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Found 37 results

  1. ... and this was done nearly 2 months ago. With real weather on that day. And after installation of the latest ESSA version, which should have supported SODE jetways. Catering services for the Smörebröd and some fantastic fish "tapas" under way. Parked in the right area for the airline. But obviously SODE did not recognize that... so boarding happened by bus. Bye bye winter. You can clearly see Copenhagen below. Well, somehow you can: For example the Öresund bridge in the little gap between the clouds. This is Hamburg. Slightly hidden under some coverage... And here we are established to capture the glideslope in Hanover. Somehow GEN was already on spring, whilst Aerosoft still believed the airport needed snow. But ok, at least I found the runway!
  2. Due to another update of the Aerosoft Airbus I had to chose an uncommon livery for a flight out of Tromsö. And these northern impressions are great... ... though the SID is not as easy as one might think! Oh, quel surprise: Coffee service already while climbing through 14000 ft! You can be very sure I open the cockpit door... At least the route was going around the worst weather. In order to avoid coffee spills. Who would be cleaning the cockpit? Here we meet the Baltic sea. I don´t know why Vector has chosen the "frozen lakes" option, but the ground looks winterly still. We have to expect some limited visibility during descend... Limited, indeed... ... but ok. I did not manage to get the updated ESSA jetways to work. Is there a trick?
  3. Hello Guys, I hope you've fun with the updated ESSA scenery like me. I'm running my system with 100% AI, and it runs really well. I love that ORBX is using SODE from now. The updated Stockholm looks fantastic, thanks Marcus, thanks ORBX for your great Community Support with this FREE update. Thanks. Today I had a lot of fun with Stockholm and my AI, I'd like to share some Screenshots, how it can be. But be aware, these jetways are really difficult, most of them are Typ N (Noseloader Jetway) and Typ T (T-Shaped Jetway). These are really difficult to handle in our Sim, because they are only 2-Way Jetways, most Airports are using 3-Way Jetways (much easier for us in the Simworld). These jetways are only doing this ways: For the beginners with SODE: (how to enable AI detection - use the Platform Manager - you'll find it in the Windows 10 Startmenu - SimObject Display Engine - Start Platform Manager) And now some screenshots with my AI, I really love it (no Programm, everything is custom) even at night: at Winter: This is from another Topic: Hello Guys, we are in the FS World. (Prepar3dv4 mostly) and things are different than in the real World. Marcus has explained it really well in his thread how it works. FTX ESSA 1.3 A brief guide on how to use the moving gates Stockholm Arlanda is maybe the airport with the most Typ T and Typ N Jetways. These are the most difficult to adjust in the FS World. In the real World, mostly the Nose Gear or the First Door is used as reference point. So these jetways (2-Way Jetways) will working with nearly every Passenger Aircraft. In the FS World, the reference Point is mostly in the middle (or near the middle) of the aircraft (depends to the Developer and the aircraft.cfg). It will never work as in real, because an 737-900 is bigger than an 737-600. The door is much further from the reference point than in an 737-600. (the same for every other Aircraft, like 747-400 to the 747-800). Every Gate can be adjusted to one Aircraft (ok, sometimes 2 or 3 are working - 737-800 together with an A320), so it's impossible to expect, every Gate can be used with every aircraft without adjusting the parking position. I've a lot of airports in my collection (Salt Lake City, Bergen, Puerto Plata, ... are using the same Typ of Jetways), so it's necessary to adjust you parking yourself after loading the scenery. When you load a flight with an 737-800 the Jetway maybe is working, when you load a flight with an 737-600 (SAS has some of these) you need to adjust. In my system I load the PMDG 737-600, the engines are running by default, im move it a little forward with the throttles, set the parking brake und load the Panel State I wan't (mostly engines off, apu or gpu running). That's the only way it works, in every scenery with this Typ of Jetways. Even on normal jetways (3-Way) you have sometimes to adjust the aircraft parking on some airports by moving. An 737-600 is much shorter than an 747-800. That's the limitation of the FS World, we have to accept. And don't forget, you need the working Exit section in you aircraft.cfg. ORBX and every other developer will it never get working like in real life, it's still not possible.   Thanks for reading and have fun with the new SODE Airports like me Urmel 
  4. It's a wintry morning in Stockholm... ...the land seems frozen... ... visibility is reduced... ...snowflakes are dancing in the air. So is the Swedish winter! The United Airlines plane that's being catered at Gate Foxtrot 36 finds itself in this winter story... ...and is being de-iced right at the gate. The passengers inside the plane observe the de-icing crew doing their job without protecting their heads and hands against the cold. Those hardy Swedes! A few minutes later, the Triple-Seven is being pushed back from the gate... ...and starts to taxi to the runway. The snow gets no less on its way... ...flaps and slats are kept retracted to prevent icy material to attach to the flaps mechanism and potentially freeze there. How different the sight, only a few minutes later! A bright morning above the clouds. The airplane cruises high above the snowy landscape of Scandinavia... ...and above the ships that traverse the Atlantic Ocean. The New World is no less covered with snow than the old one. Somewhere over New England... ...the sky looks even colder than at the other side of the pond! Who might populate those snowy hills in this time of year, when even the bears retreat to their den? New Jersey and Staten Island ahead! And a massive bank of clouds... A/P off at 270' and touchdown. After more than 8 hours, the plane has made it from the wintry cold morning in Stockholm to the wintry cold morning in Newark. Content and relieved, the passengers leave the plane through a comfortable jetway... ...and probably face the worst part of their voyage on the highway to home. That's it, I hope you liked it. Cheers.
  5. Although, given this weather, there might be too little lift to fly the FSX mission with the glider. So I´ll better take a KingAir and get ready in Arlanda. Man, this looks cold. BTW, this flight is done at noon. At least the Swedes are routined experts in cleaning the buildings and apron. Stockholm below. Only for those with radar eyes. OpenLC was not improving much of the scenery today. Hm, this does not only look cold. Luckily Gotland, my intended destination, shows up. ILS21, but VFR would also be possible in Visby today. Get out & fetch some warm drinks, mates!
  6. Leaving home again... ... and GEN already shows winter in a very beautiful way. Turning out to the right / north... ... to see Hanover airport & city above the Airbus. The Elbe river leads to hamburg - but you can´t see it under the clouds. Some colleagues flying around me. Copenhagen below... ... and Gotland to the right. If you look at the weather on the ND, our approach seems to be a good choice. Stockholm below, ... ... just before reaching Arlanda. Unfortunately the jetways can´t be used or replaced with SODE ones in Arlanda. Which makes our beloved passengers freeze when unboarding . @Magnus Almgren , please help them!
  7. This video is a P3D4 flight of a simulated Beechcraft 1900D aircraft using PRO-ATC/X with Navigraph Charts Simlink. The flight departs from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, (ESSA), in the Sigtuna Municipality of Sweden and arrives at Helsinki-Vantaan Airport, (EFHK), in Vantaa, Finland. I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman. I would be pleased for viewers to subscribe to my OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS channel for new releases at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_zeEUvH6_33EI0tuBTfRw. This is a non-commercial hobby YouTube channel. This channel enables me to have a year round fun hobby and share it with others of similar interests.
  8. Getting ready with a speedy bird at beautiful Arlanda, ... ... and here we go, ... ... over Stockholm and the southeastern coast. The Norrköping bay, quite an industrial city with heavy ship traffic. This airfield is named "Saab". Which confuses me, I thought they were built at Trollhättan? Crossing the Vättern lake, ... ... and deep green fields. Well, in this hot & dry summer it surely looks different: Sweden has many bushfires this season. Turning in over Alingsäs... ... into Göteborg / Landvetter.
  9. Arlanda is another well-detailed major airport, well-suited even as a base for ocean-crossing flights. And full of nice AI: If you want to rest after or before a long flight, they have some nice hotels nearby (the city is 60 km away). For us flight enthusiasts, the Jumbo Hotel is the first choice, for sure http://www.jumbostay.com/ ! Unfortunately it was raining so heavy during my tour that the livery washed out! And, also unfortunately, the ESSA scenery still has some weaknesses: The white (?) shadow of the (totally) black fire training model is still present in the ground photo. OK, the shadows of non-existing cars on the motorways are also not deleted properly (see the hotel picture above)... And using the jetways can also be confusing (they are nice but static). I had to start without passengers recently (well, that is not so bad, some airlines would even prefer that in RL !). I keep my hopes up for an update and for better weather on the next flight!
  10. Noon in Whitehorse. Here we go... ... climbing over Lage Laberge. This is our routing as shown on Skyvector... ... and this is how it looks in PRO-ATC/X. Much simpler... So I head north and keep it this way... ... over the Canadian Tundra, ... ... until we leave the american mainland near Pearce Point. Greenland is unfortunately covered in clouds; the next land we see is Norway, near Trondheim. And here we are already reaching the Baltic Sea, ... ... near Ljusne, Sweden. Vector at its finest. Descending, still going nearly straight on, over green Sweden, ... ... and into Arlanda. Another airport I bought long time ago, but not visited yet. I hope the passengers find a good way to unboard, at the end of this long day...
  11. Leaving ESSA right at this moment.
  12. Hi there, a rather long time ago, it was announced that ESSA would be provided with moving jetways. Any word on progress concerning this? Thanks
  13. After after while,I am back with some shots from ESSA I hope you liked them.
  14. Thanks for the update 1.21 of Essa but when will we have the update containing moving gates or Sode gates? It is over a year ago where promises was made for moving gates in next update. We have had "next update" two times now. Just wondering.
  15. Another one from the Alabeo sale (like I don't have enough 'planes). Leaving ESSA late one spring evening - Enjoy!
  16. This is the second part of the flight LOWI-ESSA. Part one can be found here: Awesome weather changing conditions, with really nice changes in coloring. Still trying out REX PTA stuff and im only amazed. More day by day. From blinding sun, through the clouds, into the layers of fog into darkness. Amazing...Was a real-time/realweather-conditions flight from today. 2000 feet, still nothing... 600 feet, there we go... Down...
  17. Hi! I want to share two screenshots from the upcoming Stockholm-Arlanda service pack that soon is ready. Among a lot of other things, we have now also upgraded the ground with higher resolution textures, specular maps and it will now also have a rain effect. These screenshots are from P3D v4. Meanwhile we finish this off, the current version of ESSA can now be accessed for P3D v4 via your FTX Central program, if you opt in on the Object Flow 2 beta. Check this link: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/139402-objectflow-2-open-beta/ See you in the skies!
  18. Hello everyone, It's not directly a question but does anyone know how long Stockholm will be on sale ? Greetings and sorry if this is the wrong topic!
  19. Arlanda to Gardermoen in a SAS Fokker Friendship Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  20. A series of take off shots from recent flights. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  21. I was maneuvering to land on ESSA and I felt a silence on the radio. FTX Stockholm Arlanda ESSA & PMDG 737. 1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ Cheers, Voyager
  22. A Lufthansa (default) 738 takes to the skies to fly from ESSA to EDDT. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 8. 9. 10. A prefect flight, even the ILS worked a treat. Hope you enjoy.
  23. I like this beasty! And I even managed to figure out the autopilot once I'd left ESSA at the other end! There may be hope for me yet. Heading out from Heathrow, aiming for Schipol first. (some of these a bit dark, all 4k, best seen full screen) London in the distance Over the city now, heading out down the Thames Heading out past Southend, where I lived from 5 to 20 and sort of what I think of as my home town. You can just about make out the pier if you look closely. Coming in to Schipol And leaving again next morning Thought about dropping in to Copenhagen, but decided to just cruise on by and head for Stockholm instead (can you file a "flight meander"?), so passing 'The Bridge' - Not far out from ESSA now Hmmm, might need a bigger truck than that. And off again next morning - heading for Tallinn and beyond. Makes a change from the paramotor.
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