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Found 8 results

  1. Supplying the North needs planes that are capable to deal with short runways and harsh conditions. Not this modern fiddly high-tech stuff! Taking off from Kiruna... ... and over the fantastic twilight of the Swedish-Finnish-Norwegian border region. Hmm, a little challenge for VFR, ... ... but the city of Alta appeared clearly shortly after. Here we approach... ... into Hammerfest. Finally I recognized the runway, too perfectly fit into the scenery! Got it. And parked on #4, just like Ben did yesterday https://Orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/188217-not-too-huge-this-time/
  2. The iron ore line is one of the most important railway tracks of the world - and one of the most important connections in northern Scandinavia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Ore_Line. As you know, the easier transport way out of Kiruna would be through the flat plains southwards towards the (swedish) habour Lulea at the Baltic sea. But the Baltic sea freezes in Winter, so the railway line was also built across the mountains to the northwest. Narvik harbour is always free of ice, due to the Gulfstream. Initially I planned to follow the railway line in VFR, looking down at the scenery. But the (real) weather had different plans, Kiruna airport was already only IFR this time. At least I could find the runway... ... though its end was unclear. Lovely scenery below. Even in a virtual plane it is easy to lose orientation with all this moving snow around. At some point I could see the swedish landscape - and the railway line. Descending over the Björnfjell - not below 6200 ft, please! This is already the turn into final towards Narvik... ... due to much better weather than on the swedish side this looks safe. The people living in these houses enjoy a very long day in Summer (the sun does not set for about 50 days) but suffer a very long night in winter (no sunrise for about 5 weeks). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight_sun The bigger trouble than landing is parking at Narvik... I had to cheat, so I won´t show it here.
  3. Getting ready for a flight at noon in ESSD Dala. Good that we are already sitting inside the plane. Fantastic snow effects - which make it quite difficult to find & follow the taxiway... And visibility on the runway ain´t much better. At least we can see the end where we have to turn. Do you see these red-white sticks near the lights? They will help the ground crew digging out these lights. Take off into a soup. The weather radar was right... At least there is an area above the clouds. But during descend into Kiruna the trouble returns... I see something! There must be an angel. Or a runway... OK, safe. Or not so much. I forgot to turn off AEC for ENSQ... it looked better after correcting this - but only for the next flight.
  4. Kiruna with correct AEC setting... ... and the worlds biggest iron ore mine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiruna_Mine . The Magnetit ore also makes for the second biggest magnetic anomaly of the planet. Besides that, Kiruna airport is famous amongst Orbx customers for its SnowFlow.
  5. I just purchased and installed ESNQ Kiruna and all of the buildings are missing for two of the airports. Transaction ID: 5c2a87ff7a0f5, purchased 2018-12-31 21:54 ESNQ - Missing buildings ESSD - Missing buildings ESSV - Looks ok I used FTX Central v3.3.3.0 to uninstall and re-download/install ESNQ but buildings are still missing. I verified ORBX Libraries in FTX Central and they are version 180725 (July 2018). ORBX libraries are listed first in FSX scenery order before all of my other ORBX products. Vector is installed and have disabled AEC for ESNQ. I have no other 3rd party scenery installed except ORBX which includes these: Global Base, Global Vector, openLC Europe, open LC North America, Trees HD, most all North American airports (no issues) and two European airports, ESNQ and LOWI (no issues with LOWI). I've exhausted everything I can think of and don't see a solution in the forum so need help. Thanks! Jonathan System: i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.7GHz 32Gb RAM. Windows 7 64 bit. 4GB nVidia Quadro M4000M Sim: FSX Steam Edition ESNQ (Missing Buildings) ESSD (Missing Buildings) ESSV (Looks OK)
  6. ESNQ airport purchased on 3-11-2018 Left and right of the runway are only high walls to see, as well as at the airport itself. how do I solve that? simulator P3D v4.2.21 I can not find a transaction ID. I paid with my credit card ............. 7678 3-11-2018.
  7. Gentlemen, good day from Germany! Thanks a lot to Marcus Nyberg for making such wonderful airports like the triple with ESNQ Kirna. Absolutly great stuff! Then only thing(s) I miss are the three airport VOR/DME's KIRUNA KAR 115,2 MHz (Doppler Style) BORLANGE BOR 117,6 MHz (Doppler Style) VISBY VSB 115,1 MHz (Standard Style) as 3D-models. Is there a chance to get them via a small update? Best regards! Bert ID 5bb08cface722
  8. Hi, Earlier this year we announced ESSD Dala Airport, a small regional airport in Dalarna, Sweden. Today we are happy to announce that it will be part of an airport bundle and I'm eager to also show you some screenshots of ESNQ Kiruna Airport. Kiruna is a mining town in the far north of Sweden, located beautifuly in the wild landscapes of Lappland. There are daily flights to Stockholm Arlanda and just across the border you'll find Narvik, so you will for sure be able use your Orbx-sceneries to commute. With this package I'm also very proud to announce snow as rarely seen before in the simulator. As a native Swede, snow is close to heart and we bring you 3D-snow that will make the airports really come to life during wintertime with hardly any performance hit. I hope you will enjoy the screenshots, remember it being work in progress and things might change. So, enough talking, here we have ESNQ Kiruna Airport and ESSD Dala Airport. Regards, Marcus
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