall orbx libraries and Orbx Global base pack, after install of base pack I migrated on suggestion. But now Ftx central crashes when I try to install any other of my Orbx produts in Fsx Steam. But I can still install in my P3D v4 sim with ftx central without crash. I attach logfile ftxc3.log
  11. I'm using ORBX Scenery with both FSX Steam (DX10) and FSX Acceleration (DX9). Originally I only had one ORBX installation on my PC which was in the FSX Acceleration folder tree and used symlinks to access the scenery from FSX:SE. All went well until the FTX Central v2.1 migration, when the migration software removed the symlinks created two separate copies of the scenery in both FSX Acceleration and FSX Steam. As this still appeared to work, I decided not to bother using symlinks and left things as they were. But all is not well. Whenever I add any updates,
  12. Hi all! The past weeks have been extremely exciting in the flight sim community! Like some of you, I am wondering which direction I want to go in the future. FSX has been my platform since it came out and I ran it on my old Dell Inspiron laptop getting 10 fps. Ha. The good old days, right? Since then, I have run it on 2 other computers and eventually got into addons and tweaking and like everyone else, began running into OOMs. Like the rest of you, I have been sacrificing beautiful scenery for virtual space and just waiting for a better option. Well, now, just in t
  13. Hello I was flying the other day in FSX and clicked on views in the menu bar in FSX Steam and went to View Mode, AirTraffic and noticed that in the list of planes, each plane has a double…. there are 2 of every plane. Then when I clicked on one of those planes, I get 2 identical planes flying in the air, almost one on top of the other. Very weird. How can I fix this and what is causing it. I really don't care but my concern is that the doubling up of planes may cause a frame rate hit. And if I did get rid of each and every doulbe plane, (don't know how) how would that affect my pl
  14. Good evening, I have 2 simulators installed on my computer : FSX Steam Edition and Prepard V3. I decided recently to use both simulators, which means I want to use FTX Global in FSX and P3d. FTX Global is at the moment installed in P3d. I started the installer and selected FSX (there's no FSX SE) continued and the program shows me that it's going to be installed in the Prear3D directory although I selected FSX. I once deleted FTX Global from Prepar3d to try if this time it installs correctly, but it didn't. How can I solve this problem ?
  15. I've just about had a belly full of this. I've had a terrible time with FSX Steam and ORBX scenery since the weekend. I removed FSX Acceleration yesterday only to find that FSX Steam would not come out of co-existence mode. So I went through all the confounded rigmarole of uninstalling and re installing FSX Steam - to find that it created registry entries and folders for both FSX and FSX:-E. But experiment showed that it was probably ignoring the FSX-SE entries so I carried on. I sat through the download for FTX Global base and through most of the installat
  16. I have really enjoyed all my new scenery I purchased over the holidays. I would like to buy the Lancair aircraft from Orbx and want to know if that plane will show interior shadows in the cockpit when flying. Since I believe the old default planes did not enable interior shadows as far as I can tell, I want a plane that does and assume that a new plane from Orbx would. I am on FSX steam. Can anyone confirm interior shadows? Thanks. Pete.
  17. I bought and installed NA Northern Calif along with freeware Holgermesh Papua New Guinea. This is running on top of FS Genesis mesh. Now alot of my Pacific scerenry looks like this?
  18. G'day, I have fsx steam edition and have the Aussie orbx scenery , wollongong , tamworth alice springs and perth jandakot airports, also fly tampa sydney updated ... I also have active sky Next 16 a good mate of mine was was telling me about Rex world wide airports HD, has any one got this and can it work with orbx airports, scenery with out any conflicts I am on windows 10 home thanks guys... milo
  19. I've just uninstalled FSX Acceleration and now my only FSX installation is FSX Steam Edition. I've followed the advice found here: to clean up the registry. I checked HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator - Steam Edition and there is no entry named co-existence so I assumed that it wasn't in co-existence mode to start with. I then started FSX Steam to create the FSX folders in ProgramData and AppData, but after completing all it's initialization all the new folders were named FSX-SE. I've added the missing co-existe
  20. Good Morning. Pardon me if this has been asked before, but I notice that Nick Cooper has two versions of FSX running (both Gold and Steam), presumably using the same ORBX scenery. I had a problem with my PC which meant that I had to re install FSX Steam. As a result there are now FSX-SE and FSX folders on my hard drive. Unlike the last time this happened, This hasn't caused any serious problems, but FTX Central seems to think that I'm running two versions of FSX and asks me to select a version every time I start the application. I would like to ba able to ru
  21. Hello All!, I'm looking to add FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector to my FSX Steam Edition install. I gather Global Base is compatible with FSX Steam edition, but Global Vector is not, yet? 1) Will FTX Global Vector be made FSX Steam Edition compatible? 2) Will FTX Global Base and/or FTX Global Vector be sold through Steam? 3) Should I plan on purchasing both directly from the website? 4) I gather the products go on sale from time to time, is there any way of being notified of these sales? Thanks all, if I missed the questions being addressed in t
  22. Hi I am thinking of getting the Saitek pro flight multi panel and the Saitek pro switch panel . I have fsx steam and P3D Installed on my pc I now at the moment that Saitek are working on a new installer for fsx steam . My main question is will the panels work with carenado aircraft and other aircraft addon that you might install look faward to any help regards stewart
  23. Hi had a problem with fsx steam decided to uninstall fsx steam and reinstall fsx steam which I have done my old build was 549854 and after reinstalling fsx steam it is now build 558943 I think I have had the new update included when installing fsx steam . If so I have just installed ftx Australia and orbxlabs 150215 and no problems , regards stewart
  24. The press release seems to suggest that they have made some changes to the game including the multi-player element. Whether this includes the DX10 issues being fixed natively or even a DX11 implementation remains to be seen. But nonetheless, I'll be following this with interest.
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