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Found 58 results

  1. Tried to get the Avro Tutor in to 4.4 but it wasn't playing, so added it to my v3 hangar. Shame, I'd been looking forward to using it with the approaching TE GBS but hey - this was better than I remember it! Forgot to add - early morning out of Exeter, that's Teignmouth/Shaldon down there.
  2. So, after my slightly disappointing trip back to Caversham, I switch into real time (this Sunday just gone, late afternoon) and continued on back towards home. I started off intending to follow the M4 to Bristol and then down the M5, but on the way I remembered I was in a chopper, and so I didn't really have to follow the motorways if I didn't feel like it! Not looking for absolute realism now, just enjoying the flight I think I prefer the countryside here when it's a bit less lush, and it certainly looks good this time of the year in the sim, I cut across country a bit, flew over Bath but found that another missed opportunity, scenery wise, so carried on towards Wells and Glastonbury. Way off in the distance is the Bristol Channel with Wales beyond. This is where I'm heading - Glastonbury Tor. Glastonbury is one of those mystical places, full of myth and legend. It also happens to be where I spent a lot of my weekends in the '70s as I had some good friends who moved down there and got involved in an Arts Centre. Which basically involved dossing around, drinking endlessly and smoking lots of dope (it's ok though - I didn't exhale. Or should that be inhale? Whatever) There she is, shining in the last light of the sun This is where we are. Baltonsborough on the map is the hamlet where the Arts Centre was so I plan to head over there and see if any of the landscape or road layout looks familiar. Probably won't look the same from up here anyway. I might have gotten high back in those days but not this high. Actually, most of the places here hold memories - there was a pub in Pilton where we used to go for lock-ins (for non UK folk, that's where they lock the doors at closing time and you stay there drinking until opening time next day, collapse, or total impoverishment - whichever comes first). Had good friends at West Pennard, there used to be a pub in Butleigh that did the most wonderful lunches, and Street was a lovely little town - the original home of Clarks Shoes (which are now all made in China or whatever and are nothing like what they used to be) A quick low pass at the Tor, then we'll be off Heading over Baltonsborough, and as I thought, I don't recognise the layout, but it brought back good memories anyway. Glastonbury is the little patch of lights towards the top left of the shot. So, it's enough of this nostalgia stuff, time to go home. On to pick up the M5 and head south towards Exeter You can see the mouth of the Exe in the distance, and EGTE Exeter is just about visible with a lit strip about a third of the way across from the left Coming up on EGTE And down Hope you enjoyed the flight! (focus on the pictures - it's ok to ignore the old hippie ramblings)
  3. Newcastle to Prestwick Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  4. Just discovered this. It's the Brightstar Swift hang glider, and I got it from Flyawaysimulation. Looks like it will be fun! I can see some great times ahead in NZ or PNW with this beast.
  5. Yet more 'planes and skins! Some of these port-overs don't work so well. Shame about this one, I'd pay good money for a Caranedo or Alabeo Bristol Freighter or something of that sort of quality This version is better And plenty more to come!
  6. Out from Exeter, usual lousy weather, trying out another bit of freeware over the moor Look down, and it looks like this Look up though, and the weather's fine! I can hear the Beach Boys in my head - "have you ever been in an airplane? Up above the clouds there's no rain" coming out of the murk as we head towards the north coast heading in to put down at EGHU (Eaglescott) Another nice little 'plane for the collection.
  7. I forget what happened next, as I ran out of memory!
  8. Thought I'd go see how bad the weather was over the Essex area the other evening. Met office had been terrorising everyone with dire storm warnings etc. Took a new toy (Hawker Sea Fury, from Flying Stations) for the ride. Set off from Exeter late afternoon/early evening. Real time, real weather, completely fake pilot. A bit mucky down my way, but not too bad. Way along the south coast now, heading up to the pointy bit of Kent Did hit some really dark and foul stuff. Actually, too mucky to get any pictures from. Even I with my low realism settings had to concentrate on getting through it! So the next ones are out of the other side of the worst of it Felixstowe docks below us Heading inland to put down at Mildenhall. Assuming they'll let the Navy land there. A bit of a skittish ride, but a fine looking 'plane, and I also found some nice repaints for it at the same time.
  9. Been downloading again! So a few new birds seen around Exeter this week. A couple of new skins for the Waco - This guy caused a bit of a stir on the A30 Some skins for the Sea Fury And this beast - Heinkel He-51. Didn't know about this aircraft but found it looking for Tiger Moth repaints. And this ain't the half of it!
  10. Still working on that hangar! Just came across another nice freebie - Golden Age Simulations freeware DH60 Moth from flyawaysimulations. If you want to cruise low and slow this is a nice one to use. Various models, and also a nice Danish repaint. One fun thing about this is watching the valve springs on the engine bounce up and down as you pootle along! here's the Danish repaint, slightly different model - Having some great fun with these old bi-planes (but thinking about getting the X-15 next!)
  11. Having spotted Roger's thread (below) I realised that this was another aircraft memory from my spotty airfix youth days, and went hunting for a copy. I found a copy on the Virtavia site in their Alphasim section. Thought I'd just mention here, in case anyone else is like me and didn't realise this, that although the list of free downloads is labelled as "repaints", in fact a lot (all?) of the files listed are actually the complete aircraft. Obviously, they are older models, mostly for FS9 and earlier, but will work with various degrees of success in FSX or (as in my case) with P3D. Not without their quirks. This Lysander was initially experiencing the same problem I had with their P47 - a non-spinning propeller, along with some of the cockpit glass panels being opaque, but I found a fix for both of those issues at fsx-downloads.com. End result? another fine addition to the hangar. OK, it's not Carenado or A2A levels of modelling, but it is a fun thing to have and (for me anyway) a great joy to see flying around in my virtual sky. Enjoy! Oh yes, don't be put off by the colour scheme - this is just one of half a dozen paints it comes with and the rest are much calmer on the eye!
  12. Millennium Bridge Angel of North, the contemporary sculpture designed by Antony Gormley
  13. So, here's my second lot of experiments. Again, some will stay, some probably won't. First up, a Condor moment - Next, a P-3 Orion - Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon - Grabbed the Cessna Soloy A Mk24 Spitfire, apparently with an aluminium cockpit Which, oddly, is ok from inside I rather like this - the F101 Voodoo And I really like this! I guess another donation to Ant's Airplanes will be due lovely cockpit and views And then, if I want to scare myself - Atos AIR is what it goes by And this is the view from up here Got myself an AI B-17 formation as well The pointy nose kit for the C-47 v2, a very strange looking 'plane - And lastly, part of this trawl but I spotted it in my aircraft list and realised I never use it, Dino's rather wonderful S-3B Viking. OK, that's it for trawling for aircraft for a bit. I've already got way too many. But, you never know . . .
  14. Inspired by a recent post here, I just went downloading a few aircraft for try out from Sim Outhouse. Some interesting stuff, but I'm beginning to find that as everything else (scenery, weather, lighting etc) becomes more and more incredibly realistic I'm getting more picky about the aircraft. Not meaning to knock the amazing effort that must go in to producing these aircraft, but I'm finding that stuff I would have been quite happy with a while back is not necessarily working for me now. Mind you, I get that with some of the payware stuff as well, so I guess I'll keep on trying stuff out. You do find absolute gems out there, after all. So, in no particular order - A Ju-88 - A P-47. This is a weird one - it seems to be able to fly quite happily without the need for the propeller to actually rotate! Shame really, as it's not bad looking The Savoia Marchetti S.79. Mmmm, shiny, red - An F7F-3 (never heard of these before) - And again in tanker format - An update to the C-97 / B377 freeware aircraft (a couple more variants) - And lastly, a couple of skins for the Waco - Including Bernd's UK version of his latest work (thanks Bernd) - Got a few more to try out yet Edit - just spotted a couple of caps of the thing that triggered this - the Yak-130. Not Exeter in these, heading out from Little Rock (hey - why not?)
  15. A single shot of one of the CAA Doves at Fairoaks. 46.
  16. ... but considering the english weather we might leave a bit before schedule to our next station - I know Hanover is already prepared & waiting! This is not America. DidnĀ“t my plane have a different livery yesterday?
  17. Four taken over northern England... Cheers Mallard
  18. over Popham Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
  19. I had nearly no time for flying or commenting (I'm very sorry for that! ) the last couple of days (or weeks?) but i was able to fly with some Heavy Metal from Cardiff to Oslo on Thursday. Leaving the UK... ... arriving in Norway Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather, edit a bit Google Picasa
  20. I'm not getting much flying done these days - and it's almost impossible to catch up on commenting on the great screenies that have been posted over the last few days... So here is a blanket "Great pics!" But I did manage a flight yesterday, departing from Cardiff, heading north and finally touching down at Prestwick. Not much to see at the outset. Date, yesterday, time 9:30 a.m., weather by ASN: Passing over the Liverpool / Manchester area with the Peak District in the background: Over the Cumbira coast, heading for the Lake District: Over the Dumfries and Galloway Coast: Galloway Forest Park: More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  21. FlyBe service from Southampton to Hanover. My wife and daughter once paid a fortune to get the luggage on such a plane, probably I do now own a part of it . Arriving in Holland, that means FTXG scenery... ... over German fields... ... and the Weser river, with EDVY covered under clouds. Typical summer weather. Downwind EDDV... ... and on final to 27L, the most-used runway. Now I just got to catch a taxi and get home!
  22. ... as he said he was spending the weekend in England (which is quite a way from Mooroopna...), with a stopover in Southampton http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/100650-to-the-hot-southern-coast/. So I just had to hop over from the Isle of Wight, I thought. But, for sure, not the direct way as the penguin flies. Getting ready in Bembridge... ... over Sandown ... ... and the West Cliffs of the Isle ... ...to Weymouth, ... ... Exmouth, ... ... and Torquay, ... ... for a drink and a plane change in Plymouth. Then back over Torquay ... and Stonehenge ... ... to the destination of Martyn and me, Southampton. But - where is he?
  23. ... of England. Heading into the weekend from London to the Isle of Wight. Now I have to look for a place for my towel...
  24. Another 777 training flight from Oslo-Gardemoen to London-Heathrow. Including a bit of city-sight-seeing.
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