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Found 11 results

  1. Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, Orbx-FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Northern Rocky Mountains, Orbx - FTX CAN CEN4 High River Regional Airport turning west to the foot hills
  2. Finally moved fully to P3D after testing all of my aircraft addons and decided to install the North America free airport pack, CEN4 (where I fly out of) and downloaded FTX 3. I allowed the installer to download and run. Launched P3D and everything was there. Looked great. Closed the program, restarted the system and now P3D crashes at launch. If I remove the scenery.cfg file, the sim boots and runs with no issues. But if I re-enable the ORBX sceneries, the program will boot once fine, then the next time crash before the loading screen. I don't have a order number because I don't ha
  3. Part 7 - High River Regional (CEN4) to Felts Field (KSFF) - The weather was a little rough once I left CEN4, but it got better until I was about 30 miles out of Felts. My video driver crashed, which caused FSX to go TU also. So the last few shots are of a re-launch, from a nearby airfield; and the weather was not exactly the same, unfortunately. You can make out Bonners Ferry (65S) on the plateau down at the bottom of the shot.
  4. Part 6 - Squamish (CYSE) to High River Regional (CEN4) - I looked at the weather for this route earlier today, and it was favorable, so I gave it a go. It was a long flight, at 361.2 nautical miles, and even in the Jug, it took almost two hours. OpusFSX really shined on this trip, and I got some screenshots that I really liked. It was actually tough trying to whittle it down to just ten. BTW, if this was a combat sim, I would've shot down the two Cessna's that jumped me in line as I was on the downwind leg. :wink:
  5. Busy airport, full of life... High River (CEN4): Not exactly VFR : But it is getting better... Entering Elk Valley with Fording coal mine on the left: Sparwood coal mine: Minutes away from Sparwood/Elk Valley Airport (CYSW)... On final:
  6. The god of thunder is incensed by this sacrilege - freeware CEN4 High River on default FSX + FTXG. CEN4 fits without major elevation issues but please don't try it with Claresholm or Tipella! To be honest, the god of thunder doesn't really care - I simply tried to capture the maple leaf of both roundel and flag and also a flash of lightning at the same time. Enjoy!
  7. Took the early morning flight from Claresholm, with a plane already selected for a challenging landing strip ... ... a little stopover to fill up the coffee cups in High River ... ... and across Calgary. I have to mention, this is the scenery without Vlad Maly´s Airdrie add-on - I took the shots to evaluate the difference. And this is Airdrie itself, NRM default. OK, now towards the Rockies and along the Trans-Canada-Highway: Bow River at Seebe... ... and a little further at Canmore: Passing Banff City, ...downwind over the airstrip. That lo
  8. Very dry conditions with risk of bushfire were reported for the plains west of Claresholm. So I took the Goose and went to work. Indeed, the area looks completely dried out. So I crossed Hwy 22 and moved to Chain Lake... ...filled the tanks with water... (ok, the Goose can´t do this...)... and headed to High River Airfield to report. No fires today, but we are prepared. PS: When preparing flights I found this picture on Google Earth, taken exactly on Chain Lake. I could not resist.
  9. With the release of SAK, i was exploring this great scenery and nearly forget my NA Tour. The tour came back in my mind at Easter and today, i had the time to fly the final stage of my tour. Stage 14 as a reminder: http://www.orbxsyste...ne-felts-field/ Parking at Felts Field Takeoff from Felts Field Downtown Spokane Lake Pend Oreille Near Eureka, Montana Pincher Creek Windfarm Claresholm landing Taxiing at Claresholm Parking at Claresholm For the last steps of the tour, i took the Waco again. Waco at Claresholm Taxiing to start at
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