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Found 10 results

  1. G'day all, I am absolutely delighted to unveil one of our most ambitious airport projects to date; LOWI Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11! After 18 months of development and R&D from Vittorio Greco, Tony Wroblewski and myself, our award-winning airport has been brought XP11. An airport that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the world's great aviation destinations. Dramatically stunning terrain, beautiful architecture, and of course one of the most infamously challenging approaches in the world, Innsbruck is a destination that is instantly recognisable to aviators of al
  2. Airport | CityScene | Mini-Region A destination that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the iconic airports of the world, with a jaw-dropping backdrop, heart-stopping approaches and location smack dab in the heart of the European Alps. Our award-winning depiction of this famous location has now been brought to life for X-Plane 11! Far more than just an airfield, this scenery is essentially three-in-one; a highly-detailed rendition of LOWI, a complete CityScene for the metro area, and a TrueEarth style mini-region for the complete tile. Developed by Vittorio Greco, Tony Wroblews
  3. Hi Folks, I seem to be having an issue with CityScene Gold Coast. Some of the buildings included in the package are not showing fully. Basically, parts of the roofs are floating! This issue occurs regardless of whether ORBX YBCG is installed or not.
  4. Flying around CityScene Orlando for the first time yesterday, I found a few issues that should be considered for a future update. So first for the good. My tour consisted of 2 parts; first was a flight into KMCO (from KSTL) in the NGX, with CityScene enabled. Normally I wouldn't have attempted this but I wanted to see the limits of my system. I have to say that performance approaching the Orlando area was admirable; there were only a few points where the sim choked momentarily, and only short periods of time, maybe on the order of 30 seconds, where I had black buildings before t
  5. Hi. I am facing some problems with Orlando CityScene that i've just bought. The scenery simply does not load. It freezes in 6% and nothing more happen. I loaded KTTS default scenery and tried to fly manually to Orlando to see what i could find. When i got close to the City, the textures on the ground were blured and some buildings appered slowly, with a delay from black to the regular texture. FPS got low and the Simulator freezed and closed. I have many orbx sceneries without any problem. I deactivated the Latin VFR scenery and the Orlando Default scenery f
  6. Hey there, I recently flew into YBCG Coolangatta / Gold Coast, which I do own from Orbx together with CityScene Gold Coast. The slider setting was the same that I use when I fly to really big payware airports like Toronto or Frankfurt. Nonetheless I experienced really slow loading times. I was approaching runway 32 when I realized that the terrain textures where really blurry, so I paused the simulation. After approximately a minute, skyscrapers belonging to the Gold Coast scenery where popping up in the background, and then, slowly, the textures of the ground in the approach path
  7. Hi all, I have recently purchased CityScene Barcelona (do you need me to add TransactionID?) and I have noticed Vela Hotel, an iconic hotel in the beach, close to the industrial port, is not available. I also have Aerosoft Barcelona Professional airport installed and I have unselected the Barcelona scenario there and also the Barcelona airport in the CityScene Barcelona configuration. Any advice? Thanks! José
  8. Hello everyone, CityScene Barcelona is here! From Allen Kriesman - the developer who brought you CityScene Gold Coast - you can now experience the largest city in Catalonia to it's fullest. Barcelona is a city in Spain and is the capital and largest city of Catalonia. With a population of 1.6 million within city limits, its urban area extends to numerous neighbouring suburbs within the Province of Barcelona and is home to around 4.8 million people. This makes Barcelona the sixth most populous urban area in the European Union. It is the largest metropolis on the Medite
  9. Hi, i just bought and installed the new gold coast CityScene however it seems it hasn't installed properly or something. Popular landmarks such as the Q1 building and Metricon stadium aren't showing up (pictured below) plus the ground textures are extremely blurry and don't really look like the photos from the ORBX website. Cheers.
  10. G'day All, I am delighted to make three introductions to you all; a new member of the Orbx Team, a new line of Orbx Products, and a much-anticipated new scenery project for Australia! Allen Kriesman is a legend of the Flightsim community; a master of his craft for several decades, you will know from his company Scenery Solutions, and highly popular products such as Ultimate Terrain X (UTX). We are delighted to have him on the team; not only will you see new scenery projects from Allen during 2018 and onward, but his technology will be making it's way into many of our
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