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Found 9 results

  1. Today I made a flight from EGML to EGHP. Both ORBX products I bought and installed in P3D. After landing at EGHP and taxying to a parking the whole airfield looked empty. I didn't see any aircraft. Only cars, no people. A strange empty view I have not seen before. See the the image. I checked and altered some of the settings accoring the User Guide of EGHP but still the same view. I have TEGB South installed also.
  2. So close to London yet so rural. Damyns Hall Aerodrome
  3. I made a mistake. This content should have been put in another section. I tried to delete this topic but was not able to. So, with excuse, this is not a video. Yesterday I bought the ORBX EGML Damyn's Hall for X-Plane 11 scenery. After a successful installation using FTX Central 3, I made a first flight. During the approach towards runway 03 I experienced that the runway edge cone markers became visual very late. It gave the impression as if I was landing in a foggy weather condition which it wasn't the case. The weather was clear. See the attached images. I also created a very short video in which the late appearance of the runway edge cone markers is demonstrated. I try to upload it separately. Note: I am using ORBX True Earth Great Britain South for X-Plane 11. For ORBX: transaction ID: 5c51e732c629b.
  4. Not the best of days to be flying. 1. Not the original RG333, which crashed in Germany in August 1945. This one is really G-AIEK painted with invasion stripes. 2. Up and away from Damyn's Hall 3. At Tilbury Container Port. 4. The BP refinery and terminal at Canvey Island. 5. The World's longest pier at Southend. 6. On approach to Southend flying into 40-45kts progress is very slow and turbulent. 7. The industrial estate at Rochford. 8. Hanging in the air at about 20kts. 9. Down, stopped and now being blown backwards. 10. Onto the apron with brakes on but the plane is still being blown back. The original Messenger RG333 was Field Marshal Montgomery's personal transport until it's accident. Monty suffered a couple of cracked vertebrae in the crash. The strong wind is from the storm named Doris which is causing disruption in the UK at the moment.
  5. I have a very unnatural color-shift on the runway and immediate surroundings of the runway at UK-airport Damyls Hal(EGML). I have also EU ENG installed but the complete ORBX has been re-integrated in a fresh re-install of P3Dv3.4 on same drive+location. As it should be presented (screenshot of the user document on EGML): A screenshot of my todays flight over the same area: Thank you for any help or correction-advise.
  6. To celebrate the marriage between FTXv3 and the new ORBX Direct site: Amazing what you see parked up around the back! Splutter, splutter, pop, pop ... The SE of England in autumn: Adam.
  7. After a roundflight over London doing some acrobatics, I landed at the Damyn's Hall Aerodrome(EGML) nearby but the engine was overheated and I didn't notice directly the gauges showing extreme oil- and watertemperatures....perhaps a slight fuelleak and the whole engine took suddenly fire....resulting in a very costly repair....
  8. Hello, Happy Sunday to Everyone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I purchased and installed EGML Damyns Hall. After installation and running OrbtsLibs everything is floating in the air, its like the complete Scenery is sitting off the ground by about 4/5 meters and underneath the floating scenery is a hole which drops by about 2 meters. I have never had this problem before. I done a complete fresh install of everything today including Prepar3d, still the same. I have Global + Vector installed, i had Europe but didn't reinstall it. I then installed England Region and ran OrbtxLibs. Then i installed Southampton and ran OrbtxLibs. Lastly i installed EGML Damyns and also ran the latest version of OrbtxLibs. On the FTX Central, i also ran OrbtxLibs on Global plus Europe, then restarted computer. I tried the FTX Vector Airport Elevation Config tool as well. I Unistalled and reinstalled EGML and ran OrbtxLibs but still nothing. My scenery library looks fine with the ORBTXLibs sitting right on top and the Airports sitting underneath. I tried to attach some pics but i am having some problems there to:) I will try some more Thank you Elaine
  9. This renowned plant expert on his BSA is convinced that Damyns Hall is a valuable natural area for endangered plants. Indeed, a wide range of flora can be encountered here - for example, there is an enormous diversity of all species of grass. The discovery of this aerodrome is nothing less than a moment of glory for the biology of garden weeds. phew ... extremely rare specimens of ... ... a little closer ... Of course there are also planes. And of course is EGML one of the best scenery addons I ever bought. Russ, thank you very much!
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