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  1. Haven't made an actual flight in a good while, so I thought I would take the old A2A Piper and young Heidi out for a spin from CAX6 (Ganges) to CAC8 (Nanaimo)! We left Ganges early in the morning and headed for our destination a short 25 NM away! Also wanted to show Larry R some love for his work on these sceneries! 1. After a hardy breakfast and a fuel up we were on our way! 2. A fly over of the town 3. I'm assuming Olympic Mountains to our left? 4. First good view of Nanaimo! 5. Larry R's BC Ferry scenery!
  2. The traveller, let us call him Martyn, arrived with all his luggage on time at Nanaimo Water Harbour. And his pilot was kind enough to make a little round over the harbour after takeoff. Just a short hop over the strait brings them to Pender Harbour. All these piers down there! Magnificient fjords... ... and mountains. The traveller and his pilot descend... ... into Squamish... ... for a little rest at the airfield. Thanks to the traveller´s brother for taking all these pictures
  3. This flight out of Concrete would take a lot of time, if you´d land at every Orbx airport in this region. So I just passed Israel´s Farm ... ... looked back at the Skagit river valley, ... ... crossed the Andeavor refinery, ... ... to Anacortes... ... and Friday Harbour. That island alone has airfields for many hours of pleasure! But I crossed the channel over to Victoria, ... ... virtually visited Holger Sandmann, ... ... and went up to Nanaimo, ... ...
  4. a visit over Nanaimo, as one of the several freeware made seabases for Orbx-PNW and at the end landing in front of the city of Nanaimo in a yellow Quest Kodiak:
  5. BC tour along Larry's freeware jewels and surroundings, hope you enjoy,
  6. Are you looking for something different? How about a highly detailed seaplane base, Nanaimo Water Aerodrome on Vancouver Island BC in fact. And how about free, as in Orbx Freeware? Economists say the value of something is what you pay for it, but I'll let you be the judge. A long-term goal has been to recreate the feel of flying from Seattle to Desolation Sound on Kenmore Air, something I did for many years. Nanaimo is a main stopping point along this route and thus is a natural for my first Orbx project. A detailed seaplane base may be a first for Orbx too. Nanaimo Wat
  7. Here are some shots of the Milviz Turbine Otter amphibian at CAC8. There is also a straight float version. Greg
  8. Hello there. I have recently updated to p3d v 4.2 and noticed Orbx CAC8 has missing buildings, docks, ferry etc. When I load in it looks like this. Normally it looks like the second image. I also attached my scenery library in case it can be of help :). Thanks for the assistance! Thanks again for the Assistance -Blair
  9. ... was passing Nanaimo in search for bridges or tunnels. But no suitable ones to be seen. Looks like something else here... Serious. Totally serious. Completed with a little CBD tour. And spotting the good runway, with proper center line. Any comments?
  10. I just had to hope these traffic controllers at Sekiu stay out of my track during accelleration... Ok, they did. But I was prepared for an emergency break during take-off, which adds another bit of realism! Crossing San Juan de Fuca strait with no border control. Maybe they recognized my livery. Nanaimo ahead... ... and below. But my next stop is Pender Harbour.
  11. Today I tried out my CAC8 freeware and when I spawned there I found that there where not docks and there where floating trucks in the air and ther area that the scenery was meant to be there was just a pool of water and dirt surrounding it. I have FTX Vector but could not find it in there config tool and i do also have pacific northwest addon and ftx Global and ftx north america. I then decided to delete it from FTX Central but when I tried to re install it a message came up and there for i could not install it. Heres a screenshot of the warning but i did not get a shot of the
  12. (Images reduced from original 5760 x 1080 resolution) Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, HD Trees; FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest; FTX NA CAC8 Nanaimo Seaplane
  13. Ganges to Nanaimo Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  14. The excellent modelled ferryport at the great freeware sceney 'Nanaimo - CAC8' at PNW-British Columbia: Info: The added ferries can be installed via the Orbx 'community Scenery Add' forum: 'AI Ferry System for Southern B.C. and Puget Sound' Regards, Johnny
  15. Not only flying is a sensational act to perform at the NA-PNW area, also shipping is great to do. More precisely transport by the large ferry 'Kaleetan'. Hereby shots while at the fine made sceneries of Nainoma-CAC8 and the recent added Ganges-CAX6: Nainoma-CAC8 Ganges-CAX6 Bonus:
  16. Hi! I realized today that all my Orbx airport sceneries are "corrupted". My sceneries for ENNK, ENJA and CAC8 are totally flat and display no buildings nor trees. Cars and lights that should sit on the ground are floating in the air. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the sceneries, deactivate and reactivate the scenery...still the same problem. When the Orbx scenery is deactivated I get the stock airport of FSX with hills, trees... but as soon as I reactivate the scenery everything is flatted out, and just display the static aircrafts and some items (luggage carrie
  17. Hadn't been here yet, so thought a quick visit was in order ASN was playing silly buggers, so a bit bland on the weather front. Nice bit of scenery though - must go back when it's stormy!
  18. Hi. I've recently had to remove the freeware Nanaimo seaplane base because it was causing poor performance (at one time I was down to 0.9 fps in Nanaimo harbour itself). I was able to piece together the uninstallation procedure from several posts, but I'm still getting the following error when I start FSX: SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery diretory (ORBX\FTX_AA_CAC8\SCENERY) in scenery Area.188 not found. Click Ok to continue. Does anyone know how I correct this? Regards Pontius.
  19. After some exploration of the fantastic freewere Nanaimo ... ... I left the village ... ... and changed to some big metal again. You have to fly these birds from time to time, to keep trained. Just crossing Concrete, ... ... the Craters of the Moon, ... ... and cycling into Denver. With a series of Windows OOM alarm sounds - but still working. Lucky. Now here we are, in the middle of OpenLC area, ready for release...!
  20. First shot is departing Friday Harbor for a trip to Nanaimo, taking a close look. Absolutly stunning scenery! Thanks for viewing.
  21. On Saturday the 2nd of July there was a release announcement for CAC8 Nanimo Water Aerodrome. That scenery package was also listed in the freeware section of FTX Web page (Freeware). However; It does not mention of this package is P3Dv3 ready as do the other scenery packages. I do not want to download a package that is not P3Dv3 ready just to have my entire scenery library wiped out because it thinks I am installing incompatable scenery packages. So my question is: v3, v2 or what version is this package compatable with?
  22. Out and about in the Harbour Air Beaver at Nanaimo (CAC8) Aerosoft DHC-2 Thanks Larry for your great work.
  23. Here's an odd one! I installed CAC8 into both FSX and P3Dv3. I tried it out in FSX first and it looks great - very nice addition to that part of the world - excellent work! So then I tried it out in P3D - to my surprise I discovered that my aircraft was surrounded by empty water (no dock etc) and none of the building on the land present. At first I thought the scenery hadn't loaded at all but then I realised that it was all there and correct, but just not where my airplane was located! You can see in the attached screencap the actual buildings etc where the dock is a
  24. Wake up'n fly at Larry Robinson's stunning project, fantastic job and a BIG thank you! Thanks for viewing
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