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Found 62 results

  1. I was very excited when I discovered that ORBX had made maps of central UK. A bit sceptical that my late 2015 iMac would be happy, but installed anyway and... My favourite current route is shuttling between North Weald (EGSX) in Essex (where I have an hour's flight booked next month) and Rochester (EGTO) (near where I live). Here's the view of the Medway bridge just after takeoff: Heading towards Gravesend over the A2, the QE2 Bridge in the background: Then Gravesend itself, with my local Shell garage: And inexplicably, the Gurdwara has turned into a cathedral: Still, there's the ferry and (some of the) wind turbines... ...although when I got to the bridge, something very odd was happening to the traffic: A nice view of the City: and finals to 02 at North Weald: I'm going to have to do something about those motorway signs. Oh, and here's the settings that work. For some of those screenshots I had RW objects on max, but it can get a bit juddery when I do that.
  2. What advantage it it to get the Wales region if I already have the England Region?
  3. Hi, I am looking to purchase and I have a few questions which are not answered on the sales site (as far as I can see) 1) Do I need FTX Global BASE for EU England etc... ? 2) Do I need FTX Global HD Trees for EU England or are the trees already replaced by the EU England scenery? 3) Do I need FTX Global Vector for EU England or is the vector info included in the EU England scenery? I suppose the underlying question is, do I need anything other than EU England, to achieve the screenshots displayed on EU Englands sales page? Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. This is the first in a series of tests to see if my home assembled computer can perform complex HD 3D pre-vis tasks. My next test will be a dozen B-24s and a mixed bag of two dozen German fighters scrapping over Brest, France. The airport in this video is Kinloss AB EGQK, as Alconbury does not exist in FSX or FTX Orbx worlds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAmLZzRur5U
  5. I have a message for updates for YBCS Cairns , ftx global vector and England could you tell me where I can find them please. Thanks in advance Barry Cummings
  6. Did a night flight up around Grimsby, Kingston-upon-Hull etc (don't ask - I had my reasons <grin>). Might post some more tomorrow, but I rather like this one even if the sky hasn't come out too well. Looks much better if maxed out (4k) This is about 16:30 on a December afternoon, just a few days before Christmas, and that's the Humber Bridge below me.
  7. Been to the Alabeo sale (still on for a couple of days, I think), so here are some new toys all just out from Exeter, heading east. Cruz Pipersport, another one with a perfectly unobstructed cockpit view This one's the Pitts, though (sorry!) This looked like fun - the AGTruck And this one gives me the screaming hee-bee-Gee-Bees (anyone else remember that single from the 80s - "meaningless songs, with very high voices"?) Should have some fn with this lot.
  8. Some flights at the small grass airstrips from Orbx FTX England, with the superb A2A T-6 texan. I have a lot of fun flying the T-6 on those scenery. Old Warden: Goodwood: Popham: Compton Abbas: Kind regards, Jorge.
  9. Some flights on a great ORBX scenery with the superb A2A T-6 texan. Some aerobatics at EGKA Smoking from EGKA to EGHI Autopilot flight from EGHI to EGBB Kind regards, Jorge.
  10. Chasing moving trains is an additional challenge next to the beautiful made Southampton airport(EGHI) scenery.
  11. The coastal scenery at the regio of Southampton and island White is best to admire from higher altitude. The Britannia-livery on the vintage B737-200 makes it complete. closer to the ground in preparation to land on Southampton airport
  12. Hi guys Something occurred to me a while ago as I was picking up one of our aircraft from maintenance in Cambridge, UK, EGSC and that was how good it would be to see Cambridge given the Orbx treatment! I did a search and found that back in 2013 it was a possibility but from what I can see it hasn't come to fruition! Anyone got any ideas what happened to it and if we are likely to see it from Orbx in the future? Seems my company's aircraft visit there fairly often and I recently completed some base training there after converting to a new type, was a thrill to say the least and I'm a big fan of the airport! Thanks guys S
  13. Only 2 shots, but could'nt resist to publish, first is over the river Thames before it plunges into the northsee and the second is a bit out of the coast over a field of windmills that generate extra power on an ecological way. The Eurofighter is payware from JustFlight. Hereby my thanks to the Orbx-FTX team that manages to implement such detail in the sceneries.
  14. Guys some advice please? I wish to transfer all my FSX files including Obix to a new PC I am building. May I ask to your knowledge, if I have to complete any deauthorisation on my existing computer before downloading and running on my new PC? George
  15. First flight over my new ORBX toy: England region. Flight from EGDM to EGHF with Lancair Legacy.
  16. Hello everyone, I recently made a cross-country trip in southern England, through Southampton, Shoreham, Gatwick, Heathrow and Fairoaks. There is no third party scenery in those shots. Here it is... From Southampton By the beach near Shoreham Reaching Gatwick Busy morning in Heathrow, as usual... Now heading to the final destination, Fairoaks HD Trees sure make a difference. Now turning base for Fairoaks Gotta watch those trees on final Lots of people waiting. Good idea this little boy with his bike, even the front wheel is moving from side to side. Certainly a lively airport, with lots of people around.
  17. I had to share these pics! Jose
  18. Wild movements only possible in up-to-date restored WOII historic Hawker Hurricane Mk1. Adrenaline-flow and high heartbeat was guaranteed to please the spectators, enjoy also:
  19. Bought the Dash 8 (finally) and put it through its paces on a quickie from Southampton out to Jersey and back. Stunning a/c, got to learn a lot though! At the stand at EGHI Ready for boarding Taxying out to 20 Just over the Northwestern tip of France Everything just about in order in the office! Hand flew the approach - tricky! Just descending, past Southampton at the turnaround point. Home again! Cold and dark once more.
  20. Hello Chaps, After a few months off due to various RL commitments, I'm back flying in the virtual skies. Bought me a new Beech Duke which is gorgeous! However, they now say that shes costly to run..! Never mind! A few shots from a flight from Compton down towards the south coast. I had the pleasure of flying into Compton Abbas as a student pilot IRL a couple of weeks back - my instructor said that I'd never find it. Thanks to Orbx and a fantastic rendition of the airfield, I found it first and proceeded to fly a really good circuit before touching on 26! ..My instructor couldn't believe I'd never flown in there before... Warming up at Compton Abbas High at 10k feet Gotta love that walnut dash!
  21. After a century in England, Louis BLERIOT decides to come back home by crossing the Channel with his Bleriot XI...at last (a virtual flight in continuous )
  22. Holding the B17 tour for a week or so until I can summon funding and time to install FS Global 2010 and Vector + Update - (Cannot wait to overfly Mumbai with that combination). In the meantime, saw a very tempting paint for the P51 - It looks amazing and I couldn't help pressing the V-Key on the way from Shoreham to Yeovilton. Quick full stop, taxy back at Compton on the way!
  23. Airborned from the busy London-Heathrow international airport(EGLL) to the nearby airstrip Elstree(EGTR) that is extremely detailled modelled: Some collected shots to confirm the very nice and crisp represented airport, one of the best airport sceneries ever seen: Finally a hello to the tower-crew:
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