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Found 9 results

  1. Just downloaded the new Cardiff Airport and surrounding area scenery - very good, but I'm sure there's a blade of grass missing! I could have sworn that it was there last year! Is there going to be a fix for that soon please? :}
  2. A quick real-time, real weather flight from Cardiff to Alderney. Departed RNY 012 following the EXMOR SID to 5,000ft then cleared to climb out to 18,000ft towards Berry Head. Arriving to the ROGTO entry point above 2,000ft for visual on RNY 008. Hope you enjoy! Al
  3. Better in such plane to be on the ground before it gets dark
  4. Hi all, My first post. A short video from my weekend flight between Welshpool-Cardiff while testing my DIY headtracker. The specs of my rig and addons in use are in the description of the video. I am not a video pro but I hope you enjoy the view :). Feedback and recommendations are welcome. cheers, d
  5. Take off from Cardiff airport EGFF in Sth Wales in an vintage twinturbo airliner for a sightseeing tour, no worries sofar: Again meeting the 'British Green' : But suddenly my left motor stop turning...looking to my fuel gauge...and...auwch!...empty... A little while later the second engine also stops turning...and yes...no more fuel at all left....ended badly in a crash somewher in the countryside
  6. I´ve bought a new toy and did some flying which is much fun in the Realair Duke (its the piston engined). Here are two shots from a flight from Cardiff to Goodwood. So good to see the spring textures
  7. I again flew around a bit at Cardiff. Well, sadly the weather isnt that good right now But its fun anyway
  8. Hi guys, I did some flying at Cardiff today and I was blown away by the overall quality of scenery. There is that much to discover I am loving it Here are some impressions from EGFF and Cardiff City.
  9. The US aircraft carrier Nimitz is passing by for a confidential mission. A regular flight on a F-14D has to end on land because the arrester-hook is malfunction. Lucky was Cardiff in range to welcome this bird:
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