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Found 10 results

  1. A final highlight for my winter tour goes from a highlight of Norways airports, Sogndal/Haukasen... ... along the magnificient Sognefjord. We´re not alone here, Henrik has created some fantastic ships to add life. The Wergeland Industrial area. Jack, you are needed here: This one might be the Nordhordaland Bridge (there are so many here that is is difficult to tell). There might be Bergen/Flesland airport out below, ... ... yes, it is there.
  2. ... NOT. As the borders are closed to slow down spreading of Covid-19, we had to cancel our above mentioned holiday. Instead, some more time for healthy flying. The first leg of today goes from Alesund... ... over the light cityscape, ... ... and the Geirangerfjord. Over the snowy heights... ... and the valley of Stryn (there should be an airstrip, but I can´t see it), ... ... to the huge glacier Jostedalsbreen. Initiating the approach into ENSG... ... over Kaupanger... ... and, finally, ... ... into the beautiful location of Haukasen airport. This would be a perfect time for OLC Africa to come into sales... as we all are bound to our homes. I, for my part, will continue the virtual tour homebound, to be ready for a new continent!
  3. Hi there, I have found that at several airports (e.g. ENSG Sogndal Haukasan) that if the autogen LOD is set below "high" in P3Dv4, then no / minimal autogen (trees) appears on the terrain immediately around the airport vicinity - irrespective of the density setting. My understanding is that the autogen LOD is meant to only adjust the outer radius of the autogen display and not affect the inner radius. I have found this at some other airports as well - but the strange/annoying thing is that it is not always the same and is not easy to replicate the problem every time. Reloading the airport or changing the aircraft position also seems to change the level of autogen immediately around the airport. The user manuals do not make any specific reference to the minimum autogen radius settings. Furthermore, in order to improve performance, I generally fly with autogen radius set below high (as recently recommended by ORBX for KSAN). I do use the Autogen Configuration Merger that is now by 29Palm's Skiathos airport for P3Dv4. However, de-activating this not seem to make a difference. Has anyone else found this anomaly and any recommendations on how to prevent this from happening? Is it perhaps a P3Dv4 issue? Kind regards,
  4. After a long day of hiking we reached the airport. A bit surprised how relaxed the tower personnel was looking. At least the trustful Wideroe Service was prepared. Final looks to the city of Kaupanger, ... ... and over the Innvikfjord, ... .. but - whooo, the weather seems to be changing?! Not too hard. ENOV Hovden airport can still be seen below. As well as Alesund-Vigra, our destination of today. A nice way to travel in this rugged country.
  5. Newly added sceneries need to be inspected with slower tools. Not so slow, this time. But flexible, at least. Let´s go, from Haukasen... ... over the Sognefjord... (hope you feel well?)... ... to Kaupanger. These tourists look all greek to me, ... ... before I visit Urnes stave church. Details get blurry if you get so close, this is just to proof how these churches look like. The city of Sogndal... ... and then with full power over Storehaugen... ... back into ENSG again. This airport has noting but a fantastic location!
  6. Newly added sceneries need to be inspected with slower tools. Not so slow, this time. But flexible, at least. Let´s go, from Haukasen... ... over the Sognefjord... (hope you feel well?)... ... to Kaupanger. These tourists look all greek to me, ... ... before I visit
  7. That part of Norway is brilliant for VFR flying, so I naturally did this. Unfortunately with real weather, maybe I should rethink this part of realism for future flights. Out of Bergen/Flesland... ... northwards, and then into the Sognefjord. Descending a bit did not make the visibility better, a "nice" factor when you know there are mountains around... At least finally Sogndal-Haukasen airport appeared from the haze. And quite good the Caravan can be slowed down & descended fast. Nice northern weather welcomes the hikers...
  8. I hope this post is in the right section. ENSG Sogndal: CRASH when rolling on the lights on the centerline of runway. We have to be in the middle of the lights... For the attention of the lead developper Andreas Hegi. I do have crash detection ticked. Watch this explicit video I made to show this bug: (11:37) I have FTX Global BASE Pack v1.40 FTX Global VECTOR v1.45 EU Norway v1.15 ENSG Sogndal Haukasen airport v1.00
  9. Time to take a look away from the airport and see some other features in Andreas wonderful work. 1. 2. On the fringes of Kaupanger 3. The small location of Amla is on the left of the inlet. 4. 5. Over the centre of Kauphanger 6. Looking back towards Sognefjorden 7. The open air museum on bottom right. Not sure what the track is though. 8. Kjornes 9. The Stedje area of Sogndale 10. Too busy looking to the right and nearly flew into the cliff! 11. The transmitter on top of Storhaugen Mountain 12. Back at the airport and doing an orbit before landing. 13. 14. Plenty of lights and other paraphernalia at the end of the runway. A top class scenery this with so much to look at away from the airport.
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