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Found 56 results

  1. Think I should have picked an easier Paint job! 1st paint of the wonderful Carenado Saab 340 XP11 but at least I'm getting to know how to paint this great aircraft. over Stranraer and @ Prestwick GB North.
  2. Managed to finish 1st Carenado Saab 340 not easy to paint this bird - Even cheatlines are not straight (Aer Lingus Commuter Bit late for St. Patricks Day) !!
  3. Tooling around the islands - all day long - bikini spotting and pineapple hunting
  4. Carenado 500S SHRIKE AERO COMMANDER HD SERIES / ORBX KAVX Catalina Airport
  5. Purchase Orbx FTX Global for an early Christmas Present on special and I love it
  6. A Short but very scenic VFR visit from Whitsunday to Hamilton Island, Queensland. Great for 'de-stressing' after a long day. Whitsunday Airport (great work Ozx teams). Wonderful livery by MangoTango Attention to detail Passing Conway National Park Sky High VFR Pine Island Circling Henning Island for Final Approach. Welcome Home FSXSE - Carenado - HDEV2 - Shade - Thx OZx - Thx Ants Airports
  7. Little hope of flying today, however, happy with the way fsx-se handles the basic elements and 'attempted' volumetric fog.. fsx-se, hdev2, shade, enb(ph).
  8. A quick real-time, real weather flight from Cardiff to Alderney. Departed RNY 012 following the EXMOR SID to 5,000ft then cleared to climb out to 18,000ft towards Berry Head. Arriving to the ROGTO entry point above 2,000ft for visual on RNY 008. Hope you enjoy! Al
  9. EIIR Inisheer Airport and Graveyard - EICM Galway FTX Ireland So, there I was rounding the point and happened to glance down at the lighthouse, with perfect timing 'round the corner comes a touring car.
  10. Here is Tennessee Mid-States USA, OLC NA, no Vector. KLUG - KMBT
  11. Well, I was attempting to replicate an evening flight over the L.A. Basin with smog. I think I used a fog setting. Open LC NA - SCA disabled
  12. Just thought I'll take the Carenado Bonanza F33a for a spin after I completed my first repaint. The livery is a tribute to Carenado. Let me know what you all think!
  13. Carenado S550 Citation II. Short flight between NSTU Pago Pago International Airport and NSFA Faleolo International Airport
  14. Hi there all, some shots to see on weekend. All stuff of Orbx Systems, Jarrad's Telluride KTEX and Carenado Hawker 850XP in P3Dv3.2 Have good weekend gents! Voyager
  15. Beautiful and relaxing Samoa flight, only needing a few fictional water or mountain strips as starting and stopping points. Fantastic eye candy, wonderful.
  16. From what I can gather, Tayside Aviation Schools are on Dundee and Fife. Dundee Airport Dundee climb out Crossing the bridge at Dundee Fife from the cockpit Let me out Tayside Aviation at Fife
  17. I'm a huge fan of FTX NorCal. Here are some pictures departing O48 and one picture at payware KSTS. Parked at O48 O48 Climb Out O48 Rear View O48 Receding in the distance Approaching KSTS, terrible looking car park below Landed at KSTS with many features reduced for framerate
  18. Intrepid birdman MotoDave dives a Carenado into another lucky landing at EGPT Perth, FTX Scotland. Promises of malt from the wee Lassie made him hurry. SlĂ inte!
  19. Such a long but enjoyable taxi, this is the Highway that runs under the 2 parrallel runways 16L/34R and 16R/34L at Mascot Cathay Pacific A330 taking off (I fly offline) It looks amazing and is easy on the framerate It is so spacious One of the most beautiful airports i have seen and works seamlessly with Orbx Australia Where the hell did they come from? Definition of flying blind when main GPS and Autopilot do not work Just before touchdown we finally made it scary but alive
  20. Today I make a flight from Imperial Co. to San Diego Intl. in a Cessna Grand Caravan! Waiting for the passengers... Preflight Check Climp out of Imperial... Inflight-View...Wonderful day in California!! Descending into KSAN... Short final... Landing! We need to do it fast, lot of traffic here... Taxi to the gate, love the airport, short ways and much traffic!!! Shutdown-Checklist...What a flight, perfect day on weekend! Hope you enjoy it... Greetings!
  21. Preparing for landing and admiring the view from this side of the Andriatic Sea Prepar3d v3 with FTX FTX Global Base, FTX Eu openLC and... no tweaks. Edited: Ah... Pilot's FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible Very nice this P3Dv3! Thank you! Voyager
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