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Found 19 results

  1. New video taking the Spit up out of EGHR Goodwood on a summers day..
  2. A Foster Wickner Wicko to be precise, no I had never heard of one either. G-AFJB was built in 1938 and of the 10 Wickos made it is the only survivor. 1. Here we are at Goodwood ready for a short flight to Shoreham. 2. Passing the control tower it is a pleasant but breezy day. 3. Trundling down 28, almost airborne. 4. 5. Glorious Goodwood and a change of plans. Today I will follow the South Downs instead of the normal coastal flight. 6. The River Arun and the town of Arundel. 7. On the outskirts of Worthing and the Hill Barn Golf Club. 8. Too busy looking at the scenery, we are there already. 9. Turning to land on rwy 02. 10. A nice smooth landing and having a rest before the next flight. A joy to fly and a very resilient plane, apparently it survived falling 80ft off a cliff, not only the Hilux that is unbreakable! Here is a link for the Wicko if you are interested. Being an FS9 plane I am very pleased that this works in both FSX and P3Dv2.4 the latter using that tool! http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=54339683
  3. That's funny - I have "Bluebells" on my list ... It appears spring is late this year at Goodwood! Meanwhile ... back in NZ ... "The Pinnacles" in the Coromandel Peninsula: Another favourite place in RL - early morning nr. Takaka, Abel Tasman: It must say something about me that I prefer the "Wilga" to all these new-fangled "boys-toys/executive" types of aircraft. "Wilga" is Polish for "Oriole". Maybe "Grasshopper" would be more exact! Adam.
  4. here is an alternate cloud set I made. These clouds are also blue but they dont really look it. They look yellow and grey to me. they're 'bold grey'. Thanks for looking. I do intend to share this stuff but don't get your hopes up because its not very good. but it aint bad.
  5. Spitfire flight from Compton Abbas (EGHA) to Chichester/Goodwood (EGHR). I love the older Spit's, and I know that's a relative term.
  6. It is great to see no fewer than 5 English airports with new installers last night. The first on I have installed is Goodwood and I have just done a circuit in the Paramotor 1. Off we go and it is into Madgwick Corner. Some of my earliest memories are of going to race meetings here in the late 50s early 60s. 2. Heading up towards Fordwater. 3. Through Fordwater. 4. Into St Mary's. This is where Stirling Moss had his near fatal accident in 1962. 5. Looking back at St Mary's and Fordwater. 6. Entering into the long Lavant Corner. We used to watch broadcasts on BBC's Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon. They only had one camera near the start line so some of the circuit was out of view. 7. Now speeding down Lavant straight. In 1970 another motor racing legend, Bruce McLaren was not as fortunate as Stirling Moss, as he lost his life testing a sports car which left the straight and hit an old marshal's post. 8. The circuit held it's last race meeting in 1966 as the cars were getting too fast and the circuits owners did not want to make alterations to the track to slow the cars. 9. Woodcote Corner. 10. Heading out of Woodcote towards The Chicane which was my favourite part of the circuit. 11. The old brick walls of The Chicane have been replaced by tyres. 12. We used to watch the racing from a Grandstand on the left, opposite the pits but it was demolished a long time ago. 13. Back at the start line and the pits. 14. It is very pleasing to see the circuit is back in use today and host the Goodwood Revival every September. 15. Many thanks to ORBX for bringing back so many memories from a long time ago with this rendition of Goodwood.
  7. From Shoreham around the Isle of Wight to Goodwood Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  8. Another flight I did a while ago was the short one from Goodwood to Shoreham. Started off in fine weather but by the time I arrived in Shoreham it is raining. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Just trying out the new OZxpix upload page. Almost got it but will have to look closer as to see what I am doing wrong to make the pics upload out of order.
  9. Two more airports I have not visited for a while are Goodwood and Shoreham. A short flight as it is only 20 miles between the two. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  10. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  11. Scenery EU Eng is much too beautiful. Can't imagine what the rest of the world will look like. OrbX is the best...
  12. Hello Everyone! My first "crosscountry-flight" over EU England and Wales. Another most impressive scenery package from ORBX. The details which can be found at the aiports are fantastic and make each of it worth a visit. But it's also just beautiful to look out the window and enjoy it all from above! That being said: Everyone, please enjoy, Christoph REX natural ENB-Mod in use here. All captures only resized and cropped. Rolling all the way comfortably to the runway … … watch out carefully where I am rolling though: These “S-Turns†to gain some better view from the cockpit on the ground have to be pretty tight here… … and yet: Simply enjoying all the nice details … … Good Morning! … … a few minutes later then, up in the air and cruising once around EGSG before heading on to EGHR later on … … AUTOGEN! … WOW! … and yet not any issues regarding performance … … I was even allowed and cleared by ATC to fly straight above and across London … well: Let’s assume it was a lazy Sunday morning … … into the countryside now … … and EGHR ahead … … Hello! … … and now: Heading to Wales … … “Visual†into EGFF, just before trying to turn properly into the “Flat Holm†entry towards the airport … … downwind RW12 … … Oh! There is some more traffic around … … "Runway Ahead"... – well okay, but I’ll keep staying here for a while now!
  13. Thought I'd take advantage of the realtively clear weather today and do a bit of IFR (I follow roads) from Stapleford to Goodwood via the M25 and M23 Departing EGSG RWY 22R Turning east to intersect the M25 just north of the airlield Passing Harold Hill... Following the M25 south Approaching Junction 30 on the M25 (A13 intersection) The cloud base is pretty low today at about 2,100 EGHR sighted, entering left downwind RWY 14R Final RWY 14R
  14. Thank You very much Paul (Pgreenwo) for this great livery! One capture from the recent winter near Goodwood
  15. Just had to get this as my treat to myself for Christmas... Being shown where to park at Goodwood...
  16. My flight today is in the south of England from Goodwood (EGHR) north of Chichester to RAF Odiham - a flight of 24 nautical miles, and what better aircraft to enjoy the scenery than the De Haviland Gypsy moth. RAF Odiham is a Royal Air Force station situated a little to the south of the historic small village of Odiham in Hampshire, England and is 7 nautical miles WSW of Farnborough. It is the home of the Royal Air Force's heavy lift helicopter, the Chinook HC2, HC2A and HC3. Departing Goodwood... A bit of low level cloud ahead... marginal visibility... A break in the clouds allows us to spot the airfield.. Making our approach....
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