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  1. A final highlight for my winter tour goes from a highlight of Norways airports, Sogndal/Haukasen... ... along the magnificient Sognefjord. We´re not alone here, Henrik has created some fantastic ships to add life. The Wergeland Industrial area. Jack, you are needed here: This one might be the Nordhordaland Bridge (there are so many here that is is difficult to tell). There might be Bergen/Flesland airport out below, ... ... yes, it is there.
  2. Time to leave Europe, as I have to inspect a new instalment to my P3D. Getting the Airbus ready in Bergen... ... and heading out over the North Sea... ... towards Scotland. A slightly limited view welcomes us ... ... which cleared up upon further descent. Edinburgh city, but beware: This is not the hop-on-hop-off tour. Here we are, ready to explore the surrounding. I have stayed at the airport seven years ago, maybe I can find the hotel in Orbx s
  3. ... NOT. As the borders are closed to slow down spreading of Covid-19, we had to cancel our above mentioned holiday. Instead, some more time for healthy flying. The first leg of today goes from Alesund... ... over the light cityscape, ... ... and the Geirangerfjord. Over the snowy heights... ... and the valley of Stryn (there should be an airstrip, but I can´t see it), ... ... to the huge glacier Jostedalsbreen. Initiating the approach into ENSG...
  4. My crew has already boarded in Bodö, ... ... and the plane is being loaded, probably scandinavian specialities on the menu. Here we go, ... ... quickly turning south over the Saltfjorden. The coastal areas west of Trondheim are already free of snow. However, approaching Alesund it still seems to be far away from Summer. Good that we have some instruments! Visibility is back... but where is the runway? At least we are a bit higher than needed (better than the
  5. And how fascinating it looks, up here in Narvik. Everything has warmed up, so we can go. The easier airport to land is the nearby Evenes. But Narvik is by far looking more interesting (and is the bigger challenge for the simmers). Icebergs or islands? Who wants to try? This flight goes along the Lofoten islands, just as @jean marc had suspected. Svolvaer, ... ... and then, after crossing the strait, Bodö. Don´t say a Twotter can´t use ILS.
  6. Getting ready in Hammerfest. A remote place, but so well modeled here! Just look at these huts next to the sloped runway... A last view of the city... ... and it´s out of sight. Next alternate: Hasvik. A nice little detail is the Fakken windfarm. Seems to be at the end of the world... Tromsö. Nearly a metropolis! Bardufoss seems to be an easier-to-land airport... But if you descend next to the Setermoen mountains... ... to approach into Narvik
  7. Supplying the North needs planes that are capable to deal with short runways and harsh conditions. Not this modern fiddly high-tech stuff! Taking off from Kiruna... ... and over the fantastic twilight of the Swedish-Finnish-Norwegian border region. Hmm, a little challenge for VFR, ... ... but the city of Alta appeared clearly shortly after. Here we approach... ... into Hammerfest. Finally I recognized the runway, too perfectly fit into the scenery!
  8. Due to another update of the Aerosoft Airbus I had to chose an uncommon livery for a flight out of Tromsö. And these northern impressions are great... ... though the SID is not as easy as one might think! Oh, quel surprise: Coffee service already while climbing through 14000 ft! You can be very sure I open the cockpit door... At least the route was going around the worst weather. In order to avoid coffee spills. Who would be cleaning the cockpit? Here we meet the Baltic sea. I don´t know why Vector has chosen
  9. The iron ore line is one of the most important railway tracks of the world - and one of the most important connections in northern Scandinavia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Ore_Line. As you know, the easier transport way out of Kiruna would be through the flat plains southwards towards the (swedish) habour Lulea at the Baltic sea. But the Baltic sea freezes in Winter, so the railway line was also built across the mountains to the northwest. Narvik harbour is always free of ice, due to the Gulfstream. Initially I planned to follow the railway line in VFR, looking down at the sc
  10. Well, not so high if you start a flight in Hammerfest... ... turn round ENHF Valan... ... and cross the (hidden) Nordkap. Passing a windfarm ... ... on the way back to Hammerfest, ... ... ENHK Hasvik, ... ... and finally Tromsö. I had to go around, increasing my chances to see the northern lights (sucessless). And finally we were allowed to land.
  11. We had booked an early morning flight with Mule Air Services to see the Aurora Borealis. But then... ... they had rebooked us! At least the weather looked promising... Narvik in its beauty. But no polar lights... The sun was rising over Sorkjosen... ... and Alta. The scheduled approach over Kvalöya island... ... into Hammerfest. I need to check the polar light timing again. And I need to find out why the Mule flight was cancelled today!
  12. It is not the red lady saluting us as we leave Hammerfest. A nice view of the aircraft-carrier shaped runway... ... and the entire scenery. Alta in sight... ... more or less. But it worked good enough to change to a regular SAS flight... ...climbing out, ... ... and sending last greetings to Altafjord. 2 hours later, approaching Copenhagen ... ... in typical northern summer weather.
  13. I did not have much time the last week to fly or to post. But at least I made it to head further towards the fresher regions of Europe, where the sun is now refusing to disappear for nearly 24 hours per day. With a King Air connection from Narvik... ... downwind to Tromsö, ... ... and into final. The visibility of the runway could be better. But here we are. The airport is pure EU_NOR. And here we go again... ... into the remainders of winter, ... ... over Altafjord... ... and into Hammerf
  14. Before the tanker went on towards Panama, I turned back to Norway, heading to the village of Emmenes. One for the lighthouse-lovers. A view of the entire harbour ... ... before crossing some steep mountains (cloudy, as always ), ... ... and towards Rombaksbrua. With the obvious manouvre. Much better flying here than driving... ... though there are already lots of bridges saving travel time. And spending simmers pleasure. Great city details in the scenery. Let
  15. Into the forest... ... no, it is not the forest. Just the boundary of Narvik airport. Cross the fjord... ... and out towards the sea. Someone ahead... ... from Panama? You are kidding. Or just saving taxes and salaries. OK, I´ll join you and save fuel on my way to the west...
  16. I continued my tour towards the north from Bodo over the Lofoten islands - so I could not take a dash for this route: It needed to be VFR. Not much V, unfortunately... Svolvaer, ... ... Higravstindan (great to use some relatively unused keys of my keyboard for this post), ... ... over Skagen. Shortly after I lost manifold pressure, the engine power went down and the plane descended. Into fog, no airport around, but lots of mountains. I detoured into a fjord, just over sea level the power was recharged and I climbed directly to 6500 ft, well over the
  17. ... but where to go from a place that is nearly equidistant between Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland and Norway? At least we got a good navaid at the airport. And the runway is always clean. Real weather, end of May. Into the morning, and off for a long flight... ... cut short. Already passing the Lofoten Islands, ... ... and back into Bodo. Hmm, a nice suggestion of plane for the next trip...
  18. As recommended here in the forum, I took a little detour from Bodo - with a long range plane which is suited for short runways. Unfortunately, this means to result in a slow flight. Or, in other words, the need to cheat... Leaving Bodo... ... and westwards we go, over the sea... ... for a loooooooooooooooooooong time... - before spotting the coast of Jan Mayen. Real weather, time of the year is now. Seems to be a place to cool down... Here you can see the metropolis of the archipel. And the runway in the background... Indeed, n
  19. In coordination with @paulb airline services, Wideroe also covers Norway to bring commuters & tourists to their destinations. Today we join them northbound from Trondheim... ... over the coastlines so magnificently designed by Slartibartfast ... ... into the remainders of winter. Once again we encounter a lovely cloud coverage, while descending into FL100... ... but at least it clears up when we get closer to Bodo. Seamless connections. The colleague is waiting in the background to pick up our Frequent Flyers. W
  20. Quite a long distance between the NOR payware airports. A distance we can fill with the nicely enhanced airports that are already included in EU_NOR, like Alesund... ... for a low & slow patrol over the fjords. Passing Trondheim CBD, ... ... on the way to Trondheim-Vaernes AB. It will take me some days to reach Narvik, but it is a nice way to learn about the Norwegian geography!
  21. After a long day of hiking we reached the airport. A bit surprised how relaxed the tower personnel was looking. At least the trustful Wideroe Service was prepared. Final looks to the city of Kaupanger, ... ... and over the Innvikfjord, ... .. but - whooo, the weather seems to be changing?! Not too hard. ENOV Hovden airport can still be seen below. As well as Alesund-Vigra, our destination of today. A nice way to travel in this rugged country.
  22. Newly added sceneries need to be inspected with slower tools. Not so slow, this time. But flexible, at least. Let´s go, from Haukasen... ... over the Sognefjord... (hope you feel well?)... ... to Kaupanger. These tourists look all greek to me, ... ... before I visit Urnes stave church. Details get blurry if you get so close, this is just to proof how these churches look like. The city of Sogndal... ... and then with full power over Storehaugen... ... back into ENSG aga
  23. Newly added sceneries need to be inspected with slower tools. Not so slow, this time. But flexible, at least. Let´s go, from Haukasen... ... over the Sognefjord... (hope you feel well?)... ... to Kaupanger. These tourists look all greek to me, ... ... before I visit
  24. That part of Norway is brilliant for VFR flying, so I naturally did this. Unfortunately with real weather, maybe I should rethink this part of realism for future flights. Out of Bergen/Flesland... ... northwards, and then into the Sognefjord. Descending a bit did not make the visibility better, a "nice" factor when you know there are mountains around... At least finally Sogndal-Haukasen airport appeared from the haze. And quite good the Caravan can be slowed down & descended fast. Nice northern weather welcomes the hike
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