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Found 15 results

  1. SOMETHING DIFFERENT #8 part 4 : An Artic Inuit Pilot Life in Baffin Island For the beginning of this long journey : here is the link https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174300-something-different-8-the-life-of-tioralak-artic-bush-pilot-part-1/ For the previous part 3 : go to https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/182067-something-different-8-3-the-life-of-tioralak-artic-bush-pilot-part-3-ellesmere-to-baffin-island/ Let's continue to explore the great artic world, followingTioralak, inuit bush pilot (thanks to Orbx with FTX Global + vector + openLC for accurate details of the icy ground, mountains and seashore !) #157a #157b #157c #157d #158a #158b #158c #159 #160 #161 #162a #162b #162c ARTIC BAY #163 #164 #165 #166 #167 #168a #168b #169a #169b #170 #171 #172 #173 #174 #175 #176 #177 CLYDE RIVER #178 #179 #180 #181 #182 #183 #184 #185 #186 #187 #188 #189 #190 (The next Grand Journey - will start with in part 5 & 6...) #191 #192 #193 QIQIRTARJUAQ #194 #195 #197 (yes not #196 - a numbering mistake !) #198 #199 #200 #201 #202 #203 PANGNIRTUNG and the flights over the great AUYUITTUQ National Park ( where maybe we will meet Odin or Thor :-) ) #204 #205 #206 #207 #208 #209 #210 #211 #212 #213 (yes the park is really beautiful and sure it is a really great place to flight in RL and in the sim !) #214 #215 #216 ouf ! Sorry it was a quite long journey ! Hoping you liked the story and the (many) pictures Do not hesitate to leave any comments :-) See you soon for the next part in Southern Baffin and Hudson Bay... #217
  2. This is a long travel in the Artic world in P3D4-4 with Global, Open LC and Vector We will fly during the long winter night thanks to the full moon light with myriads of stars, over the snow and icefields. In late spring and early fall, we will travel with dog sledges along the coast of Greenland and Northern Canada, and we will be on board of oumiak and kayaks during the short summer with 24hours daylight days Following historical paths opened by artic explorers, we will stay at places of terrible drama due to the worst weather conditions or severe starvation following unfortunate hunts We will fly over the Earth's most northern settlements, we will meet the inuit people of Nunavut and Baffin Island up to Alaska and Eastern Siberia, travelling with Knud Rasmussen, Cook and Amundsen, Frobisher, Back, Franklin, Mackenzie, Kane, Nansen, Nobile, the poor Greely expedition members, and others great Artic explorers... #001 #002 #003 #004 #005 #006 #007 What is the most exciting birthday for a 12 years old inuit kid ? Neither meeting and fighting a very savage polar bear, huge, teeth, really fierce,...that is too common, nor navigating on icy freezing water hunting walrus and whale with spears aboard slim kayaks, that is all routine. Thanks to my dear Kratona*-Godfather Malorissuaq, I was for the first time in a plane...flying around our Big Island (*Kratona = european white man for greenlanders) #008 #009 I enjoyed a bird eyes view on all the villages around... Ummannaq, Illussat, Oqaatsut ... Mid spring and most of the land was still fully covered of snow... We were flying south from Qaarsut upto Qeqertarsuaq - crossing so easily the sea near Assiat where I spent a few years just after our departure from the Northern Groenland (all my family is coming from Thule area : we are proud to be Artic natives - we are "Inughuit" !) #010 #011 #012 #013 #014 I was intensely staring at friends fishing from their kayak and families crossing the strait on their oumiaks*. And I was watching all my favorite animals... Fortunately in the air, there were neither toupidek* nor timertstit* ! Terrible toupidek* wandering on the floating ice, never able to return neither among his people nor among the men...Of course I am secretly ready to repeat very quickly to myself the incantation required to free oneself from the grip of the evil spirit ! (*) Oumiak = inuit large boat with low depth to travel through iced sea (*) Toupidek=monster created by shaman "=angakkuq" magic performances (*) Timertsit=legendary giant being living on the inner ice of Greenland #015 #016 #017 #018 #019a #019b About 10 years later, I spent a long time in Disko, working for ethnologists in survey fields, and learning to fly as often as possible with Knuth, the young danish doctor of the island. (His father was famous here as about 20 years ago he saved the life of more than a member of each family from a scurvy or from a severe flu epidemy or tuberculosis) They both always encouraged me to deeply learn to fly and provided me with a tough and intense learning of Danish & English. This was the luck of my life. #020a #020b #021a #021b #021c #021d #021e After a long but interesting ethno-geological survey of viking settlements in the Southern Greenland, I had enough money to go to Nuuk where I got my private pilot licence ! At this time, it was quite unusual for a native young man and this was possible only thanks to the strong influence of my katunas friends... #022a #022b #023 #024 #025 I learnt to fly a Cessna 170 and a Piper Comanche and a few others too ! I was ready to start my new life as an Artic bush pilot ! #026a #026b #026c Then I got the opportunity to work at the Kangerlussuaq airport where a few jetliners, operating between the United Kingdom and Vancouver, stopped to refuel. #027 #028 #029 #030 #031 I regulary had to perform flights to transport food and mail between trading posts on the West coast, or to supply fuel and food to scientific posts where they made weather measurements and geological surveys. I had also to pick up ethnologist team, etc. And sometimes in summer, there were as well a few tourists to drop into the fjords or up to the hills for great hikes... #032 #033 #034 It was a good base camp : I liked to camp in the mountains most of the holidays with my family #035 #036 #037 #038 #039 #040 #041 #042 #043 In winter, I had a few months off and we appreciated to spend time with my friends from Disko... There I had also a second job: helping my brother to hunt along the coast... #044 #045 #046 #047 #048 #049 Mid spring : I will have to move to the East Coast to follow and assist a geological survey of the fjords...And for the holidays, I plan to go to Thule which is always in my heart despite the terrible last events… SEE PART 2 ... Hoping you liked - do not hesitate to leave any comment #050
  3. http://www.wilveenstra.nl/ Click the above link and select a flight to follow. Almost every day I make a new flight. From one of the menus you may select the flight and you will be directed to YouTube. They are all automatically set to HD. The recorded movies contain labels of cities, villages, rivers, mountains and so on. Recording is made with my NVIDIA GeForce Experience software from my GeForce GTX 970 card. I didn't find anything better and I am very satisfied with it. It does not contain editing possibilities. For that purpose I use http://som.screencasthost.com/ which is a great and absolutely no expensive package. It gives a good impression of the fantastic sceneries from Orbx. Have a lot of fun, Wil
  4. Hi I flew from vancouver to toronto today and a long the route i noticed something weird on the landscape. i know on that part of the region it should be mountainous. i dont know if theres something wrong with my global vector. Anyway, here are the photos. i hope someone can help me with this.
  5. Hello I appear to be experiencing a memory leak issue (high VAS usage) using P3D V3 and the FTX Products. I have all of them installed, including the new OpenLC Canada/Alaska. I did a flight last week from LHR to LAX and I noticed the memory peak. I had about 8% VAS remaining. As I got closer to LAX, the VAS reduced back down to, leaving me with 12% remaining. It went back up to having 10% remaining on landing, which was fine. On the flight I did last night, from SFO to LHR, the memory leak appeared again, but this time the VAS did not reduce, resulting in an OOM just before turning onto final. Is there anything I can do to solve this? Just to advise, I was using the PMDG 777, FS Global, FTX Global and Vector, OpenLC Europe and Canada/Alaska, ASN, REX4 + SC and FTX Trees. When I fly to JFK, MCO or MIA, avoiding Canada, I do not suffer from this issue. IT seems to take place when flying over the Hudson Bay. Thanks Matthew
  6. Hello, Could someone please supply me with a list of BGLs from Global Vector that effect only Canada? those that contain the coastline and road information are the ones I'm looking for. Thanks, Michael
  7. I have developed a set of simple spreadsheets listing all (I hope) freeware airports released through 9-7-15 for the United States, Canada and South America. You can access the USA airports here. The Canada/South America airports are here. I find these spreadsheets useful in flight planning. Might this topic be pinned?
  8. FTX Central Diagnostic Reporter Code # otc1db14e18e05a765eb3bdfdc8a07d9fe Open LC NA Alaska - Canada Elevation Errors at Orbx PAKT Ketchikan FTX PAKT Airport elevations messed up after installation. Started after installing the just released Open LC North America Alaska and Canada. Tried unchecking "hybrid" and running FTX Vector Configuration airport elevation corrections v1.20 Does not list PAKT in enabled or disabled lists and I am at a loss on how to fix the airport elevations they seem to be floating above the base layer of the beach plus with the taxiways floating above the runway. Sorry for posting in the wrong place but this is a confusing system for those of us that don't post often. fisheye See photos attached.
  9. Hey, Thank you for showing all those OpenLC NA Canada screenshots and do those screenshots have Vector 1.3 in them or the current vector release 1.20. Just wondering. Have an excellent day
  10. Hi Folks, Even if OpenLC NA Alaska/Canada is a general product for a large area, let's do a special focus on Sept-Iles City as suggested a simmer. The name of the place is due to the seven islands bording the urban center : A view on google Earth: Now, the shots: #Baie de la Boule #Anse aux Rats #Seven Islands Bay #Sainte-Marguerite Bay & Clarke City (West) #Sept-Iles City #Sept-Iles City - Down Town #Sept-Iles City - Harbour & Railroad Station #Sept-Iles City #Sept-Iles City #Sept-Iles City Airport (CYZV)
  11. Congratulations on the CNK4,amazing scenery! Is it safe to suggest that CNC3(Brampton Flying Club) be considered as a next project? It is a well known airport and flight training school. http://www.bramptonflightcentre.com/
  12. Hi, There is a rather large portion of a large river missing in Global Vector between Lake Ontario (Kingston) and Cornwall (Near Montreal). I've uninstalled everything, including FSX and reinstalled the following in order. (done this 3 times now) See below for the order of my Scenery files. Are they in the correct order/placement? FSX FS Global 2010 R3 (FTX Compatible) FS Global Ultimate The Americas FTX Global Base Pack 1.10 FTX Global Vector 1.10 FTX Global Base 1.20 Orbx Library files The river disappears after the Vector is installed. Is there a patch out or expected? What exemption .bgl file can I rename until a fix is available?
  13. I think there is no problem announcing this here... "John Patch is pleased to announce two new exciting scenery addons have been released for the Victoria, Canada, area, for FSX and P3D V2.1.1 or higher. From Jon Patch (with help from Holger Sandmann, Larry Robinson and Don Grovestine) comes the long-awaited release of Victoria+ for users of ORBX NA Blue Pacific Northwest. As well as key features of Vic+ missing from PNW, including custom AI, buildings, landclass, and more detailed versions of a number of floatplane bases, there are a number of new enhancements for PNW users only, including new buildings, updated textures and of course P3D compatibility. This special release replaces Victoria+ V7. The package is available as donation ware via this exclusive link (http://www.jonpatch.ca/flightsim/#vicpnw). Fully compatible with Victoria+ for PNW is Larry Robinson’s stunning Belleville Ferry terminal, including a beautiful AI rendition of the MV Coho ferry running to and from Port Angeles. The intricately detailed static freighter MV Tai Harvest is included, met by the pilot boat from Victoria. This is available as freeware. Read installation instructions carefully! Look for it in the above link at section called Companion Products"
  14. Hi Guys just wanted to know if there is any plans in the furture for more of canada like halifax ontario and other areas of canada. I went there on vacation and looking down from the airplane it was some wondeful scenry that I thought would be awesome. I hope to get a response thanks guys. Edwin
  15. CEN4 - Preflight CEN4 - Takeoff CEJ4 - Overflight CEJ4 - Tarmac
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