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Found 46 results

  1. Can't believe I am so late coming to this scenery. It's just beautiful! Well done Orbx!
  2. And how fascinating it looks, up here in Narvik. Everything has warmed up, so we can go. The easier airport to land is the nearby Evenes. But Narvik is by far looking more interesting (and is the bigger challenge for the simmers). Icebergs or islands? Who wants to try? This flight goes along the Lofoten islands, just as @jean marc had suspected. Svolvaer, ... ... and then, after crossing the strait, Bodö. Don´t say a Twotter can´t use ILS. And she is easy to land, if only you manage the speed way ahead. Here we are, ready to visit the city before going on.
  3. Getting ready in Hammerfest. A remote place, but so well modeled here! Just look at these huts next to the sloped runway... A last view of the city... ... and it´s out of sight. Next alternate: Hasvik. A nice little detail is the Fakken windfarm. Seems to be at the end of the world... Tromsö. Nearly a metropolis! Bardufoss seems to be an easier-to-land airport... But if you descend next to the Setermoen mountains... ... to approach into Narvik, ... ... you may cross the city as slow as you like: As soon as the ATC assigns you to land on runway 01, you´ll have a bad landing nearly guaranteed, due to the mountains in the approach. At least virtually it works, don´t ask how.
  4. The iron ore line is one of the most important railway tracks of the world - and one of the most important connections in northern Scandinavia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Ore_Line. As you know, the easier transport way out of Kiruna would be through the flat plains southwards towards the (swedish) habour Lulea at the Baltic sea. But the Baltic sea freezes in Winter, so the railway line was also built across the mountains to the northwest. Narvik harbour is always free of ice, due to the Gulfstream. Initially I planned to follow the railway line in VFR, looking down at the scenery. But the (real) weather had different plans, Kiruna airport was already only IFR this time. At least I could find the runway... ... though its end was unclear. Lovely scenery below. Even in a virtual plane it is easy to lose orientation with all this moving snow around. At some point I could see the swedish landscape - and the railway line. Descending over the Björnfjell - not below 6200 ft, please! This is already the turn into final towards Narvik... ... due to much better weather than on the swedish side this looks safe. The people living in these houses enjoy a very long day in Summer (the sun does not set for about 50 days) but suffer a very long night in winter (no sunrise for about 5 weeks). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight_sun The bigger trouble than landing is parking at Narvik... I had to cheat, so I won´t show it here.
  5. We had booked an early morning flight with Mule Air Services to see the Aurora Borealis. But then... ... they had rebooked us! At least the weather looked promising... Narvik in its beauty. But no polar lights... The sun was rising over Sorkjosen... ... and Alta. The scheduled approach over Kvalöya island... ... into Hammerfest. I need to check the polar light timing again. And I need to find out why the Mule flight was cancelled today!
  6. Oh GREAT!!! Two hours flight from EGTE/ENNK and when I arrived there were a lonely chimney and a few boats in the harbour and nada, ziltch, zero, nothing of the rest of the scenery. Went to FTX Central and the airport is there and you can open Control Panel; in explorer the scenery is there with ALL the files in the respective folders; in SceneryConfigEditor the folders are loaded and active but the whole ENNK has disappeared! Kappppaaauw!! [P3D4; FTX Norway; FTX Vector; ORBX ENNK] Any reason, explanation, tweak, trick, fix ...??
  7. Hello, When I select the FSX weather theme "Fogged in", the approach lights of ENNK become white squares. I am running FSX Acc in DX10 with "Steve's DX10SceneryFixer". I can't say if this is new with 1.1 or was existing before : that's the first time I am trying such a frightening approach Gérard
  8. I did not have much time the last week to fly or to post. But at least I made it to head further towards the fresher regions of Europe, where the sun is now refusing to disappear for nearly 24 hours per day. With a King Air connection from Narvik... ... downwind to Tromsö, ... ... and into final. The visibility of the runway could be better. But here we are. The airport is pure EU_NOR. And here we go again... ... into the remainders of winter, ... ... over Altafjord... ... and into Hammerfest. We are on base here, though you can hardly spot the runway in the middle of the picture. Maybe now you get it. Ready to deboard... ... towards something I had missed so often in simmed airports: The Gold lounge!
  9. I was a bit surprised trying to leave the runway... is this realistic?
  10. Before the tanker went on towards Panama, I turned back to Norway, heading to the village of Emmenes. One for the lighthouse-lovers. A view of the entire harbour ... ... before crossing some steep mountains (cloudy, as always ), ... ... and towards Rombaksbrua. With the obvious manouvre. Much better flying here than driving... ... though there are already lots of bridges saving travel time. And spending simmers pleasure. Great city details in the scenery. Let us cool down, ... ... climb up to the tower and pick up a colleague, ... ... to drive home in his brand new A7. A fantastic scenery, surely one of the best I have seen.
  11. Into the forest... ... no, it is not the forest. Just the boundary of Narvik airport. Cross the fjord... ... and out towards the sea. Someone ahead... ... from Panama? You are kidding. Or just saving taxes and salaries. OK, I´ll join you and save fuel on my way to the west...
  12. I continued my tour towards the north from Bodo over the Lofoten islands - so I could not take a dash for this route: It needed to be VFR. Not much V, unfortunately... Svolvaer, ... ... Higravstindan (great to use some relatively unused keys of my keyboard for this post), ... ... over Skagen. Shortly after I lost manifold pressure, the engine power went down and the plane descended. Into fog, no airport around, but lots of mountains. I detoured into a fjord, just over sea level the power was recharged and I climbed directly to 6500 ft, well over the clouds. So I could continue over Evenes... ... towards the Narvikfjord. You can see the runway of Narvik below? Or not sure ...? Circling down, across Emmenes... ... here the picture becomes clearer. Luckily. High, but slow enough... ...safe, ... ... and confused!
  13. (transaction id's 591395ba06027 AND 590c8ffac9008) Hello, yesterday i bought Ftx global Base pack, ftx global trees, EU norway and ENNK narvik airport. All is working fine, except for ENNK Narvik airport. The hole area looks terrible. No buildings, only some vehicles, a strip in a big hole. looks like some elevation problems, or something went wrong with the installation. I have used FTX Central, as recommended on the orbx website. Here is my scenery sequence, and some screenshots of the ENNK area. I hope you can help me fixing this problem, since i was really looking forward having this as my base for airhauler2. Thanks in advance for your assistance. denpes.
  14. Hello Folks, Today I bought ENNK. After installation I see no buildings at the airport and no city building either. I have instal version 1.05 and use FSX. What's goning wrong?
  15. A shame the real airport has closed down, but it lives on in our sims thanks to this masterpiece of a scenery. Cheers,
  16. A few shots from recent flights and buys. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  17. A series of take off shots from recent flights. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  18. ... near my first OD purchase: Narvik. This does not appear to be the season for an intense scenery investigation up there. (shot was taken 12:35 local time) However good to see the ship is solid, suited for the tax inspection.
  19. Hi! I realized today that all my Orbx airport sceneries are "corrupted". My sceneries for ENNK, ENJA and CAC8 are totally flat and display no buildings nor trees. Cars and lights that should sit on the ground are floating in the air. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the sceneries, deactivate and reactivate the scenery...still the same problem. When the Orbx scenery is deactivated I get the stock airport of FSX with hills, trees... but as soon as I reactivate the scenery everything is flatted out, and just display the static aircrafts and some items (luggage carrier, people, cars...). Any idea what is the problem and how to solve this? Thanks in advance. Naheo
  20. Hi Guys, Im having a problem with my Narvik ENNK airport, I have FSX:SE with REX4, AS16, ORBX Global, Eurpoe, NA, Vector, Normway and ENNK airport installed. The issue is that on the left hand side of the runway there is a windsock that is floating and not placed correctly on the ground, also up ahead on the same side there is another small building with another wind sock and they are also floating. Does anyone has a solution to this? I also was wondering if the lights look ok to you guys? Some of the look really tall and spikey, just wondering if its normal. See screenshots...
  21. Hello, I like a lot this airport - ENNK - Narvik, but I found some problems to consider for the next update : - the PLASI is not visible when landing - no indication of aircraft/glide position (tested with option 24 light on and off) - the start point of the runway is misplaced (near obstacles - see screenshoot) - from the tower view, white planes have very strange colors (I have confirmed this with a default FSX Beech Baron 58) Looks like a shadow problem ? Nothing that prevents to appreciate the scene, even if the PLASI makes landing a little bit more chalenging Regards - Gérard
  22. Hi, I've noticed while flying in foggy weather around ENNK that the Approach Light Systems are displayed wrong. I have some white boxes with black outline. All the other lights around the airport are fine (runway etc...). These white boxes are also seen from miles away even through heavy fog. This problems shows up only in foggy weather and only in ENNK which is my first airport scenery from Orbx. I've tried to change the light settings but didn't solve anything. Any idea how to solve this? I also notice some strange artifacts on the side of the runway. I run FSX:SE on windows 7 with DX9. FTX Global Base Pack 1.40 FTX Global Vector 1.45 FTX Norway 1.1 Orbx Libraries 160906 Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations for this otherwise amazing scenery! Cedi
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