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Found 8 results

  1. Great scenery! Visby (ESSV) is Included in ORBX Kiruna airport (ESNQ).
  2. I had to set the weather to Summer for a better inspection of the old Hanseatic city of Visby. There is a lot of history around this - previously most important - trade city: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visby Some Eurofighters, ready to start with a very short taxiway towards the 21. The old city, with the still-intact city wall. For those who are not willing to arrive by plane. And the grass runway, for GA use - or for Jack with his trusty 747. It is impressive to fly here in Winter, but this sunshine flight was also great to see some of the features!
  3. Although, given this weather, there might be too little lift to fly the FSX mission with the glider. So I´ll better take a KingAir and get ready in Arlanda. Man, this looks cold. BTW, this flight is done at noon. At least the Swedes are routined experts in cleaning the buildings and apron. Stockholm below. Only for those with radar eyes. OpenLC was not improving much of the scenery today. Hm, this does not only look cold. Luckily Gotland, my intended destination, shows up. ILS21, but VFR would also be possible in Visby today. Get out & fetch some warm drinks, mates!
  4. No fear, mates, this is neither a latin lesson nor a history one. This is "just" a flight between the two airports that come as a bonus in Magnus´ Kiruna scenery. An early morning start in Visby... ... where de-icing was requested by the ground crew. Taking off in southerly direction, ... ... yields a beautiful turn over the historical city of Visby. No too much to see from the swedish landscape... ... but the approach to Borlänge / Dala was even worse: Some might call this "whiteout"... Due to the wind direction we were guided into runway 14 - which does not have an ILS. And the visibility was not really good... Nevertheless, we found the runway, finally. The next challenge was finding a useable taxiway... Made it. A great flight, and two bonus airports that make Kiruna to a "must-have" scenery for me. And I did not even visit Kiruna itself yet...
  5. Hi, I get these green trees in Visby. Date is the 22 of February. I believe this could be due to non-snow tiles in the vicinity that got overlaid with the snowy texture of ESSV. I tried a "Verify files", but to no avail.
  6. I just purchased and installed ESNQ Kiruna and all of the buildings are missing for two of the airports. Transaction ID: 5c2a87ff7a0f5, purchased 2018-12-31 21:54 ESNQ - Missing buildings ESSD - Missing buildings ESSV - Looks ok I used FTX Central v3.3.3.0 to uninstall and re-download/install ESNQ but buildings are still missing. I verified ORBX Libraries in FTX Central and they are version 180725 (July 2018). ORBX libraries are listed first in FSX scenery order before all of my other ORBX products. Vector is installed and have disabled AEC for ESNQ. I have no other 3rd party scenery installed except ORBX which includes these: Global Base, Global Vector, openLC Europe, open LC North America, Trees HD, most all North American airports (no issues) and two European airports, ESNQ and LOWI (no issues with LOWI). I've exhausted everything I can think of and don't see a solution in the forum so need help. Thanks! Jonathan System: i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.7GHz 32Gb RAM. Windows 7 64 bit. 4GB nVidia Quadro M4000M Sim: FSX Steam Edition ESNQ (Missing Buildings) ESSD (Missing Buildings) ESSV (Looks OK)
  7. Gentlemen, good day from Germany! Thanks a lot to Marcus Nyberg for making such wonderful airports like the triple with ESNQ Kirna. Absolutly great stuff! Then only thing(s) I miss are the three airport VOR/DME's KIRUNA KAR 115,2 MHz (Doppler Style) BORLANGE BOR 117,6 MHz (Doppler Style) VISBY VSB 115,1 MHz (Standard Style) as 3D-models. Is there a chance to get them via a small update? Best regards! Bert ID 5bb08cface722
  8. Hello everyone, You may remember ages ago that we announced that developer Marcus Nyberg was creating two Swedish airports - ENSQ & ESSD - for FSX and P3D. I'm here to tell you that we lied... it's actually a triple pack, and the third one is a biggie! Not only does this airport pack feature ESNQ Kiruna Airport and ESSD Dala Airport, but ESSV Visby Airport as well. This is especially significant for those who fly in the area frequently due to the vast number of commercial flights to Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg. This pack also features a unique 3D snow effect at ESSD & ESNQ, making these airports a great place to... chill. ESSV Visby Airport Visby is located in Gotland, an island located southeast of Stockholm in the Baltic sea. Sweden is normally a rainy place, however Gotland may be the exception! Famous for nice weather, beautiful landscapes and world heritage sites, it is a hugely popular destination for Swedish nature lovers, tan-seeking beach goers, party people, and the Swedish political elite. Famous Swedish director Ingmar Bermgan used to live here and a lot of his movies are set in the surrounding area. ESSV itself is a busy airport made up of three main areas: Swedish military operations run out of the northern part of the airport, a buzzing commercial airport takes up the majority of space in the middle, and there is also a GA area in the southern region with a cross-direction grass airstrip straight under the approach to the runway. Visby Airport has been developed with great care and is highly detailed featuring high res textures throughout the airport and advanced modeling to ensure maximum realism. Marcus spent a lot of time trying to make atmosphere as true-to-life as possible around the city of Visby, the harbour and the old town with custom objects and coloring, really capturing the unique Swedish vibe around the airports. He has even included custom vehicles that you would normally find in the area! ESSD Dala Airport Across the Baltic Sea and northwest of Visby is Dala Airport, located in Dalarna County just outside the city of Borlänge, and 25 minutes drive from where Marcus grew up in Falun. This county is famous for tourism as well, however as it is close to Stockholm, Dala Airport is primarily used for charter flights & general aviation - commercial traffic is very limited. It also hosts a model airplane club and has a very active glider community. Dala Airport is an important milestone for Marcus, as he once developed it for FS9 years ago as freeware - he is incredibly excited to bring ESSD up to date for the modern simulation market. This airport features a very cool approach with approach lights located in a nearby horse paddock as well as animated horses (I've never heard of a horse strike before but nevertheless, make sure you aren't coming in too low!) Another cool feature of Dala is the replication of the famous red houses in the surrounding area, which have been modelled in-sim. ESNQ Kiruna Airport For our final airport, we are taking you waaaaay up north - 1,200 kilometers north of Dalarna County - to ESNQ Kiruna Airport, a mining town towards the far tip of the Norwegian border. Kiruna is situated in the middle of the vast Swedish tundra, however it is vital to the Swedish economy. Kiruna is the key city in the northern inland part of Sweden and is an important source of iron ore as well as a popular tourist destination for hikers and climbers en route to the nearby Scandinavian Mountains which boasts the highest mountain in in Sweden, Kebnekeise. ESNQ Kiruna Airport has been developed with high detail, high resolution textures and even 3D-snow to create an immersive feeling that really captures the nordic spirit. As Kiruna is close to the Norwegian border, it has frequent links to Stockholm-Arlanda which feature primarily private jets and cargo traffic. A lot of work and precision has been put into details such as a whole new fleet of Swedish airport vehicles and flora unique to the surrounding area.The town has also been updated with 100,000's of handplaced houses and trees as well as the nearby mining area. Key Features: Ultra-detailed renditions of Dala Airport, Kiruna Airport, and Visby Airport Advanced baked ambient lighting PeopleFlow throughout the three main airports Custom vehicles and objects typical to Swedish aiports 30/50cm airport and approach coverage Introducing new unique 3D Snow effect at ESSD & ESNQ High resolution textures throughout the airports Towns of Visby & Kiruna For the best experience, FTX Global should be purchased and installed prior to using this airport pack. Coverage maps: The ESSV Visby Airport pack will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect soon for AUD $39.95 (approx. USD $28.80 / €24.60 / £21.95 ) Here are a few screenshots from Marcus and Emmsie. Don't forget to stay tuned here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for plenty more shots over the coming days!
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