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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I bought Nantucket not too long ago. Scenery is amazing, but I noticed when I land there there is no lighting. I did the following flights -KOXB to KACK - started in afternoon, landed at night, no lights -KACK to KBHB - started at night, lights were showing. Did a return flight (continued the same scenario) and no DL again when landing. Once landed I also tried to move the time forward, (forcing the sim to load textures) but nope, no lighting. I contacted iBlueYonder first on Facebook but they replied saying to come here. Thanks in advance and best regards. A.D.
  2. Hello, when I arrived at EGPH this evening there was no Apron lightning that worked, but the runway and taxiway lights worked completely normal. On departue at Munich and dynamic lighting worked. Does anybody know why? Greetings Florian
  3. Not sure if it is just me however I have no dynamic lighting at the airport. Taxi and runway lighting seems to be working however apron lighting is non existent which makes the airport unflyable at night for me. All other airports in my collection seem to be working as normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, I usually have barely noticeable performance failures with dynamic lighting set to on, except in LOWI. Here I lose about 20fps in the night (30fps to ~10fps) even if I turn off "dynamic lighting" in the ORBX/LOWI options. I'd still like to have the dynamic landing lights. Is there a trick to it? At other airports I have no problems with dynamic lighting set to on in Prepar3D options... BR Mathias
  5. Hey Orbx Dev team. Those of you working on the Dynamic lighting on the airports have you notice the rotating airport beacons still have that light shaft on them. For those of us with 29 Palms KNTP we see only the light hitting objects in the airport and looks really realistic as it rotates. Can that be implemented on out airports please. Look like it will only apply to the municipal airports. Thanks.
  6. G'day guys, Whilst work on the new ObjectFlow module is going on at a frantic pace behind the scenes, I thought I might put up a few screenshots of the new dynamic lighting being introduced at Innsbruck Airport. This will be one of the very first ORBX airports to include this new feature in P3Dv4, and will be rolled out as soon as all our airports are released for v4 (ie, once Objectflow is ready). A considerable amount of effort has been spent testing this new lighting, and the result is a balance between performance and detail, with the airport relying on a combination of both dynamic (for aprons and primary areas) and traditional rendered (secondary areas) lighting. For those of you who would prefer, the dynamic lighting can also be entirely disabled via the LOWI control panel; the disabled option will show lighting exactly the same as in P3Dv3. Lastly, I've also added a couple of daytime shots from v4 with all sliders maxed. This is solely to show the excellent new autogen rendering distances - a huge step up from previous versions of the sim. You will notice that generic trees and buildings now render almost the entire distance to the horizon, something that makes a big difference from an immersion perspective. Anyway, enjoy the shots. As always, no release dates will be given, but it is worth noting that I've been holding back on these previews until I was confident that some more news on the Objectflow update wasn't too far away Cheers, Jarrad
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