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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Thank you for adding Chaseplane to your installer! It's a great app that improves the camera experience. I am trying to get rid of the red info text at the top right of the screen that seems to be generated by Chaseplane. I have tried turning off the relevant options in Prepar3D.cfg but it doesn't seem to be working. Am also not seeing any related options for this in the Chaseplane settings section. Anyone else found a solution for this?
  2. Yesterday i had no issues with it but today something has happened, whenever I open a scenario in P3D it crashes with no messages it connects to the simulator what can I do ? sidenote:(I did all the simconnects) I dont know what happened please I need help. Even when I open the default aircraft it still crashes
  3. Hello, captains, It's too soon my question, I just want to know if we have any chance of chaseplane for MFS2020, Sorry my English isn't very good a hug..
  4. This morning I bought my first Orbx product, Chaseplane and on attempting to install Chaseplane Orbx Central told me the scenery.cfg file could not be found, so I searched my pc for Scenery.cfg and I found Scenery.cfg and moved it into various places I heard would work (e.g. the FSX Steam Main Folder) although this hasn't worked either. Thanks, Alex
  5. Anyone know when the last date to transfer chaseplane licences is - I though it was the end of the month, but the oldprop website seems to have been taken down already?
  6. Bonjour, Je vous lance un appel car désespérément depuis 6 mois, j'essaye de résoudre mon problème, qui est l'impossibilité d'importer des preset vers Chaseplane. J'ai créé un compte Vfxcentral comme expliqué, mais quand je dois trouver le numéro de série, je suis perdu. Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît, Merci, Anthony
  7. So it's been a couple months since I last entered my sim but today when I launch Chaseplane it closes after it says "Authenticating..." Any idea what could cause this to happen? It worked perfectly fine before. I have version Cheers.
  8. after downloading from the community the presets for the aircraft, it is unclear for me where they have to be stored. chaseplane presets.docx
  9. 576/5000 Hello all, Since the migration to Orbx, it is impossible for me to reinstall Chase Plane, very quickly, my processor goes to 90% of use and I can do nothing more. Unable to complete program setup. However, I did not have a problem with PrecipitFX. Can you help me ? Thank you. My game : - Prepar3D v4 Academic My configuration: - ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO WIFI
  10. Hello, I recently bought the Aerosoft A330 And since the community feature has been taken away I have been unable to find any presets available is there any chance that someone is able to give me a Download link or preset id for ChasePlane Aerosoft A330 Many thanks And Kind Regards, Lucas Jackson
  11. Hi everyone, I just bought CP from orbs and I tried to download the presets from dropbox but it can't download, I tried to google the error in case it was a dropbox fault but apparently it's not (according to them). Riad Mohamed.
  12. I purchased chase plane and got 2 download links, the recommended Orbx Central link which does not react after clicking on it and the not so recommended Orbx Central Manual download link which takes you to another page that brings up This product does not have a full build download available. This is my Transaction ID: 5e3cd2d38cce1 Kindly help. Thank you
  13. Hi Orbx Support, I've discovered a 'clash' between the FTX Australia scenery and the VFX Chaseplane utility, in Prepar3D V4.1 This is very odd; as it appears a scenery file is somehow interfering with a SimConnect-based application. The clash occurs with the VFX beta v0.4.160 & v0.4.161 versions, and results in no commands being transferred between the sim and the Chaseplane application. The standard 0.3.70 version still works perfectly. Simply removing the scenery references to FTX Australia immediately restores correct Chaseplane operation
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