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Found 7 results

  1. I just can't have enough of the Catalina story, I could not help myself, forgive me if I am boring anybody. Iain, some of these pics don't contain part of an Orbx scenery but they are essential for the slideshow, please don't ask me to delete them. I flew the Cat from John Wayne and landed - no, alighted - just off Pebbly Beach as Ken suggested. I even taxied up to the beach with landing gear extended which was standard practice with these planes.
  2. Beautifull Catalina

    Still a fantastic realization of Tim & Ken!!! Magnum
  3. Five more shots from the masterpiece that is KAVX: For once, P3D's "oily black sea" makes a dramatic picture: Wonderful, subtle colouring: Saving my favourite until last again! Adam.
  4. KAVX - just two!

    Dumped the old PBY and grabbed a couple of "boys toys"!! Adam.
  5. I thought I'd be the first to make the obvious connection! What a wonderful place to put an airport! I hate to say this, as I feel I may be being disloyal to my beloved NZMF - but KAVX is another ORBX classic in the same vein. It's a small(ish) area, jam-packed with superbly blended photoreal, objects and textures - all lovingly recreated by Tim and Ken - congratulations! A thoroughly fitting opening fanfare as the first ORBXDirect release. What a masterpiece! It's worth jumping into something slow (let's face it, there's not much out there slower than a Catalina!) and just flying around the island's coastline. So many treats! Rounding off the dozen with my favourite shot, I think ... I'd say "that's Christmas sorted"!! Adam.
  6. Hey guys, yesterday (April 3) I went on a little day trip over to Santa Catalina Island, which is one of the California Channel Islands. I brought along my video camera, and here you can see the approach and landing; later, I will post the takeoff and departure. The airport serves the town on the island called Avalon, California. This airport, known as Catalina Airport, is known also as the 'Airport in the Sky' because it it situated on a plateau on one of the highest points on the island, and it is a very majestic and beautiful approach, and island all together. I'd like to see Orbx make this when SoCal comes along, too. Enjoy! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oKjztBNvwQ&hd=1