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  1. Super happy about KTEX being ported to V5, but after flying in the rockies area I realized that the amazing gem of 65S is still missing from the roster. Any chance of seeing it in the near future? Best Regards, Alessandro
  2. This little flight starts in KSUN Friedman Mun. Classical Orbx design, is there anything to miss? Oh yes, I missed the chance to land at Lukes Wood Medical Center! Okay, let´s do some mountain flying over the hills (no canyon turn, though)... ... to U87 Smiley Creek, ... ... 02ID Morgan Ranch, ... ... and 24K Krassel Base. Remember the mission to find the lost plane and rescue the pilot? The weather in the mission was much worse, and the way to McCall much more difficu
  3. For this flight out of McCall, Idaho, I needed to take a slightly faster bird. The Pilatus PC-21 looked just right. So I went west to Brownlee Dam... ... and followed Snake River northwards. Across Hells Canyon Dam... ...through some nice corners... ... up to Lewiston. Over the plains... ... to Lower Granite Dam, ... ... and finally to Spokane. Into the obvious airport. Let me see if I find som
  4. Luckily not me, physically: After spending months in OLC areas this flight will bring me back into a Full Fat Orbx region. From Houston... ...with a last view to the Gulf. Over Dallas, with my current landclass errors, ... ... Fort Worth, ... ... and Denver. It would be interesting to follow Interstate 70 into the Rockies, ... ... but we go on over Flaming Gorge Recreation Area... ...towards the Teton Range. @Jarrad Marshall has created some great approaches here... ..
  5. A nice late afternoon flight from KSUN to KBZN in the trusty old steed. This particular aircraft was retired from the CP Air fleet in 1974. It was a cloudy start out of Friedman but things cleared up by the time we reached the ski slopes south of Bozeman Short final on the visual approach into 03 at KBZN - a nice short taxi to the ramp. All done for the day - now to head into town for dinner and a brew or two...
  6. Climbing out of Missoula KMSO en route to Bozeman KBZN REX SF 3D | ORBX CRM | JF DR400
  7. Through the Bozeman Pass on the way to KBZN. Not looking promising At the pass, much clearer than expected On the downhill After a bunch of hours this year on airliners of some sort or another, it's a pleasant change to get back to GA. Mike
  8. Climbing out of KSUN in the DA-62...
  9. Some shots from a flight out of Airdrie Airpark, down to Glacier Park international in Montana. Check out the blistering speeds in the cockpit shot of Turbine Duke.
  10. First ones with the new version. The Tetons do look more detailed, and I also got a way too close look at them.
  11. An extremely enjoyable flight from Eagle County to Steamboat Springs. I'm liking 4.4.
  12. What happened to Aspen, CO airport (KASE)? The terminal building is gone. Replaced by what looks like concrete block hangers. The Roaring Fork River goes up and down the hill alongside the highway (82) and the very steep and rocky mountains around Aspen look like big blobs of melting ice cream. One of the most beautiful, fun, and challenging airports in all of North America to fly in and out of and it should be at least as good as some of your other NA airports. I also have KEGE, KTEX, and KJAC which are pretty close to the real thing but I'm still a bit disappointed in the graphics detail
  13. An evening approach, which allowed to cut out some shadow and reflection settings, into Boise, Idaho in the iFly 737NG. To limit the scenery I am installing in the new PC, right now I am limiting myself to ORBX FTX areas in NA (except maybe Utah and Nevada) and NZ. Once KBOI airport is populated with UTL aircraft, the FTX upgrades over default (and the much higher autogen levels of the city) take it up a notch without sacrificing frames. I tried 8x SSAA for this flight but that was too much for my system, but 4x SSAA worked without a hitch. Enjoy!
  14. I have purchased and installed the excellent FTX Central Rocky Mountains. I must say, I thoroughly enjoy this, especially the Central Idaho area. Kudos to ORBX for a very realistic scenery. I live in this area and one of my own personal scenery projects was U76, Mountain Home Municipal Airport. The scenery provided in the ORBX product is amazing, but there is one glaring issue, and only someone who has been to U76 in real life will know this. The terminal and offices are displayed as a hangar, not a "normal" terminal style building. Since I live in the area and sinc
  15. Thanks ORBX! Now I can fly from KJAC - KBZN. Jose
  16. I haven't had the chance to do any flying in the past month, but seeing as though I have the Van's RV-7 up and running, I figured it was time. The weather was fun to look at, but it was bumpy as all get out. Enjoy!
  17. Not that Skymaster but this one. Both very nice but I think I prefer the Douglas one. I did this flight earlier in the week. 1. Here waiting for start up at KJAC. 2. 3. 4. One of my favourite ORBX airports and the Tetons make an incredible backdrop when they can be seen. 5. Taggart Lake with Middle Teton beyond. 6. Jackson Dam on Lake Jackson, Snake River. 7. AP set to 270 now time to sit back and watch the ORBX world go by. 8. The Fall River near Drummond. 9. The Snake River near Ch
  18. Short hop from Walla Walla Regional to Longview Ranch.
  19. With a B-17 Flying Fortress from Bozeman to Jackson Hole Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  20. After some exploration of the fantastic freewere Nanaimo ... ... I left the village ... ... and changed to some big metal again. You have to fly these birds from time to time, to keep trained. Just crossing Concrete, ... ... the Craters of the Moon, ... ... and cycling into Denver. With a series of Windows OOM alarm sounds - but still working. Lucky. Now here we are, in the middle of OpenLC area, ready for release...!
  21. Only having some of the smaller helicopters I took advantage of the Virtavia sale to buy some big choppers. More than happy with the 4 that I brought. 1. A long way from home this Australian Chinook is searching out the RTMM shipping in Prince William Sound. 2. A magnificent CH-53 Sea Stalllion out of Haines AK. I am sure these were the big beasties I saw at Farnborough in the early 70s making such an impressive sight and sound. 3. The Chinook was another chopper I was impressed by at the same Farnborough show. This one is out of Birchwood AK.
  22. The typical polluting exhaust of the triple jetliner B727 good visual while taking off, here in the vintage '100'-version used by United and airborned from Bozeman airport(KBZN)
  23. Cle Elum to Mount Freemont Firetower Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  24. I decided to fly my Navajo (gasp! Not my Aztec for once!) from Twin Falls, ID where my brother once lived over to Boise. A nice flight! Taxiing out at Twin Falls... Cleared for takeoff... Twin Falls and its giant chasm and giant bridge slide past as we climb to our cruising altitude En route.. Sharp turn to finals runway 10R at Boise And an interesting AI traffic Horizon special scheme at the gate - go Huskies Ste
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