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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I obtained the ftx Australia pcDVD at a flightsim show back in 2012. I'm trying to install it but I get an error message (see attachment). Is there a kind of workaround to cope with this error? I mean, installation is aborted after this message... Hoipe you can help me with this problem! KR Theo Legters
  2. I made the new update for FTX central, but I could not detect any change. What is meaning with "Support for Aerofly FS 2 DVD edition"? Found no location or new software menu?
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a PCDVD version of 3W5 Concrete Muni airport, which comes as a bonus with WA56. I registered the disk as a DVD crossgrade, and Concrete Muni has now been licenced. However, in the case of the included WA56 it's recognised as being owned by me but not licenced and the only option listed is to buy it at full price. Do I need to submit a seperate licence request for WA56 with accompanying DVD crossgrade, or should it be regarded as part of the Concrete Muni package and hence licenced on the back of that? Thanks, Malcolm
  4. Q15 What about all my boxed DVD products I have on the shelf? How can I convert or crossgrade them to digital licenses? A15 We will be offering a fee based DVD-to-digital cross grade service from OrbxDirect very soon, we have hired an admin staff to handle these requests and there will be a dedicated email address you will use to send proof of DVD ownership etc. When will this be happening. I've been waiting for over 12 months already!!!!
  5. Hi all, I read with enthusiasm the announcement that crossgrade licenses would be available soon. I have Austarlia SP3 on DVD and FTXC doesn't list it. As I read the announcement I saw a blue text link and opened it to a listing of patches currently available for FTX DVD's and Australia was listed. I downloaded the patch and installed it and now FTXC shows Australia in my catolog. Good on ya Orbx. Cal
  6. Am I able to migrate FTX DVDs into FTXC 3.1? Thanks. Cal
  7. Hi, I have a DVD version of FTX England (plus several other FTX DVDs: Australia, NZ North Island, NZ South Island, Pacific NW, Pacific Fjords & Northern Rockies) and have been attempting to action an upgrade off the files provided on this site. The other DVD regions have upgraded fine, but England is just not happening. I have tries this several times, but still no upgrade being reported in FTX Central 3 for England. Is there a trick to doing England upgrade that I may have missed? I also note the following statement is made on the update page "These download
  8. Hi, I have numerous DVD products that are not registered to my online account. How do I transfer those products over? I can't seem to update any of them at the moment but I can find no information on how to transfer them. Thanks, Daniel
  9. Dear ORBX team, I just noticed while doing updates that my account shows a license for Australia, purchased in 2008, but I definitely own this as DVD. And as far as I remember, I have never purchased a crossgrade option at FSS. The last announcement from ORBX which I recall is that the DVD license transfer is being worked on, but not yet completed. Which brings me to the question where that license comes from I was about to buy new licenses for my two DVD products (PNW being the other one) - should I refrain from this and spend the money on something else? W
  10. Dear ORBX Support, Any news on when DVD customers can have their products transferred to our OrbxDirect accounts so that we can install into P3Dv4 and enable the updates automatically? I have looked - but find no recent news in this regard. Thanks in advance,
  11. Hello, Congrats on the pulling together of everything with FTX Central 3. I've just been going through and updating everything, as well as adding the new bonuses. All has gone well, except for three airports. 2WA1 Diamond Point and 74S Anacortes were purchased on DVD from PCAviator and were working fine the last I had an opportunity to use them (sadly, late last year). WA56 Israel's Farm was included as a bonus on the 3W5 Concrete Municipal DVD, which I purchased from FlightSimStore.com. I have proof of purchase for each. What needs to be done from this point for them
  12. I recently purchased three DVD versions of various airports. They are acknowledged in FTX Central, and there is an "Update Available" tag for each of the three. However, there seems to be no way to transfer the license for update support. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Raphael
  13. Hello ORBX-Team, one question: now I switched to the new ORBXdirect V3. All is fine. But ... before I purchased products via flightsimstore download, I bought all my other FTX-products as DVDs. I have 19 FTX-DVDs which I would prefer to have it also in my ORBXdirect for downloading and I can get the last edition (with all updates) of each single Add-on. Would it be possible to do this in a very near future. And to get a good option that we can purchase a update to ORBXdirect? Thanks for all. Best regards Mike
  14. This is a repository of update downloads for customers that have not transferred their DVD licence over. If you are a OrbxDirect customer and have transferred your products into your account then there is nothing for you to see here, move along. These downloads are mainly for users that have DVD originals and have not purchased a cross grade for their product (i.e. a digital version). Do not use FTX Central to install these products. They are installed manually by unzipping them and running the installer. REGIONS: Europe ENG 110 https
  15. Hi, The first Orbx products I purchased were FTX Australia SP3 and Tamworth on DVD from FSPilotShop back in 2010 (order numbers 266303 and 267280). That got me hooked and since then I have bought another 92 Orbx payware products (not counting freeware) by download via my FlightSim Store account. 20 of these 92 are for Australia. I have recently built a new computer and have been re-installing my Orbx scenery into P3D v3.4 using the updated installers from FSS and FTX Central 2. I have now completed this with the exception of Australia. Is there a way I ca
  16. What am I doing wrong. Purchased Global Base for FSX. DVD download. USA. The scenery is horrid; far worse than the default. It doesn't look anything like the screenshots on the website. Something is terribly wrong. Order # FSS0428126, 2015-11-28, ORB-727- FTX: Global BASE. My procedure: installed Global, didn't work, uninstalled global, again installed Global, still didn't work, again uninstalled Global, New: uninstalled FSX, reinstalled FSX ( I thought something might be wrong with my FS program- it wasn't), installed Global, nope, ran the troubleshooter feature, it showed "Incompa
  17. On both of these products, when I place the DVD in the drive, it half-heartedly spools up, and gives me the icon to execute the install. Instead of installing, the program stops responding, ultimately throws up an error for "invalid procedure," then exits.
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